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Jaeslya Knight
Jaeslya Knight2

Birth Date

October 19th

Hair Colour


Eye Colour



5' 6"

Blood status







Walnut and Unicorn Hair




  • Charms-E
  • Transfiguration-E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts-A
  • Potions-E
  • Herbology-A
  • Care of Magical Creatures-O
  • Muggle Studies-O
  • Wizarding Law-E

Quick Info


Jaeslya is extremely intelligent, but does her best to also try to be wise and have some common sense. She cares deeply about those around her, and unlike most Ravenclaws notices people and does her best to help them, even at her own expense. She has found that always having all the answers, which she usually does, tends to annoy others, especially if that also know. Realizing that she tries to let others get the answers and some credit before doing it herself. Due to her muggle background she knows the Muggle world well, and has done extra studying to try to catch up in the wizarding world, gaving her a wide expanse of magical book knowledge, though her practical experience is little.


Jaeslya is 5'6" with Blonde Hair and blue eyes. Her looks are above average, though not stunning. She tries to keep her appearence neat and tidy wearing clothes she considers practical, but that also fit her style well.


Jaeslya is an only child of two muggles. Her father is a scatterbrained artist and musician and her mother is a practical doctor. When she recieved her letter it caused a great struggle in her family as her father easily accepted the existance of magic and a school like Hogwarts, while her mother thought the whole thing was a hoax or scam. A quick visit from Professor Kinsel convinced her mother to let her attend, but she still sees Jaeslya's schooling at Hogwarts as a waste of time, money, and her daughter's obvious talents that would be better used elsewhere.

In her sixth year she started unofficially dating Seth Mullins and helped him through his father's death. For Christmas that year he got her a kitten that she named Tiger.

Jaeslya cat

In her Seventh Year she was named Head Girl, and has severed ties with her parents due to the increasing friction between them. Once she's out of Hogwarts she plans to get a job working with Magical Creatures, and go from there.

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