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Ignaci Castello CP1

ignaci jacint castello
dragonology apprentice
been in love with love

Ignaci Castello CPM1

Birthday november 29th
Age eighteen
Pronunciation ihg-nah-see kah-stehl-lo
Family felip + lydia (parents)
amor (cousin)
Gender male
Pronouns he/him/his
Orientation bisexual
Relationship dating hana
Nationality andorran + spanish
Languages catalan, english, + spanish
Residence canillo, andorra
Religion catholic
Handedness right
Roleplayer ateleia
Sorting Forum here


Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 6'0"
Style clean, casual
Faceclaim aron piper

ignaci is attractive, but still lacks a lot of confidence and security in his appearance. he is about 6'0 and has a slightly scrawnier build, but does a couple crunches and pushups in the morning to give himself more definition. he has brown, curly hair that sits like a mop on top of his head. he has a tendency to ruffle it and mess with it as he talks, leaving it to get progressively messier throughout the day. his eyes are a gentle shade of brown and are generally soft in appearance until he is frustrated. he has his ears pierced, leaving them adorned with small golden hoops. he does take great pride in maintaining his appearance as he thinks it's common courtesy to do so for both his own sanity and the sake of everyone else's vision. he dresses nicely, but is more likely to remain lounging around in his school uniform - too lazy to take it off.

Ignaci Castello CPM2

Ignaci Castello CP2


the santana family was particularly prominent in andorra's small wizarding community. they were well-known and ran several shops. for a little town of only maybe one hundred witches and wizards, it would be ridiculous to not know the santana family. both heads of the house were spanish pure-bloods, who were starting their lives anew together in the andorran mountains. they had several children - one of which would become lydia castello. all of their children attended beauxbatons including lydia although she was promptly removed from school after six months when it was discovered her parents had forged the hand of the andorran ministry, pushing them to falsify records of her first sign of magic. in reality, she was a squib and they were rather embarrassed of her. when she had opened up to her charms professor, they had reported it to the board and she was sent home. it was a fuss back home, so she was sent away to live with her grandparents in spain.

growing up with her grandparents, she was taught very little muggle knowledge. they were well equipped to teach her language and history lessons, but were not adequate teachers of the sciences. regardless, she spent most of her time being spoiled by them and far less time being taught anything. she was never enrolled in muggle school and in many ways, was not academically stimulated at all. when she turned seventeen and technically gradated her homeschooling program, she was pushed from the nest and she returned to andorra. lydia worked at a muggle ski resort in the mountains with none of her family members reaching out to contact her after that. one day, a muggle man came in from the city and rented skis from the shop she was working at. he was handsome and tall and she instantly fell in love. this man was felip castello. when he returned his skis later that day, they exchanged numbers as he expressed relief that her shift had not yet ended, insisting he would have regretted never asking.

after a couple years of dating, the two finally wed in a private, catholic ceremony. felip and his family were all strict catholics at the time meanwhile she remained nonreligious and eccentric. lydia never informed her husband of her magical blood, believing that it would have no impact on their later lives since she was a squib. when they had their only son, ignaci castello, she had no reason to believe he would become a wizard. the education surrounding squibs and magical parentage was relatively limited at the time. to this day, neither ignaci nor his father know that she was a squib and he identifies as a muggle-born. well, how could they not know?

when ignaci was nine years old, his mother started getting incredibly ill. doctors in andorra never sorted out what happened to her, but she passed away after days of fighting in the hospital. a couple days later, his first sign of magic occurred and he sent his father spiraling. after all, his son had had a meltdown sobbing and shouting and everything in his bedroom started to float about and slam into his walls. it must have been terrifying for him. it certainly was for ignaci, who was then forced to clean up the shattered glass from his signed vintage poster of rafael nadal- tears still streaming down his face. without his mother there, this occurrence was completely inexcusable for years until he was eventually invited to attend beauxbatons. it is a terrible tragedy that his mother's passing is what sparked his first sign of magic and that there is essentially no way of knowing that she was indeed a simple squib of magical blood. perhaps it is for the best because he would start to resent her and he prefers this untainted image he has of her from his little, naive nine year old perspective.

he enrolled at beauxbatons a hopeful, lost boy. as he had all of his childhood, he made friends rather easily and he attached to them almost instantly. his friends were some of the more popular students in his year group, primarily talented pure-bloods. it was your usual group of rambunctious boys and they soon became known for the chaos they sprinkled around campus. when a set of twins he was friends with chose to transfer away to durmstrang, he begged his father to follow suit, citing that beauxbatons was simply 'too feminine' for a boy like him. ironically, attending durmstrang forced ignaci to embrace his femininity in however he chose to present it. so, two years into studying in france, his studies were moved to a school far more ominous. upon arrival, he was taken aback, but he has always been more versatile than others give him credit for. he adjusted easily, sliding right into the environment and becoming enamored by the dark arts.

