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Илья Владимирович Плющенко

Durmstrang Graduate

Vital Statistics
Born August 10
Age Восемнадцать
Family Марина Плющенко (Mама)

Владимир Плющенко (Oтец)

Валерия Плющенко (Cестра)

Николай Плющенко (Брат)

Gender Male
Species Human/Wizard
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature [[File:{{{Signature}}}|100px]]
Magical Characteristics
Wand Walnut, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches
Wand Arm Left-Handed
Blood Purity Half-Blood
Patronus Wolf
Boggart His fall from grace.

Name Etymology

Илья is the Russian form of Elijah.

Владимирович is a patronymic middle name meaning Владимир's son.

Плющенко has an unknown meaning, considering it's from a Russian figure skater who I think is cute.


"My Oтец, Владимир Плющенко met his wife, my Mама, Марина Каминская, at an ice skating rink in the Wizarding side of the city of Волгоград, in Россия. Oтец and Mама were there with their friends. My Oтец was a fairly quiet person, he would be the one shaking his head in embarrassment while his friends did something stupid, while for my Mама, it was she that was the most talkative in the group, she was the one telling what she thought to people's faces.

They hadn't gone to the same school, Oтец and his friends went to Durmstrang, while Mама and her friends went to the Slavic School of Magic. It was in the ice skating rink that they made eye contact when they entered together was when they first noticed each other. Oтец made no notice of her then, but it wasn't til later, when he saw her again, that he mentioned to his friends that he thought she was pretty. What Oтец's friends did next, really did lead to my being on this earth.

My Oтец's friends knew very well that my Oтец was very shy, and that he wouldn't go over to talk to my Maмa himself, because it was 'embarrassing' and other things like that. So, they called her over. Loudly, may I add. Things like, 'Hey, my friend over here wants to talk to you, he thinks you're very pretty!'. My Maмa did go over to talk, mostly because she found the way Oтец had dug his head into his arms with embarrassment when his friends were calling her over, cute and adorable.

They dated for three years, Oтец and Maмa, and then they got married. Right after they got married, they moved to St. Petersburg. After a year, they had me, their first child, Илья Владимирович Плющенко. It was us three for a while, Oтец worked in the Ministry, and Maмa stayed at home, with me.

Three months after my second birthday, my first of my two siblings was born. A Cестра: Валерия Владимировнa Плющенко. It was only us four after only a year. Николай Владимирович Плющенко, my Брат, was born the month after my sister's first birthday.

We all had a normal childhood in the Wizarding part of St. Petersburg, Валерия was always with her 'lady friends', while коля and I went with our friends, we often played Quidditch, and we beat each other up.

When it came to our Magical education, We all agreed, me and my siblings to go to Durmstrang. Maмa wanted us to go to the Slavic School of Magic, but soon, I was in Norway, on my way to Durmstrang.

I quickly liked Durmstrang, and I quickly got a group of friends, and we made it through every year together. In my seventh year, we went to Hogwarts, because of the Triwizard tournament. I didn't get picked, but I enjoyed being there, and at the end of my seventh year, I stayed in England, and now I'm here."


Илья is a risk taker, mix that with curiosity and you have a rebel. Yes, Илья's the little good boy around people that matter, but he's the leader in the people that don't matter. He's ambitious, he wants to rise to the top, and be the best (that no one ever was XD), he sometimes does stray a bit too far in arrogant land. He's friendly, and generally, a tease, though he is a mature guy he needs to be sometimes.


He's tall, already being tall than his father by two inches. He's pretty handsome, has a pretty nice face, he looks slightly more like his father, having his light brown hair and grey eyes, but has some traces of his mother.

Skills and Magical Abilities

  • Dark Arts: Being sent to Durmstrang, he is pretty skilled in these arts, and there's a chance he might use them if he's ever attacked.
  • Charms: Surprise, Surprise, he's skilled in a art meant for girls, but he doesn't care, at least he still's good at it.
  • Transfiguration: He's amazing at this, and he loves it.



Марина у Владимир Плющенко

He gets on well with his parents, but he pretty close to his father. His mother, he teases her and she teases him, they are loving toward each other.

Валерия Плющенко

His younger sister, he likes to tease her endlessly. They are as close as siblings go, Илья is protective of her, and he doesn't like to see harm come her way. Now that he's leaving, he's leaving Николай  in charge of her protection, which annoys

Николай Плющенко

His younger brother, they're rivals and best friends. They both want to be the very best, that no one ever was. Normally they get on well, but sometimes fights, both arguments and physical, ensure.

Friends and Acquaintances


Илья's model is Vladimir Ivanov.


  • He speaks fluent Russian, English, and Norwegian.