These are the rooms on the third floor of "The Leaky Cauldron" which its landlady has set aside for her own use. They are NOT "free range" as far as her brother is concerned, although obviously Mum, Dad, Nan and Gramps are welcome anytime. Well, almost anytime. Jenny tends to get engrossed in books, and won't thank practically anyone for intruding then, be they ever so cute or close. She understandably prefers this floor, with its high ceilings, to the one above, which she internally deems 'Wonderland'.


  • Jenny's bathroom/sauna
  • Salon/sitting room
  • Jenny's bedroom
  • Fireplace
  • Jenny's retreat


Roleplay (family and friends - guests are not really expected)

Jon Pall Sigmarsson - Bran Thompson

Bran Gryffindor
-"You've heard of bouncers? I'm the Splatter."

 – 13:10, May 1, 2013 (UTC)

*Despite repeated, categorical and unambiguous statements by the occupier, Bran still feels free to saunter up here whenever curiosity, or fraternal concern, prods him.*
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