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Jade Gloria Knight
ex-Azkabanian Prisoner
August 23rd
Valerie Knight-Cuyler, Donovan Cuyler †
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Jade Knight is a Vampiress, an order of the Pheonix member, and an ex-Azkabanian prisoner.

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Lena Headey

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Jade Knight was born on August 23rd, God-Knows-When. Born to a Muggle mother, and a father who left the Magical World without any lost love for the events. When she was growing up,s he never heard a word of 'magic', but somehow, she always knew it existed. One lesson her parents did imprint upon her? Always do the right thing. That lesson stuck with her for a long time. Even with her first sign of magic. Seeing a homeless woman struggle to get an apple off a tree, and when she tried (and failed) to help, the apples just started falling like leaves!

When her father heard of this, he was not surprised. He knew this would happen someday. It happened with her younger brother, Eric, as well, a couple years later. Both of the siblings were given the same treatment - Sent off with a friend of their father's, as he himself refused to step back into that world. After hearing stroies of the war and destruction, Jade honestly never blamed him. She remembers the stories of the Battle of Hogwarts, where several of his close friends died. Of course, this never deterred the little Knight, and she went along with her father's friend to Hogwarts.

At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor, for her bravery and her recklessness. She was, after all, very reckless, despite her averageness in Hogwarts. Average grades, average friends... but she would never back down. Not once. When she had left Hogwarts, she had gotten a job in the Ministry. Something low-tier, in the Love Room. But she was bored. Bored enough that when the Duxterran war broke out, she joined the fight without a second thought. That moment was when everything absolutely changed for her.

The Battle of Duxterra did several things for her; In the course of eight years, she joined a battle, became a member of the Order of Phoenix, became a vampire, fell in love, lost a mentor and a best friend, helped run a secret organization within the ministry, and not only ran for Minister, but got the position of Senior Undersecretary once her competitor won! Jade soon had a little girl with the man she fell in love with, an ex-criminal named Donovan. Then, he kidnapped their daughter. Jade soon completely fell apart and.... Killed an innocent. The last one still haunts her, and has for thirteen years. Especially since she was sent to Azkaban; The memories are replayed every day in her mind.

She still keeps remnants of the time. With a close friend, Sabrina le Fey, she kept a few mementos, including the wand her old mentor Einar, an acacia/blackthorn hybrid, re'em horn, which she used until she succumbed to the dark inside of her by killing the child. Now it just serves as a memory, and a reminder that she'd never be able to use magic again. She also left the safety of her child to Sabrina, and while she doesn't know how her daughter is doing herself, she knows that she's been trying to get her released for years, whether or not Jade deserves it.

In 2038, she was finally released, and she went to the one person she knows would keep her safe -- Now, she's in hiding with a criminal organisation, and is still working on getting used to society. She also applied for a spot in the Ministry once more, in the spot she started in all those years ago.

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Describing her when she was younger would be easy- She was a force. A strong-headed, smart, powerful woman who could bring out the good in even the worst of criminals. Mother nature would never compare to this woman. She was never a judger, more accepting of most, and Jade still, always, did the right things. Though she was slightly obsessive, and a bit of a workaholic (A large reason as to why her husband left her). She had her faults, despite always trying her best. When she was sent to Azkaban, even beforehand, she was a complete mess. A depressed alcoholic, and at a fault, even dangerous. But during her time there, something about her 'too-much' personality dimmed and darkened into a husk. She had become down on herself, always judging herself. Of course, all this would do is really make her a bit more submissive, less talky, and more... Quiet. The once blinding brightness in her eyes would be only a twinkle. She has her good days, and her bad days. Really, she mostly misses magic. Being able to do it. To her, nothing would be more intoxicating than having her magic back. Azkaban did take it's toll on her, as some may see her as a little 'insane'.

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Jade Knightex-Azkabanian Prisoner

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Killing her daughter, or Sabrina.
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