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IvannaT CP1

ivanna maria ruslanovna tolstokozheva
healing student / babysitter / bartender
and i know no one will save me

IvannaT CPM1

Birthday july 7th
Age eighteen
Pronunciation ee-vah-nuh toll-stuh-koh-djuh
Family ruslan + anzhelika (adoptive parents)
polina, slava, yaska, + yelena (adoptive siblings)
jocelyn (twin)
Gender female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation bisexual
Relationship single
Nationality mexican
Languages russian, english, + ukrainian
Residence lincliff city, scotland
Religion agnostic
Handedness ambidextrous
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
Height 5'1"
Style casual, colorful
Faceclaim alexa demie

ivka is first and foremost short. everyone tells her. she knows. she has tanner skin compared to her siblings due to her mexican heritage. it used to be a point of confusion until she found out the obvious: she isn't ukrainian. her hair is long and usually kept in loose, black waves unless she has the time to straighten it. that is usually left for special occasions only. her hair has been blonde or a lighter brown multiple times and it's damaged her hair. apparently even magic will kill your hair after a certain amount of time. sometimes she still feels tempted to go lighter, but she loves her dark locks. her eyes are also a darker brown. her lashes are long and she sometimes finds the time to add some sparkle to them. she is not a fan of makeup because it isn't very time effective, but she finds time to put some on before work so she seems less tired. despite her smaller size, she is rather strong and has a decent amount of muscle built up though she doesn't appear very toned. she gets amusement out of surprising people with her strength.

IvannaT CPM2

IvannaT CP2


àlvaro jiménez graduated from ilvermorny and started studying at a mexican university, becoming a well-known historian focusing on muggle relations in north america. he became a published author in his early thirties and shortly after decided his personal life had to start developing too. he decided to spend most of his savings on having a surrogacy child. what was unexpected was the twins that came from this procedure. only the eldest was kept by the new father meanwhile the youngest was quietly put up for adoption. a ukrainian family adopted her the minute she was born and named her ivanna maria or ivka for short. the family cared for her for four months before their friend anzhelika approached them, wanting to adopt the child from them. they refused at first, but she was soon in the care of the tolstokozhevs, living in russia from that moment on. the young ivanna had no idea what was coming, but her older adoptive siblings did.

anzhelika and her husband ruslan were controlling and abusive. although much of this abuse was pointed at her older counterparts, some of this did extend to ivka because after all they were terrible parents in all realms. it was sure to bleed over even if they were not trying to turn her into a little machine similar to her sister. at the very least, ivanna tells herself they had no intention of doing this though the reality is that they were never given the opportunity. her parents were arrested, or "disappeared," when she was short of turning seven. this spared her from the long-term abuse her siblings faced, but left her with several questions over their intentions. she was in denial for some time and being rehoused at a group home forced her to sit in these questions and doubts for longer. she had time to contemplate everything.

ivanna had been selectively mute for much of her childhood underneath her parents' thumbs and had only used her voice when her parents threatened to send her off, not registering that that would have been better for her at the time. when she went to live elsewhere after their disappearance, she had stopped communicating verbally for over thirteen months. she would occasionally write to her siblings or to their carers, but it was rare and she was often (and unfairly) regarded as stupid as a result. she was miserable and had nothing positive to contribute to her situation, so she remained quiet. she was fearful of voicing her needs and that had become worse when she was moving between the care of strangers. when her first sign of magic came at around eight, she had summoned water to put out a small fire that had started in the house. she had mumbled something excitedly to her brother before she went another ten months without speaking.

socially, ivka was stunted although she had friends around her at all times. even in her silence, she has had a natural charm since she was a child. other children were simply in love with her presence and often clung to her. however, ivanna was less enthused and was usually left sitting there, huffing and rolling her eyes while the other children chatted her ears off and braided her hair several times over. she knew she was a legilimens when one of them heard her tell them to заткнись and in fact neither of their lips had been moving. for some time after that, it became a game among the children in the group home to see if she could guess what they were thinking, but they grew tired of it not too long after. the interests of nine year olds are short-lived, but it also marked the end of her long-lived muteness.

when she began attending koldovstoretz, her professors were swiftly made aware of her abilities. she developed several mentors although partially out of pity and partially out of a desire to exploit. she began training and in general was a rather successful student due to the support she was given by her professors and the scrutiny of her peers. ivka surrounded herself with troublesome children, who often busied themselves by hexing and jinxing each other and acting far too grown for their britches. though inescapably immature, she was also studious and rather adult in demeanor. she held herself as if she had far too much responsibility because she had. she carried a lot of weight and her peers acknowledged that silently. when she drifted apart from her friends, it became obvious she was focusing more on her obligations as a future career woman. she studied and studied, not wanting the distraction of trouble and the potential of a scorned record preventing her from her success. she graduated third of her class and was accepted at a healing program in england.

sometime into her stint at koldovstoretz, her eldest sister polina was able to prove herself worthy to the state and regained custody of the youngest tolstokozhevs. this helped ivka make the decision to wisen herself and focus on getting out of her position. polina was a strong role model for her and she still admires her ridiculously. when her sister moved to england, she was torn by her decision to remain in russia for the rest of her studies, but moved just short of her eighteenth birthday. she started out babysitting for some families in the area before getting night shifts as a bartender at some lincliff club. she was able to afford a dingy apartment in lincliff city by the time her healing program began as well as some much needed therapy. the therapy led her towards the route of adopting a cat named myshka. the pair seemingly despise each other, but are secretly deeply attached to one another. now ivanna has some peace and she is healing from the incidents of her past. she is living and breathing and that is all she could ever pray for.