ignaci continued to study at durmstrang, developing friendships where he saw fit him best. it was here that his knowledge of dragons turned into a fascination and appreciation for them, making him decide he wants to become a dragonologist. it is contrary to many of the careers that durmstrang students take as it lacks an aura of the dark arts, but its his passion regardless of the impression anyone pins on him for it. he also fell in and out of things repeatedly, having a couple of boyfriends or girlfriends here and there. there is something about the students there that just lacks a sense of commitment or maybe they're just all teenagers. when it seemed that most of his circle had left the school completely, his father took a career change in scotland and he was lifted out to the united kingdom just short of christmas holiday. he is now transferring to hogwarts, where he was sorted into gryffindor.

Ignaci Castello CPM3

ignaci's dominant personality trait is his versatility. he isn't very stubborn in most aspects and prefers emotional maturity to anger. since his mother's passing (and the subsequent surge of his magical abilities), he has gone through a lot of therapy. he is more passive as a result, but also far more emotionally available than the average sixteen year old boy. he's a good listener and a stanch supporter of the idea that everyone needs a support system (even the brooding, mysterious students of the dark arts - perhaps even especially them). often the friend left in between in-fighting, he is rather level-headed and non-confrontational. to follow suit with that, he is often the one quietly guiding resolution and swearing behind everyone's backs on how absolutely absurd they are. he's a fan of compromise and not one-sided solutions, which is what also dominates his partnerships as well.

he is known to adopt interests from others namely those he has a romantic interest in. while he has set interests such as dragonology, dueling, baking and puzzles, he enjoys knowing a little about everything and is quick to research a romantic partner's hobbies. he's rather transparent about the fact that he does this - as it would be quite embarrassing to lie about since it's so obvious - and it isn't an attempt at being sneaky either. it's the pure enjoyment of knowing a little about everything although he struggles with being the master of none. he wants to be a true renaissance man as he believes his mother was quite eclectic in her set of interests as well and he looks up to her way of navigating life. since he often struggles with catching onto things, he particularly enjoys things like puzzles - something his mother would always have him sit and work on for hours as 'mental stimulation.' considering most people find him to lack intellect, he enjoys the rush of finally knowing something and impressing others on how quickly he can sort things out himself.

a hopeless romantic at heart, he is known for falling for anyone with a body. he doesn't fall in love with bodies, but he hasn't been caught in love with a ghost yet, so that's essentially the only criteria. it's not that he's easy or he just craves love or attention. no, he finds individual things about everyone to love. he's on the more positive side of things like that. even long after things end, he is firm in his love for those people as long as they didn't do him any wrong. for example, he doesn't really enjoy the dark arts too much. it's interesting, but morally he has trouble doing anything beyond a simple jinx. he got involved with it out of the crowd he was in and the people he chose to love. he likes fitting in as much as he's quick to say he would never change himself for anyone. he's naturally quite snappy, but is a people pleaser all around and is more capable of holding his tongue than the average person. he writes in a journal to his mother each evening and that's usually when he can get his frustrations out (although politely because in his head, he's talking to his mum), so he doesn't need to go spouting out and causing more chaos.


Interests dragonology, romcoms, dueling, baking
Habits ruffling his hair, tugging at his earrings
Pet Peeves smoking, begging for money
Goals get into a postgrad dragonology program, take care of his father
Enneagram 7w6
Star Sign sagittarius sun
Alignment chaotic good
Love Language giving gifts

Magical Characteristics

Wand maple wood, kelpie hair, 9.5 inches
Amortentia maple syrup, coffee, fire
Patronus firedrake
Patronus Memory watching the bakunawa eat the moon
Boggart getting ill
Blood Status half-blood
(presumed muggle-born)
Peculiar n/a


Song fun. - all the pretty girls
TV Show say yes to the dress
Book fantastic beasts
Movie mamma mia!
Color serpent green

* he has a couple of small tattoos that he got done illegally in germany
* he has an incredibly diverse music taste, but doesn't really listen to anything that wasn't shown to him by someone else
* he loves chick flicks unironically
* he drinks a bit too much for a seventeen year old, but he refuses to smoke
* he knows three languages by upbringing and knew german for school, but has forgotten a lot of it since transferring
* he really just wants to teach little children all about dragons, bro

Ignaci Castello CPT1

Ignaci Castello CP3

ignaci jacint castello
dragonology apprentice
been in love with love