Hopscotch Toy Shop


Hopscotch Toy Shop is one of the biggest toy shops to date. It has toys for all ages; babies, kids, teens, all of it! Located right next to Lincliff City's mall, it has three levels, one for each age range. It has everything a kid could ever hope for: plushies, board games, video games and consoles, movies, dolls, and way, way more!

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Heloise and Holly

Hailey Baldwin 3

Héloise MalfoySlytherin Alumni

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Waitress @ The Retro
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taken and madly in love

Plenty of Heloise's shopping as of recently had been orientated with helping buy every essential needed for Jacque; she had found nappies, formula, and other necessities. Hopscotch didn't sell such items, but they did have a whole isle of toys for infants. Being in and out of Chloe's apartment nowadays more than her own, she decided to stop by here before seeing the baby later. She had a shopping basket in her hand, but it was empty. She observed each toy carefully—packaging and item—to make sure everything was perfect.

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Holly CostaWizCo • Space Travel

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WizCo Employee
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She's in the store mainly by accident; she had meant to enter somewhere else but she's so sleep deprived that she didn't realize where she was going. Holly sees it as a reprieve from having to think and an opportunity to turn her brain off just for a second. She scans the aisles for something she can get one of her friends as a joke.

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