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Javier Madrigal
Age 14
Birthdate April 18th 2011
Family Alyssa Schlaifer (mother) Andrés Madrigal (father) Marcela Madrigal (sister) Camilla Madrigal (sister)
Gender Male
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Status Alive
School Hogwarts
House Ravenclaw
Race Wizard
Wand Arm
Height 5'6


Javier Madrigal was born to muggles Alyssa Shlaifer and Andrés Madrigal on a warm spring day in April 18th 2011. He is a triplet, with his sisters Marcela and Camilla. He was born in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. His mother was from Ireland, and his father from Costa Rica. They lived in the city until he was 8 years old. They had to move because of his sign of magic.

They were at his grandparent's house, for a visit. His sister Marcela had fallen into a hole in the backyard, which was a prank from their rude cousin. Camilla was inside, so he was the only one to witness it. He wanted her to be back on the ground, but he didn't know how, but he really wanted her back up. Suddenly, she was back on the ground next to him, and he was shocked. He went back inside to tell his parents, but nobody believed him. Except for Marcela. When they went back home, he discovered he needed proof. So he told Marcela to tell the whole story to Camilla, who was always honest and never lied. When Camilla told her parents, they believed her, and they apologized to Javier and Marcela. They asked him if anyone else saw, and nobody had seen it but him. They realized he was strange. Weird stuff kept happening with him and his sisters too. They decided to move. Their father got a new job in England, anyway. They moved to England, and he got his Hogwarts letter when he was 11, and so did his sisters. His parents didn't believe him until they saw it.

Spell List[]

First Year:


Javier is intelligent, but he isn't good at convincing others, especially if it's about something extreme, like if he actually saw a cat on the roof, he wouldn't be able to be very convincing. He is often patient, and doesn't get mad easily. Overall, he's a calm person really.



Javier has brown hair, brown eyes, and a light skin tone. He takes after his mother.