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Full Name Jasmine Elissa Whiteford
Nickname Jazz; Jas
Basic Info
Birthday July 4, 2031
Nationality American
Home Whiteford Home
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Undetermined at this point
Best Friend
Family On The Wiki Mum, Elder sister, Elder brother, Twin brother, Baby sister

School/Career Info
House Hufflepuff
Year/Occupation Child
Titles Middle Whiteford Child
Military Dancer
Petite Firecracker
Optional Classes Taken N/A
Magical Info
Species Witch-Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Ambidextrous

Model Jade Weber
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Hair Length/Style Long and straight
Eye Colour Blue-Grey
Skin Colour Tanned
Clothing Style Casual; Easy to move in
Other Info About Looks
Jasmine looks like her siblings, well, female siblings that is. She took after her mother in all physical appearances, getting genetically blessed with the coding for her mother's intense grey eyes and blonde hair. Well, it's not anything special since all the other girls in her family also have the same coloring. She is of average height for age, and moves with a very deadly grace due to years in various dance styles she knows.

Dream Job
Happiest When...

Petite Firecracker

"I will never be a well-behaved woman."


Jasmine is, well, playful and respectful is what her mother would describe as. Her brothers and sister describe her as craziness personified. Even though the siblings don't always get along, and she gets annoyed with Jeremy quite a bit, the Whiteford siblings are as close as can be. Jasmine has always grown up under a protective watch from parents and neighbors, and as such, rarely shows any type or kind of rebellious behavior. Even when her mother's trying to get her to do chores or learn how to sew or something. She's usually the perfect daughter that makes all others around her get jealous. However, she knows that she was quite blessed with her parents and family, and will not stand for any type of harsh insults or even fighting words thrown their way.

She is a tomboy above everything else, but doesn't mind being called a girl. After all, she thrived and survived nine years under the survival tutelage and former boy scout of her father before he was killed. She wasn't exactly attached to her father that much, being much more attached to her mother, but still grieved for his loss either way. Jasmine knows how much Lance and Jeremy are suffering, but she doesn't exactly give them that chance to get things worked out. She's always trying to get her siblings back to causing the chaos they used to cause before things went south.

Jasmine is energetic to say the least. She always has to be moving, moving something or fidgeting. She has way too much energy for her own good, so her mother always has to keep her extremely busy. Enough so, so that way she will sleep for the full twelve hours. She always is talking, babbling away with words and descriptions almost like Bluestreak from Transformers. Jasmine is incredibly loyal, and will gladly do anything for both her and her family. Even her friends, well, when she has some. Jasmine rarely has girlfriends, much preferring to spend time with the boys around the base that she calls home.



Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)


Seraphina and Michael first met when they were present at a military ball. Sera was accompanying her father, Samuel, while her brother brought his own date. Michael was present with his younger sister, Vanessa Whiteford, while his parents were off socializing of their own friends. He let his attention drift briefly, before he spotted the flash of blonde hair. From that moment on, his heart was stolen by the beautiful young woman on the arm of the tough-looking Coast Guard Commander, Samuel Whiteford, and flanked by two people on either side. That was their first meeting, but it wouldn't be their last, not by a long shot. It seemed that the more days the Morales family stayed in their hotel, somehow, Michael would appear wherever Seraphina would be that day. Feelings only bloomed from there, and when she traveled back to California after the events were over, Michael set his focus on transferring to the base that she called home. Nothing would stand in the way of him seeing the beautiful blonde that had captured his heart at first sight.

Things grew from there, and on a sunny, and very hot, June afternoon, Michael and Seraphina got married in the same church that her own parents had gotten married in. Seraphina was absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, and after the ceremony, Michael had compared her to an angel descending from the heavens to bless his earthly spirit. She absolutely blushed heavily at his compliment, and they had soon headed off to their honeymoon in the Bahamas. It was a perfect honeymoon location, and they spent a lovely three weeks in the island country. Returning to America, the newly-married couple had immediately recieved their first PCS orders. They were heading to Berlin, Germany... but what awaited them there would change their lives forever.

The Whiteford couple spent their first few weeks there separate, Michael working, and Seraphina exploring the history surrounding her, but as their second month wore on, she stumbled across an orphanage in a less-than-secure area. The next day, as it was one that Michael had off, Sera had virtually pulled her husband into the orphanage, looking at the kids coming out of the shadows. She was 19 compared to Michael's 23, but the little boy they adopted from that orphanage was a tiny one-year-old named Andreas. Things went quickly from there, and soon, the Whiteford couple found their number increased by one more. Upon agreement, they changed Andreas' name to Lance. Lance Justice Whiteford became his new name, and the couple had just became a trio.

The years seemed to go by incredibly fast... much too faster than what Seraphina was prepared for. On October 10th, 2030, she found herself hunched over a pregnancy test... Imagine her surprise when the test showed the plus sign that signaled that she was pregnant. The news were quite startling for all family members alerted by a pregnancy announcement with little three-year-old Lance sent out. And on July 2, 2031, Seraphina Estelle Whiteford went into labor with what she thought was just one child. Imagine their surprise when it turned out to be one at first, a little boy, then two minutes later, a little girl was born. Both parents were surprised to say the least, but they didn't let their surprise hold them back from taking both children into their family quite easily. They let Vanessa and Marcus choose their first names, and Lance choose their middle names. As such, the little boy was named Jeremy Alexander Whiteford, and the little girl was named Jasmine Annalise Whiteford.

The twins grew up pretty normally, what with Jeremy being his usual personality as Jasmine struggled to meet the basic developmental milestones. Both grew up quite normally, well, as normally as it can be while living on a military base. When Jasmine was two, she started dance lessons, as her father requested each child to be involved in some sort of physical activity. Lance was involved in martial arts and Jeremy was first involved in Kendo, then he switched to dance like his sister. Their fourth birthday brought news from their mother, that she was pregnant again. Finally, finally, the birthday that both twins were waiting for came. However, unlike the birth order, Jasmine actually had her first sign of magic earlier than her brother. Her sign was sending frosting flying at Jeremy's face when he smashed a piece of cake into her hair. It ended with both grounded from all electronics for a week.

Both twins continued to grow up fairly normally, until their father got PCS orders sending the family to England. Upon moving overseas, even delighting to explore their new home, the children continued to grow like beanstalks. However, while her siblings shot up around her, Jasmine remained pretty much the same height she had been. Seraphina gave birth to their baby sister, Rosalind, at the local magical hospital, and Jasmine is now turning nine this year. The year previous, the Whiteford family had added a new member, a now-graduate from Hogwarts, Ann-Sofie... Sadly, the year that followed, the family experienced a particularly devastating loss. Michael was killed overseas, sacrificing himself for his unit, and it seemed that nothing would go back to normal for the Whiteford family. At least, not until Seraphina met Kit Lich, and Lance headed off for his first year at Hogwarts, his mother's alma mater.





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