Full Name Jarryd Summers
Nickname Jarryd, Jarry (Nuala's nickname for him)
Birthday May 21st
Nationality South African
Relationship Status Dating
Sexuality Straight

Species Wizard
Blood Status Pure-blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm
Boggart Peter becoming a bigger Animgus than him
Patronus Grizzly bear

Model Jeremy Kapone
Gender Male
Height 1.65m
Weight 59kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Skin Colour Pale

Jeremy kapone

Jarryd Summers parents were both wizards, both parents were pure blood. Jarryd's father attended Hogwarts but both of his parents were South African. Jarryd was born in South Africa spent all of his life in there. His older brother, a year older and named Peter, on the other hand was born in England.

Being the youngest child, Jarryd's parents babied him a lot, especially after his older brother had light Jarryd's bed on fire. Being babied all the time didn't go well with Jarryd's lifestyle, which normally involved doing tricks on his skateboard, that he made himself, that he knew would get him hurt

Jarryd's parents finally stopped babying him when he had first used magic a few months before he should start school. To Jarryd, him using magic for the first time was like revenge from his brother almost burning him. When Jarryd up on that morning, he was thinking of the day of when Peter first used magic and how Jarryd should get him back for that even though it wasn't truly Peter's fault. Jarryd without knowing had locked Peter's legs together.

For his 12th birthday, Jarryd's parents got him a skateboard. This time the board was not home made and happened to be the same sort of skateboard professionals would use, which happened to be stronger than his old skateboard. His father also took him to Diagon alley where he got a wand, being one of the few wizards at his schools to use a wand.

Like his brother, Jarryd went to the Uganda School of Magic but unlike his brother, Jarryd is terrible at Care of magical creatures but like most students at his old school was good at Transfiguration. When his brother went to Hogwarts, Jarryd wanted to go with him but the school year before he had started training to become an Animagus so for the next few months he stayed there. When he was done becoming an Animagus, he waited until the for when the school was ready for another Summers before he started at Hogwarts.

Jarryd doesn't normal like to follow rules which tends for him to get in trouble a bit. No matter where he is, Jarryd will always find a way to ride his skateboard. He is also trying to prove something to his parents, that he isn't their little baby anymore, so Jarryd always tries to get on top of the classes and somehow always finding something dangerous to. Jarryd can be a bit of a show off at times especially since becoming an animagus, always rubbing that fact into his older brother's face. Jarryd unlike Peter, is extremely shy and will only talk when spoken to first.

Skill Set
*Is an Animgus, can turn into a American Grizzly bear.
  • Retains some of bear's strength when human
  • Best at Transfiguration
  • Is a epic skateboarder


Appearance & Gallery


Peter Summers (brother), Billie Summers (mother), Alex Summers (father)

Nuala McDermot (girlfriend)

Jarryd and his brother have a massive rivalry


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