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This Character Has Moved on Behind the Veil

This character is dead. They either died in battle or on a quest, but they have moved on to an after life beyond the veil.

Jenna Shanae Nordskov

Goofy Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born November 4th
Age 15
Family Jaina Nordskov
Gender Female
Species Witch
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive, single
Signature JennaSignature
Magical Characteristics
Wand Chestnut, Dragonheartstring
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Half-Blood
Patronus Cat
Boggart Spiders

+Magentic, Exciting, Supportive

-Overwhelming, Provocative, Tactless


Jenna is very different from her older sister Jaina Nordskov. Jenna is optimist, awkward, and far from elegant. She usually acts before she speaks and can be rather impulsive. She is a free spirit and is funny. She is always willing to stand up for what is right. She always has faith in people even when no one else does. She is notably goofy and highly active.==History==

Jenna was born in Norway on November 4th. She and her older sister Jaina Nordskov  were close from the time when they were little till now. She was always amazed at her sister's ice powers. She and her sister did almost everything together and were inseperable. Now they are really good friends but can be seperated without it bothering them too much. Her first magic spell used was color changing a flower when she was playing with her sister on accident. She is pretty good at magic for her age.

She first went to Durmstrang for two years and then moved along with her sister to London and went to Hogwarts for the first time her 3rd year. She had liked both school a lot and missed living in Norway greatly. She easily made new friends when she arrived at school and still tried to hang out with her sister as much as possible. 


  • Model is Kelly Reynolds
  • Based off Anna from Frozen
  • She is the Elf Relations member in S.P.E.W