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Jasper Harris

Ravenclaw Seventh Year

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Jasper Harris

Ravenclaw Seventh Year

Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born May 4
Age 17
Family Jason and Tracey Harris
Gender Male
Species Wizard/Seer
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Signature File:WIP
Magical Characteristics
Wand Cedar and Unicorn Hair 8 inch
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Pure-Blood
Patronus Lion
Boggart His Parents dead


Jasper Harris is a Heterosexual Ravenclaw Seventh Year, currently taken.


Jasper is a cool social guy who loves to play his bass guitar and hang out with his friends. When Jasper was younger he was pretty shy but as he grew older he began to become more social and protective of the people he was close to. Most of the time he can be a cool nice guy but if you hurt anyone close to him he will do everything in his power to get back at you. Jasper can also be very wise and give good advice to his friends tht need help and will try and help anyone who needs it.


It was May 4, 1997 when Jasper Harris was born to his parents Jason and Tracey Harris. As he grew up Jasper knew about his power and loved to magic. He would be tought everyday by his 2 Pure-Blood parents but, of course he wasnt able to do spells just learn about them. Although he was a Pure-Blood Jasper never thought less of anybody who mas a Half-blood or Muggle he simple thought that if they used magic for good instead of evil they were worthy to wield it.

When Jasper was around 5 he began to go to a regular school and became quite popular mostly because he was always happy. Everyday after school he would play with his neighbor hood kids. One day when he was 8 while out playing a bully from Jasper's school came and began to pick on Jasper's friend. Jasper oviously didnt like this so he went to step in but, when he did Jasper suddenly saw a vision in his head. The Vision showed the bully pushing Jasper's friend into the street just as a car was passing by. Then just as soon as the vision came it left. Jasper looked around seeing none of the events had happened untill he saw the bully begin to step foward. Jasper then tackled him, effectively stopping him from pushing his friend.

That day after Jasper told his parent what had happened they told him he was also a seer.

When Jasper turn 11 he got his Hogwarts letter and was so excited. He already love to practice magic and now he was going to a school to learn even more. So Jasper began to take classes at Hogwarts and also became very popular there. At the school he found the love to play guitar and make his own music. Jasper went through the years with ease since he was pretty smart and a good spell caster. Now Jasper is in his 7th year and his life is still pretty good

Role Play History[]

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6'1", black hair, blue eyes. Usually seen in nice clothes.

His face claim.


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