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Jackson Heights
Ravenclaw Seventh Year
Owned by: Manolo
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Personal Information
Full Name: Jackson Reginald Heights
Born: October 23, 2016
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: U.S.A.
Ethnicity: Korean American
Sexual Orientation: TBD
Romantic Orientation: TBD
Relationship Status: single lmao
Accent: U.S.
Birthplace: Albany, New York
Native Language: english
Languages Spoken: english
Magical Information
Blood Status: half-blood
Wand Wood: Sauvignon vert vine
Wand Core: Bundimun Fang
Wand Length: 8 3/4 inches
Wand Arm: left
Patronus: TBD
Boggart: TBD
Exotic?: no

Jackson is highly intelligent and capable, but tends to slack of way too much. He falls asleep at inappropriate times, and is somewhat narcoleptic. Most would describe him as independent, as he kind of does his own thing and doesn’t really listen to others. Although Jackson loves learning on his own, he finds group learning to be pointless and a waste of time. Homework is probably Jackson’s mortal enemy.

He is pretty amicable, and doesn’t seem to care too much about school. He sometimes comes of as dumb, and takes a lot to offend. He’ll always be up for a laugh, and sucks at reading other people. As a rule, he is loyal, but can be flaky when it comes to honesty. Jackson is pretty lowkey shrewd, and is good in dire situations. He is a book lover,and generally does his own research and studying.


Jennifer Heights never meant to get pregnant, but sometimes life happens. She’d been out clubbing with some friends at a muggle club, when she’d gotten a little too much to drink, and ended up doing the hokey pokey with a random korean muggle man. This in turn, got her pregnant. Considering she was from a high end U.S. wizarding family, it was not a good look for her. At first, she wasn’t going to have the kid, but when her parents tried to forcefully impose this decision on her, she decided to fight back by having the kid. The baby boy was born october 23, much to her parent’s chagrin.

Growing up, Jackson was the black sheep of the family. While Jennifer’s parents didn’t cut her off, they were always very disrespectful towards her and Jackson. Although she could take it, she never wanted him to go through their scorn, and tried to create him to be a proper wizard of high standings, thus being very hard on him. Unfortunately, Jackson seemed to have inherited his mother’s wild streak, and desisted from her teachings. Even his first bit of magic at 6 was rebellious; his mother had been trying to make him wear a suit for a formal event, and every time she put a new suit on him, he turned it into a clown suit.

If Jackson had acted like his grandparents expected of a boy from a good wizard family, and carried their looks, maybe they would have accepted him more. He was quite wild however, and ended up looking more like his absentee father than anyone in the family. Most would probably assume he was adopted.

Tired of her family, and the disapproving wizard society she lived in, Jennifer moved the first chance she could, after marrying an english wizard named David Smeltings. Jackson was about eight. Arriving at David’s house in Bristol, Jackson was quite excited to find he had a large library, full of interesting reading material from both the muggle and wizarding world. He spent his days learning there, providing himself some self learning. When he received his letter for hogwarts, Jackson protested against the idea of going to a proper wizarding school, begging for his mom to just let him do his own thing. She refused however, and thus he is now going to hogwarts for his first year, at eleven.

In his thrd year, Jackson moved back to New York, then to San Francisco to live on his own (with a butler). After much correspondence with his old friends, he decided to come back to Hogwarts because man, things had gone to utter shit.

Model: Lee Hongbin
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: brown
Height: 6'0ft
Weight: 180lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Blood Type: AB
Distinguishing Marks:
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Father: Park Hanhyuk
Mother: Jennifer Heights
Full Siblings:
Half Siblings:
Guardian(s): Jennifer Heights
Spouse: no
Children: no
Other Relatives:
Name Meaning:

son of jack

Favourite Colour: neon green
Favourite Movie: Beautiful Mind
Favourite Song: Destiny
Favourite Food: Spam
Favourite Drink: Apple Juice
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First Crush: {{{First Crush}}}
First Love: {{{First Love}}}
First Time: {{{First Time}}}
Most Important People: his mom?
Most Treasured Possessions: {{{Most Treasured Possessions}}}
Custom Trivia:
  • Plans:Need to get him to enjoy hogwarts and realize that the classes aren't so bad.
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