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Ivy Prince - Hufflepuff, Seventh Year
- Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer
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Age 17
Birthdate February 29, 2008
Family Jackie Prince (mother) James Prince (father)
Gender Female
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Grey
Status Alive
School Hogwarts
House Welcome Hufflepuff
Boggart Death
Patronous Wolf
Race Witch
Wand Arm Right
Wand Ash, Unicorn Hair, 13"
Height 5'6

Brief History[]

Ivy is in fact, not her real name. Her adoptive parents, the Prince family, kept her birthname. Her full name is Evilynne Ivy Smith. Her adoptive and birth families are both muggles though the Princes are mostly of magical origin. She has never been fond of her first name and often introduces herself as Ivy.

Ivy grew up as an only child to the Prince family and it was quite a shock to her when she received a letter from Hogwarts by owl post. She has adapted well into the wizarding world over the years and has made many friends at Hogwarts.

Spell List[]


Likes and Dislikes[]



Ivy is well known for her compassion and bravery as well as her love to learn and try new things. Though she can be a bit out there and daredevilish, she understands boundaries and limitations. Ivy is very loyal to the people she cares about and is always willing to fight tooth and nail to protect them.