Jasper Jeongsu Myung



In my defense... I was left unsupervised.

11:11, unauthorized nerd, conspiracy theorist, addicted to cheerios, mario party of one made by Aera.


Jazz, Jeonggie, Milk




February 3rd








Busan, South Korea


Single; Alive




Magical UK


Underground rapper, freelance animator





Family Blood


Wand Core

Dragon Heartstring

Wand Wood


Wand Arm



His reputation as a pureblood getting out






In my defense... I was left unsupervised.

11:11, unauthorized nerd, conspiracy theorist, addicted to cheerios, mario party of one made by Aera.


Park Seoham

Eye Color


Hair Color




Distinguishing Marks

A few scars on his arms and legs from various incidents


Imposter Syndrome, Severe Inferiority Complex

Mental State

Somewhat healthy




In my defense... I was left unsupervised.

11:11, unauthorized nerd, conspiracy theorist, addicted to cheerios, mario party of one made by Aera.

Favorite Color

Baby Blue & Pink

Favorite Music Genre

Hip-Hop, K-pop

Favorite Food

Galbi tang

Favorite Animal

Guinea pig

Favorite Book


Favorite Drink

Bubble tea

Favorite Song

Umpah Umpah by Red Velvet

Favorite Movie


Favorite Sweets







Too many to list


English, Korean, French


Jasper - bringer of treasure
Jeongsu - gentle waters
Myung - brilliance


Sun Seungah


Myung Jeongwoo

Full Siblings

A younger sister

Half Siblings







In my defense... I was left unsupervised.

11:11, unauthorized nerd, conspiracy theorist, addicted to cheerios, mario party of one made by Aera.

By first impression, Jasper is the definition of confident. He seems to know what to say and when to say it, what to and when to do it, how to convince, how to woo, how to project. It seems there really is nothing he's anxious or nervous about in the slightest. He never seems to hesitate and exudes an aura that always makes it look like he knows what he's doing, even if he certainly does not. Maybe he gets this from his family, who seem to naturally carry themselves as if the world is at their feet and nothing can stop them, or it's possibly a charisma thing. No one really knows. His confidence stems from knowing his self-worth, and he'll never let anyone treat him lesser than he deserves to be treated, at least that's what he strives for.

With a history of self-confidence and self-worth issues, Jasper constantly battles with feeling like he doesn't deserve any of the things he has. A bad case of imposter syndrome if you will. Every time he succeeds in something or accomplishes a goal, he has to consciously convince himself he's deserving of that thing instead of writing it off as just luck or "someone else did it for me". Even just in day to day things, he has to actively fight against his own self-doubt. He's known how to cook since he was a kid, but he still gets anxious every time he boils water. He could solve a Rubix cube before he could talk, but sometimes just looking at it daunts him. There are so many things he wishes he could just have normal feelings about, but no matter what he does, everything feels connected to how he sees himself. It's where his need to be validated comes from.

It's not like Jasper just straight-up demands validation out loud. How ridiculous would that be? No, instead he's incredibly passive about, and sometimes slightly passive-aggressive. An example of this is Jasper asking for opinions on anything from the color to the sky to if his socks are actually the same shade of white or have his eyes been playing tricks on him the whole time. It seems he always needs another opinion to compare to so he can validate his own points rather than being confident in his own thoughts and ideas. His fear of disappointing people and being rejected are so strongly ingrained in him that'd he rather play it safe or not play at all. It's rare for him to really put himself and his thoughts out there for people to see. Things like that scare him beyond measure.

That's only a part of his inferiority complex. Like most things about Jasper, it's not obvious how he feels about himself, but there sure are a lot of hints that could easily steer you in the right direction. He has trouble sharing his true feelings for fear of ridicule—to be honest, his friends don't really help with that one—he constantly feels guilty for things that don't even correlate with him, he doesn't know how to accept compliments without deflecting it back onto the other person or ignoring them altogether, he quite literally makes jokes about his own lack of self-esteem as if that isn't a true reflection of how he feels about himself, he's hypercritical of himself, and while he avoids self-deprecating jokes because he knows how obvious those are, he overcompensates for that by making jokes about other people as deflection.

