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Birthday July 8
Age 15
Status Alive
Pronunciation EYE-riss YACKS-lee
Family Adelaide (mother)
Finnegan (father)
Belfrey Family
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Speaks English
Species Witch
Blood Status ???
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4"
Model Taylor Lashae

Iris has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. She keeps her hair short because it's easier to manage and she doesn't like spending a lot of time devoted to her appearance when there are more pressing matters at hand. She could be considered beautiful when she makes an effort to look the part, but otherwise is plainly pretty.
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Born to a Adelaide and Finnegan Yaxley, Iris was destined for greatness. However, being born to a powerful family had its repercussions. When she was two-years-old, Iris was kidnapped by people who felt threatened by the Belfrey's influence, and disappeared for a whole seven years. She remembers nothing about it. From what the aurors have guessed, an accidental magic outburst caused the home of her captors to be destroyed, and they left her alone after performing a slightly faulty memory spell due to a damaged wand.Because of this, Iris barely remembers anything, though sometimes certain events will trigger some kind of reaction in her.

For a full year after she was returned to her family, Iris barely spoke to anyone. She must've said maybe twenty words total the whole time. Slowly, scars began to heal as she grew accustomed to the family she didn't know she even had. Her parents and siblings were more than accepting of her, and slowly, no matter how out of place she felt, she began to feel more at home.

Still, afraid of losing their daughter again, and knowing how fragile she was, Adelaide and Finnegan became intensely overprotective. They would barely let her out of the house and even when she had to, she'd be accompanied by a chaperone. She was also homeschooled by a private tutor. This never bothered Iris at first, but soon, it grew to become more and more suffocating. This led to her quite literally begging to go to school, if only to escape home.

She got her wish when she turned fourteen, her parents promising to let her go to school at Hogwarts, because she claimed that only a proper education at a real school would enable her to to get as many OWLs as possible. Finally, she was accepted into Hogwarts (a bit late into the school year because of some complications), was sorted into Hufflepuff, and is attending her fifth year there.
Iris is unbelievably shy, but that's only as a result from not being around that many people outside of her family. She's very softspoken and tends to do whatever she is told without questioning it, making her the perfect worker. She is hardworking and dedicated and gets any job done in the most efficient way, even if she's not particularly skilled when it comes to the task at hand. She is incredibly loyal to her family and everyone else who has kept her safe. While she is excited to meet new people, it takes long for them to gain her confidence.

As a result of being sheltered and spoiled for so long, Iris is very fragile. It does not take much to hurt her feelings, she is easily embarrassed, and a lot of how she sees the world comes in black and white as the result of her parents' teaching. The most basic of it all being that their family is safe and good, and everybody else is a possible threat. She is also rather spoiled. While she does believe in hard work and getting what you deserve, she also expects to be given everything that she needs to put the hard work into action automatically.

Iris acknowledges all her flaws and enjoys reflecting on herself and her traits in an effort to become a better person. She is quiet, mostly because she tends to overthink things and stays inside her mind a lot, with little regard for the outside world. She also enjoys psychoanalyzing everyone else and insists that there is a deeper meaning to everything in this world. The littlest things excite her because she believes in seeing beauty in the patterns and details of life, but at the same time she is excited that with more access to the world around her, she will start to get a better idea of the bigger picture.
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Wand: Laurel, Dragon Heartstring, 8 inches. It is said that a laurel wand cannot perform a dishonourable act, although in the quest for glory (a not uncommon goal for those best suited to these wands), laurel wands have been known to perform powerful and sometimes lethal magic. Otherwise, it will cleave happily to its first match forever, and indeed has the unusual and engaging attribute of issuing a spontaneous lightning strike if another witch or wizard attempts to steal it.

Boggart The ocean; drowning
Amortentia Bread baking, rosemary
Patronus ???
Wand Laurel, Dragon Heartstring, 8 inches
Interests Baking, wandlore, healing
Pet Peeve When people point out that she's quiet
Habits Mumbles
Star Sign Cancer
Dreams/Goals Live abroad, become a wandmaker
Color Pink
Song Don't You Forget About Me
Show Gilmore Girls
Movie Clueless
Book Sad Girls
Food Sushi
Drink Hot chocolate

*She actually really likes the Goo-Goo Dolls song.
*She doesn't know any boys outside her family.
*She likes to read FanFiction.
*She had a back brace for a couple of years, and now it's off, but she still sits with her back straight all the time.
*She plays the ukelele and sings.
*She is quite the daydreamer.
*Attractive people scare her.
*She loves chocolate.
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