Jasper Bishop
lighthouse keeper
June 7th
Maggie Bishop (mother)
Edward Bishop (father)
Jasmine Bishop (sister)
Serpentine Bishop (cousin)
Clarence Bishop (cousin)
Blood Status
Muggle Born
roleplayed by Queen of Anarchy

Jasper is a fatherless seventh year Ravenclaw who was born and raised in Salem but moved to Scotland when his mum inherited an island with a lighthouse. He looks after both the island and his little sister due to his mother's crippling mental health.

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Maggie Bishop used to bake pies for everyone im the neighborhood and always caused a ripple effect of smiles in her wake. She and her husband were one of the most cherished citizens of Salem and and her father eventually raised to the ranks of Mayor. Maggie bore two children to Ed; one boy and eventually one girl. Edward named Jasper after his father while Maggie chose to name her daughter Jasmine. They were a picture perfect family, full of love and kindness and never made an enemy of anyone. Life was perfect up until Edward was killed in a freak muggle car accident when he was five. One year after his dad's death, his magical abilities manifested on the anniversary of his death when flowers bloomed on his grave (to his muggle mother's surprise). Apparently Ed had neglected to mention he was related to the wizarding Bishop family.

In attempt to spare her two children the grief of living in Salem, she packed up their entire life and moved to Scotland after inheriting a small island with a rundown farm and lighthouse from a deceased relative. The first while at the lighthouse was alright as they learned the ins and outs of being lighthouse keepers; knowing the small town on the coast still had fishermen who made a living on the water. Without the lighthouse, no one would be getting home to their families. As Maggie's mental health declined to the point where you weren't sure if she was present in reality or not, came Jasmine's idea to do tarot card readings and fortune telling. This brought in an alternative source of income and they barely scraped by but that never stopped Jasper from trying to give his little sister a better life.

Their business eventually expanded and tourists from all over the world stopped on their little island to have a tarot card or tea reading and Jasmine grew adept in the subject but failed to show signs of magic. Being the only wizard in the family, it was a really hard decision for him to choose the lighthouse and looking after his mum and sister over education. Thankfully, the ministry seemed to understand and was kind enough to allow him to do some homeschooling. By fourth year, Jasper eventually chose to attend Hogwarts. Now that his sister was old enough to make sure no harm came to their mother, Jasper took the risk of trying to complete his education so he could find a job to get his mother the proper helps she needs.

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Jasmime Bishop
Jasper Bishop is an intelligent young man with old ideals and a need to be extremely polite and respectful. He is a total geek and fish out of water whose happy place is best found when floating on the surface of a pool, river, lake or the ocean. Growing up on the island from age seven really helped develop some mature traits and he often appears to be well above his years. Knowledged in a lot of things he probably shouldn't even know yet, he cares about nothing more than his little sister and mum. After basically becoming the parent for Jasmine, Jasper can be insanely protective over her and often misses her dearly when he is away. Not a day goes by where he doesn't think about his family in Scotland and is often caught reading or carrying around letters from Jas to help keep him grounded. Aside from his seperation anixety that now exists as a social barrier, Jasper now tires to be extremely fun loving and enjoys going on adventures. He desperately wants to make friends but doesn't really know how to go about making them. He can be awkward at times and only really opens up to a person after a lot of work and effort. He is a total goofball that sometimes whips out the tarot cards and tea leaves when things get bland. Nothing makes him happier than when he is able to help people.

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Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, biromamtic
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English and Spanish
Jasmine or Maggie Dying
Favorite Drink
Dr. Pepper
Favorite Sweet
Mini Donuts
Amortentia Scents
Fresh cut grass, crisp air, and the smell of the ocean
Favorite Color
Blue or Green


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