Aside from more personal issues, Jasper's a somewhat unique person. He's quite feminine and doesn't really seem to mind it, but doesn't really embrace the way people expect. The more "feminine" aspects of his personality like the way he walks, his interest in makeup, or even the activities he indulges in might be the more prominent, but overall he doesn't make it a staple of his persona to really focus on. It's just apart of him. When it comes to the way he speaks, he pretty much is the internet. Honestly, at some point, he really did end all his sentences with "periodt" just because he used it so much in text. And yes, yes he does say "sksksksk" aloud sometimes. It's totally subconscious, he promises.

Jasper's also a large romantic. There's something about a good love story that just makes him squeal on the inside (and maybe out loud too). He's always wanted a cute little love story of his own, and sometimes he applies those stories to his own life, taking the fictional situations and trying to imagine them happening in real life (sometimes tries to actually make them happen and they've succeeded once or twice). Romantic fantasies aren't the only thing he's big on. It's honestly no secret that Jasper's pretty dirty-minded, after all, that's a large part in the way he flirts. Speaking of flirting, has it been mentioned he's a huge flirt? No one really knows if it's the romantic in him talking or his need for self-validation. Either way, he's often flirting with just random strangers, simply for the sake of it. Although he'd rather prefer to be tied down and taken on a date, he'll take what he can get.

Although Jasper has a wide-set of skills he's highly proficient in, that doesn't necessarily mean he's talented in anything. He really isn't. He's had to work his butt off to get to where he is in everything he's good at, and even then he sometimes has to keep putting in that work to retain these skills. That's why he values hard work more than anything. It's such an important thing to him that he hates when people brush it off. This also makes him slightly resentful of highly talented people because they don't know the pain he's had to go through to even reach a quarter of their skill. He of course still respects them and what they do, but he wishes sometimes that they would, just for a day, lose their talent at whatever so they'd have to feel what he feels.

Even though Jasper might "fight" you as a joke, he's not a very violent person or even a very confrontational one. He likes to keep to himself and while he may have a little more bite than bark, if you ever manage to work him up to the point of having to bite, his bite can be quite nasty. Fortunately for you, he's not very easy to provoke. While he may get hurt easily, it's very difficult to drive him to the point of anger. You're more likely to make him extremely depressed or somewhat annoyed than straight-up angry. And more often not, he'd just end up being angry at himself rather than angry at you. The idea of even retaliating back would never really cross his mind unless it's as a joke. He could never find himself wanting to cause harm to anyone at all.

Although the topic of his family is very controversial for Jasper, if there was one thing he could thank his parents for, it'd be his curiosity and his willingness to try new things. Since he was literally forced to do just about everything a person can do, he quickly became apathetic to the fear of trying something new. If anything was to stop him from trying to learn another language or master a new animation software, it definitely wouldn't be his fear of changing things up. In fact, he's so accustomed to doing so many things that his newfound sense of freedom to be lazy and do absolutely nothing makes him quite uncomfortable. He finds himself pacing around his house a lot, working out, writing new songs and the like. Not doing things makes him incredibly anxious and uneasy, and while it makes for good productivity, it makes it difficult for him to avoid burning himself out.

As mentioned earlier, Jasper also has a very developed sense of wonder and curiosity. He's typically not one to ask questions directly, but he'll typically put in the time and effort to learn something he doesn't know. While it does make him uncomfortable to not know things, it's not such a driving thing that he feels the need to know everything and constantly be on the lookout for more information. It usually just dwindles down to poking around a lot, sometimes sticking his nose where it doesn't need to be, but it's usually never on purpose. He might not be constantly looking for tea, but when he finds it, he tends to keep following it. He hates being out of the loop and discussing something he doesn't know about right in front of him probably isn't a good idea. When he hears something, he remembers it, especially if it's interesting, which ends up leading him to know a lot about everyone and everything around him.





In my defense... I was left unsupervised.