IvannaT CPM3

much of ivanna's life has been characterized by her independence. she was forced into this mature mentality at a young age, often fending for herself even if she had siblings to support her. she routinely relies on only her mind to reach decisions and acts on her own accord no matter how reckless. she has poise and is capable of rational decisions. in fact, most of her decisions are rather rational and straightforward, but sometimes they are not as is the case with most human beings. regardless, one thing is certain: they are her own. she will not fall into servitude and she does not sway to one's wishes. if someone agrees, that is perfect for the both of them. she isn't the sort to change her plans because someone wants her to do it or agrees with it. being likeminded isn't a negative thing. ivka is used to people stressing over her plans and ambitions though, so it would be a surprise to have someone perfectly match her tempo. she gets upset when people fawn over her for too long, finding it obnoxious that her life is so important to someone else. it feels controlling at times and she does not manage well under that sort of pressure.

she does most things on her own. she does not accept help very easily and it is well-known that if she has accepted your help, she is either at an incredibly low point or is incredibly infatuated with the other person. she has gotten everywhere on her own and she prefers that. it brings her comfort to know that she has done everything for herself. she pays for her apartment on her own. she was accepted into the healing program on her own abilities and merit. no one has ever helped her move, and she built a good part of her furniture on her own. she studies independently and cripples at the thought of group assignments. it isn't an introverted nature, but simply the desire to never rely on anyone else. she is actually rather fond of people and is sociable. people tend to melt around ivka because she is gentle and a good smooth talker. she is a bit offended people have compared her to honey because it sounds as if she is a trap.

ivanna is naturally excitable and is enthused about most of her projects. she struggles to handle the mundane and tries to psyche herself into finding it as interesting as the rest. she has fallen into a sort of routine of boredom and struggles with it, but has convinced herself she is doing fine because she is successful. she can be critical of others despite her friendly nature, but is capable of phrasing it to appear more constructive. after all, a decent portion of her daylight time is spent with children. it also means she is good at putting on a smile. she is rather emotional and carries a lot of weight on her shoulders. she is not someone who will be caught crying nor is she the sort to lash out at others, but her sadness is certainly used to dampen her anger as if she is dousing a fire. she struggles to process most of her negative emotions because she tends to guilt herself for feeling them and then processes them as sadness. she often cries to herself at home. ivka is generally a sad person though she appears confident and in stellar shape.

who can blame her? she is a rather responsible and mature nineteen year old. she has seen things most do not understand nor are willing to. she has responsibilities many of her peers do not. she cannot sit in her own silence because she is too self critical and the thoughts will start to absorb her. she fears that her nature is too violent even though she is soft and no one has ever regarded her with such aggression. she is a gem constantly burying herself in mud to refuse attention. she struggles with it and wishes everyone would close the door and let her be. people are not proud of ivanna maria. for if she accepts their praise and their pride, she fears she will always strive for it or that she will one day lose it and disappoint them. at this point, she has no one to disappoint and she prefers to not fuck everyone else over.


Interests healing, culinary arts, nail art
Habits disassociating in quiet places, ignoring her name being called
Pet Peeves attention leeches
Goals become a mediwitch
Star Sign cancer sun
Alignment chaotic neutral
Love Language acts of service

Magical Characteristics

Amortentia tangerines, cedar, tobacco
Patronus Memory moving into polina's place
Boggart drowning
Blood Status half-blood
Peculiar legilimens


Song madonna - like a prayer
TV Show girl from nowhere
Book anna karenina
Movie little vera
Color sunshine yellow

* she has just finished her first stint as a healing student at st. mungo's, but has two separate jobs as a babysitter and a bartender
* she is also actively involved in an organization attached to her healing program, which promotes expanded access to cheaper healing supplies such as potions
* she has a pet cat named myshka, who uses they/them pronouns and is prone to violence; they're supposed to be a therapy cat
* she has had several stints of long-term muteness throughout her childhood, where she only communicated through written word
* she graduated third in her class at koldovstoretz despite getting detention several times prior to her fifth term there
* when she is at home, she is always watching television or listening to music to avoid being in complete silence (myshka is also good at avoiding this)
* she has a lot of plants she cares for, so she has easy access to some of the more common potion ingredients for when she is practicing at home
* she is often reading in her down time and frequents the local library
* she prefers building her own furniture and has a collection of photos on her phone of things she will get around to building at some point (in true sapphic fashion)
* she is prone to nightmares, which mostly involve suffocating or drowning though it has no relation to her real life, and typically only gets 3-4 hours a night at the most and that is usually at the expense of her breakfast before school
* she wears a lot of bright colors because it is friendlier to the children she often spends a good portion of her time with, but she found out that it actually boosts her confidence and she doesn't mind standing out
* because of her babysitter job, she has become a master at most board games and she owns a huge pile of them that she brings from house to house

IvannaT CPT1

IvannaT CP3

ivanna maria ruslanovna tolstokozheva
healing student / babysitter / bartender
and i know no one will save me