Welcome to the page dedicated Human Resources. Here, you can sign up to talk to a member of HR about an issue surrounding either the wiki or another user. However, this is not a place to abuse or bully other users. If the member believes the user is:

1. Using the system to simply rant and talk dirt about another user

2. Are unwilling or unable to find a conclusion

Then the member holds the right to close the discussion or take it either the HR admin or one of the bureaucrats. We ask that, if the issue is with another user, that you do try to solve the issue between yourselves first before coming to HR. They are a third party and are not expected to choose sides and we ask that you don't ask that of them.

This is a private discussion and, unless the user specifies, the HR member will be required to keep the contents to themselves. Only a bureaucrat can ask for the contents if they believe it necessary.

For further information please read this

User Wiki chat or discord Desired member Accepted or Denied
Jay discord dm works best anybody willing Accepted
Livi discord dm Lyss Accepted
Jaye Discord DM Anybody Accepted
Carn Discord DM Fangirl or Soc Accepted

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