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Since there's only about two-hundred-fifty last names in use in South Korea, you could never tell a pureblood from anyone else just by their last name. That's why many of them seem to have insignias of some sort or seals on their clothing because many Korean purebloods take extreme pride in their heritage and would rather everyone around them know it. Myung Jeongsu comes from a long line of pureblood Koreans who throughout all the tragedies and wars that have transpired on Korean land, their family has somehow remained almost completely pure (save for some half-bloods because it gets difficult after a while if your country is constantly being invaded and taken over). His parents not only take much pride in their heritage but wanted to raise their son in the same esteem. However, they made the mistake of pressuring him to be something he wasn't instead of making him proud of where who he is.

Ever since he was young, the stress on him had been heavy, it was no surprise that he broke in his late teens. Even when he showed his first magical sign at the age of five, there was always an expectation of more. A five-year-old being able to turn on and off all the lights in the house at what seemed like pure will should be astounding, but to his parents, it wasn't enough. They expected better, bigger, and were severely disappointed when they didn't get it. This only started the cycle that got bigger and bigger as the years went on. Before he had even started at Mahoutokoro, he had been forced to join extracurriculars he wasn't interested in, given extra tutoring for things he hadn't learned yet, and forced to assume a lifestyle he didn't like. If there was a good thing that came out of all of this, it was Jasper's developed sense of curiosity and eagerness to try new things.

When he began attending Mahoutokoro, the pressure only got worse. On top of all the things, his parents had forced to do (playing several instruments including but not limited to the violin, piano, guitar, drums, and flute, horseback riding, martial arts, baking, choir, and fencing just to name a few), he had to focus on his grades, being apart of the Quidditch team, and somehow staying on top of his class, as if that was physically even possible. Not only did he rarely have any free time to himself, he rarely had any free time to make friends, and a lot of students concluded he was cold or stuck up because he never talked to them or hung out with him. The number of dates and parties Jasper's had to turn down for his schedule is immeasurable, and to this day he wishes he could've gotten to know his Mahoutokoro classmates a lot better.

It was the summer before his last year at Mahoutokoro when he snapped, not being able to take it anymore. A week before he was due to go back to Mahoutokoro, he packed up all his stuff and quietly disappeared in the middle of the night. As he was of age at the time and knew how to apparate, he managed to get himself to Britain with little to no problems. The moment he did, he enrolled himself in Hogwarts and finished his seventh year. The newfound freedom he had in the seventh year was overwhelming, to say the least, but he used it as well as could. He made as many friends as he could, went to every single Quidditch game and club meeting, never missed a single hangout he was invited to, and overall, while it was foreign, he couldn't help but enjoy not having his family in the picture anymore. It left him free to do well, whatever he wanted.

So that's exactly what he did. When he graduated, he bought an apartment and kept the occasional odd job to keep it while he found other things that interested him. He took a muggle animation course and learned how to improve his drawing skills as well as how to manage several drawing and animation software. He also got to explore his interest in music more. He'd always loved music and wanted to do more with it since he was young, but had never had the time. Now that he did, he spent almost all his free time being absorbed in his own ideas. He filled notebooks upon notebooks with songs and all the thoughts inside his head. Then he discovered an underground rap scene not too far away from his apartment and decided to get some practice on the mike. Although it wasn't magic at first, it seemed he had finally found something he was made for because he had grasped the idea very quickly and was soon rising to prominence among the underground rap community.

His name quickly got bigger and bigger until he received a record deal from Alohomora Entertainment. Although he was excited to be able to get out everything he feels to more people, he didn't want to sacrifice the comfort he found in his original anonymity for more reach, so per agreement with Alohomora, his persona remained anonymous. Even when he performed at shows, he managed to keep himself disguised from the curious eyes of his fans and the like. While 11:11 was selling out concert halls and setting records, Jasper (Jeongsu's newly picked out English name) was chilling with his newfound set of friends and enjoying the freedom he wished he had so much earlier on. This new chapter in his life had just begun, and he was excited to make the most of it.





In my defense... I was left unsupervised.

11:11, unauthorized nerd, conspiracy theorist, addicted to cheerios, mario party of one made by Aera.

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