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jeremy (n.)

1. local walking bakery and pastry shop of batch 2044
2. pride and prejudice hoe
3. will die if he doesn't get to cuddle a dog at least 5 times a day

basic information


jeremy carmine ki-won heo
heo ki-won [ 허기원 ]


jamie [ by close friends ]
wonwonnie [ by family ]

age 16
birthday 28th of september
sex / gender male / male
nationality british
ethnicity korean [ both sides ]
orientations demibisexual biromantic
relationship status single
species wizard

magical information

blood status pure-blood
magical education hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry [ 1st to 6th; hufflepuff ]
year sixth
patronus tiger
boggart being forgotten by his family
exotic? no



mun hye-seong [ mother ]
heo woo-shin [ father ]


melanie [ older sister ]
florence [ older twin sister ]

extended family n/a
best friend/s

txt squad

pet/s nana [ japanese spitz ]


model na jae-min [ nct ]
hair colour black
eye colour brown
height tol
weight just right
distinguishing marks 5 piercings, 3 on left ear and 2 on right ear
scent macaron, cookies, and vanilla


Though he may not have the hair to go with it, Jeremy has a very big heart of gold. Growing up in a tight-knit family with parents that emphasize humility, kindness and compassion, it's no wonder that Jeremy seems to have no bad bone in his body. He's the kind of person that naturally tries to see the good in everyone and has a lot of love to give, especially to those he feels that need them. It's natural for him to immediately offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen if need be. Though he may not have the solution to everyone's problems, Jeremy does try to help in his own way by listening. Because sometimes that's just the best one can do.

His compassion is as abundant as grass in a meadow and as sincere as the pinky promise of a child. Jeremy tries his best to be understanding of everyone's feelings. He knows that in every situation, you should see it from different points instead of just one point. A broader view of everything can make it easier to find solutions to otherwise difficult problems, at least in his eyes. Which is why when he's facing a dilemma, he often takes the time to view all choices and possible outcomes by getting a good grasp of how everyone involved in the situation feels if he can.

However good Jeremy's intentions may be, he is still human and humans are flawed creatures. Sometimes, Jeremy's caring nature will go towards overbearing and he doesn't notice when it does come to that. He nags a lot until he's satisfied that the other party is okay to the point where it becomes wholly annoying. Jeremy firmly believes he has everyone's best interests at heart and most of the time he needs a little reminder that he can't tend to and guess what everyone's needs are all the time. It will take some time to convince him, but eventually, Jeremy will come around.


Heo Woo-Shin and Mun Hye-Seong, pureblood children of opposing families, were unable to bear the pressure to break up and marry other more suitable people dealt upon them by their respective parents and had eloped to Britain with nothing but the money they had saved, the clothes on their back and the address of a trusted friend. Though the start of their married life was rough, with the language barrier and culture shock, eventually the couple found a new family with their kind neighbours. Soon enough they were able to stabilize their new lives enough to finally start considering expanding their family 3 long years later.

The first of their 3 children, Melanie Elaine Hae-In, was a welcome breath of fresh air in their lives. She was the one that truly symbolized their new life, a testament to how far they've come. Surprisingly Wooshin and Hyeseong slid into their parental roles quite easily, though they did encounter a few bumps in the road as all parents do. It wasn't until 5 years later that the couple decided to give Melanie a younger sibling after the little girl had asked for one for 3 years' worth of holidays straight. After all, they didn't want their precious baby growing up lonely.

What everyone didn't expect, however, was the news that they weren't expecting just 1 baby, but two. Hyeseong was announced to have been carrying twins all this time, a boy and a girl. Unexpected doesn't mean unwelcome, however, and the couple can afford to have two more bundles of joy to take care of. Melanie, herself, was quite overjoyed to be having 2 new younger siblings at the same time, something she claimed none of her classmates had as their baby siblings came one by one instead of being in pairs.

It was well into autumn when twins Florence Azalea Ka-Rin and Jeremy Carmine Ki-Won Heo came into the world. Jeremy had landed the position of youngest, born a little over 20 minutes after Florence.

Jeremy grew up with Magic around the household and technology around the neighbourhood. His life wasn't hard, nor extravagant, nor anything mindblowing but it was comfortable normalcy, hanging steadily between Magical and Muggle. Along with his sisters, Jeremy was educated early on about the basics of Magic and the elementary subjects of Muggle education. Magical outbursts littered around the house as all three children were growing into their Magic. Excitement for Hogwarts never really settled in until it was Melanie's time to depart for the school, leaving behind her two six-year-old siblings.

Years pass and soon the time came for the twins to depart for Hogwarts themselves. They were excited to go to school with their big sister but because of the sizeable age difference, they were only able to reunite with their sister for a mere 2 years. That was two years ago and now Jeremy is entering his fourth year, excited for the new opportunities ahead.


some of the things i really like include mint candy, raspberries, dogs (like my baby nana~), the sea, baseball (!!), and trips to the countryside~ im not an avid reader but i like picking up classics when im bored, like pride and prejudice

i dont like being cramped up inside and seeing strays on the street makes my heart hurt and i kinda wanna adopt all of them? also blueberries lowkey make me want to gag when i eat them so i avoid those

my favorite memory is when our entire family went out camping for the first time the summer before melanie had to leave for her first year! it was really fun though i almost fell off a tree :(

i dont have any really, really bad memories but the first few weeks after melanie left for hogwarts was pretty bad. -10/10 would not do again

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