Mr Forget-Me-Not.

"Jack MacEachthighearna" Jack Thornburn
"I don't remember, sadly."
Camille Antoinette (adoptive mother)
Fourth year
Blood Status
"Pure-blood." Unknown.
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by Ellie.

Jack Thornburn is a fourth year Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Jack's wild mop of bright ginger hair has been the only thing that's stuck with him throughout his life - he can't escape it, no matter how much he tries to charm it to change colours (sometimes he prays to become a Metamorphmagus). He's pale as a sheet and his lanky, gangly physique is covered head to toe in freckles. Often clad in just an old hand-me-down t-shirt and jeans, appearance is the last thing on Jack's mind - as long as he doesn't look like he just crawled out of a skip, he'll do.

Jack's sure he must have lived through the first eight years of his life - he's still here, definitely alive and not a spirit in denial - but he can't remember them. Anything and everything before his eight birthday (which he thankfully remembers... for some reason) is just a black void, an empty page, which he often likes to decorate himself because no one else is going to.

What he's more than certain of, however, is that his memory loss wasn't caused by a trauma or blow to the head. It was an extremely, extremely powerful Obliviate charm, or some other memory erasing spell. How does he know that? Because it still follows him around to this day. (He'll explain more in the personality because this section will unfortunately be very short.)

His earliest memory is waking up in a bed in Lil' Bundles, with a very large, very scary child's face directly in his sight, peering at him curiously. Ever since he's resided there, enjoying the company and making up multiple stories about his past to tell the gullible toddlers. He even has a book he writes all his tales in - he tried hiding it once, and then failed when he forgot where it was.

Luck came his way when a very pretty French lady walked into Lil' Bundles and instantly took a shine to him, and the feeling was very mutual. It wasn't long before Camille was signing the adoption papers and taking Jack home, to a new house and a new family.

In his third year, he began to experience jarring memory blanks, where he'd develop a massive headache followed by the sudden loss of recognition for his surroundings, or whoever was talking to him.

Remember in the history when I said that the Obliviate charm still follows him round? Good, cause Jack doesn't. The effects of whatever spell was cast upon him has messed with his head to this very day, as Jack's convinced that it must have left holes in his short-term memory. Literal holes. You see, Jack has a habit of forgetting things. Mostly minor, insignificant things - when dinner time is, where he left his belongings, what day or month it is. Other times, it's slightly bigger; his date of birth, other people's names... he's even forgotten his own name a couple times. Luckily one of his friends is often there to remind him, and if not, he'll just make one up for the time being. He does that for a lot of things; if he can't remember something, he'll just make something up in place of it. He's certainly spilled some tales over the years he can recall.

But sometimes, it goes deeper than just short-term. The lines between right and wrong are somewhat blurred for Jack, simply because... well, he can't remember what they are. He won't think twice about stealing or lying or even manipulating, simply because he doesn't understand what he's done wrong half the time. The realisation that what he just did maybe was a bit of a dick move will often hit half way through his punishment, but sometimes it doesn't return whatsoever, and he spends the day confused as to why he's being shouted at.

Outside all the memory problems (and when he's aware that thievery is indeed against the law), Jack's a sweet kid. He's a little ray of sunshine, and no, it isn't his hair - the guy's just a naturally happy person. He's incredibly clumsy, often says dorky comments and comes out with silly jokes and puns, and his shoelaces will always be untied (how do you tie them again?). Sometimes he can be very gullible, other times he'll struggle to take anything seriously, but he knows how to have a laugh and that's important for a kid. He's a huge chatterbox - honestly, the boy can keep a conversation going for days - and very rarely will you find him in a bad mood. He's also very creative - don't let him loose with a paintbrush, your walls will be orange, but give him clay and a sculpting knife and he'll be making all sorts of figurines.

He's also a huge romantic. Even though he's young, he loves romance films, adores love songs, and thinks Valentines cards are a work of art. Being the perfect gentleman is his goal. He's more than subject to having starry-eyed crushes on every cute girl he sees, and just you wait until you hear about how he chose his name.


friends, acquaintances and enemies
Jack's Notebook of Faces


Camille Antoinette
- My new mum!!!
- Very pretty and very French
- Seer

- Calls me "Little Sir" so I call her "ma'am"


Jillian Jill
- Amazing in every way
- Known the longest
- Is Swedish!!!
- Never forgotten her


- is cool awesome
- thinks you're cool
- Is very upbeat and smiley
- Super pretty (look at that smile)
- Really good memory
- Bought me the magic notebook!


- Future ass-kicker (seriously - she's training to be an assassin)
- One of those dark and mysterious types
- I'm apparently the only person she can tolerate

- She's a vampire!!!


- Very artistic-y like Oliviah

- Doesn't talk very much


- Metamorpha Metap Metamorphmagus
- Amazingly Scottish (hard to understand sometimes)
- Dressed as an elf for Christmas

- Left for a fancy scholarship at another school.


- Doesn't remember things about her past either... strange
- Her memory's fine, though
- Likes Chocolate Frogs - Really pretty and excited and funny

- Not seen her for a while...


Oliviah (with an h)
- Really shy and stuttery
- Is a really good artist
- She's completely disappeared off the face of the earth.

He doesn't mean to lie, honest! Sometimes he just kind of needs to, to replace what his memory won't give him. I mean, he'll look pretty stupid if someone asks him his name and he doesn't reply, right? Still, Jack's more than aware that sometimes his little white lies aren't always out of desperation. But what's wrong with that again?

Leave Jack alone with clay and he'll have made a temple by the time you get back. A good one, too - he won't settle for anything less.

Jack is more than determined to study every footnote of every Herbology textbook out there to see if there's something which could retrieve his memories. He even reads them for fun sometimes, but that often proves a waste of time as he's often forgotten the information by the next day.


*When he found out he got to choose his name, his romantic side took over and he decided to call himself Jack. Why? Because a few hours ago he'd watched Titanic on the televisions at Lil' Bundles. And Thornburn because... well, it just sounds cool.
*He has a slight Scottish accent - the memory charm obviously didn't wipe all of that away.
*There's always something written on his hand, and it's always something he knows he needs to remember.
*His way of remembering people is through faces, and not names - he finds faces much easier to memorise.
*He can't be trusted to make drinks for anyone at Lil' Bundles anymore, ever since forgot who wanted what flavour and ended up giving one of the kids a juice they were allergic to.
*He's memorised twenty five piano chords, and he's rather proud of himself.
*He forgot it was his ninth birthday half way through his ninth birthday.
*Sugar is his weakness, with sherbet being a close second.
*Never has he ever forgotten a flavour or the lyrics to a song.
*His boggart is forgetting everything at the same time. His name, age, everything that makes him a person.
*His patronus is a red deer.
*He loves jazz music. Loves it. He's mesmerised by it, and doesn't understand why it isn't very popular nowadays.
*He's fiercely competitive. Quidditch has brought that out in him.

Handedness Ambidextrous
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Heterosexual, heteroromantic
Relationship Status Single (He's TEN YEARS OLD)
Pets None - Lil' Bundles won't allow it.
Favourite Songs "Erm... I Feel Good by James Brown."
Can't Help Fallin' In Love by Elvis Presley
Favourite Colours Orange (he's grown to like it), green and blue
Favourite Sweet Love Hearts
Flying saucers
Most Treasured Possession His notebook, which he loses almost every day.
Where to Find Them At home or at Lil' Bundles.


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