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Joanna Elizabeth Gwozdek
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Hufflepuf Third Year
December 14th
Norbert Gwózdek (father)

Barbara Brook-Gwózdek (mother)

Daria Gwózdek (sister)

August Gwózdek (brother)

Damian Gwózdek (brother)
Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
Half Blood
Human Witch

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Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Clothing Style

Caucasian (Slavic)
Native Language
English, German, Polish
Earliest Memory
Her mother putting her down for bed
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Her siblings going missing for no reason at all

Joanna was born in Poland - to a struggling middle-class family, around Christmas, a sign which her father says is because God was watching over them - and why he worked so much harder from henceforth, even if he worked a shitty job. She was dubbed and blessed a Catholic shortly after her birth, due to her father no doubt, but he dubbed all of his children as Catholics from the very moment they were born. Her father was born into a large, Catholic/Protestant (coming from her grandmothers side of the family, seeing as though they were Russian) family and wanted his children to be blessed under his god, and so he did - he named Joanna after Jeana (or Joan, according to modern English spelling of names) of Arc because he wanted his elder daughter to be strong, in any case.

Her childhood was chaotic, seeing as though she had three other little siblings to take care of whilst her parents were at work, which meant that she had to basically be a second mother to them whilst their parents worked twenty four seven to basically insure that they lived in their current home. It lead her to do several magical things, like breaking lamps out of sheer anger at her siblings, or things like that. It wasn't rare to see her being so angry that the poach would burn, and the neighbors would call the police - things like that weren't too rare to see in Joanna's case, for stress makes people act out every once in awhile, honestly, and Joanna was a magical child, so it was even more brutal in her case, unfortunately. Her real first case of magic is her literally burning lamps, quite literally, when her younger brother was goating her on, most unfortunately, and she was nine years old at the time of said incident.

All in all, when their parents were around, life was better (not by much) , her father often times brought back Warsaw Vodka sometimes and drank himself to sleep when things got rough at work. Her mother was almost never seen, because she worked personally under the Prime Minister of Poland's direction, but when she did come home, she too looked drained. But at least she acted like a mother, and wasn't like her father, of whom she had been semi-distant towards throughout Joanna's childhood.

When she got her letter to Dumstrang, she was quite thrilled - it was a path away from her chaotic, shifty family, and she couldn't wait to go there. Her life at Dumstrang isn't important, but it's worth noting, that during that time, Joanna was more relaxed, to say the least. Relaxed from the storm that awaited her at home, whenever she went during the summer and holidays.

Dumstrang, well, it was quite the experience - Joanna had never been popular there to begin with, being highly introverted and not to mention studious, she only had a small group of friends (but a large group of cousins from her father's siblings, many of which were Russian in descendy, considering Joanna's grandmother had been a Russian woman) and kept mostly to herself, for the most part. Being social was never a huge part of Joanna's story actually, but nevertheless, she did, and she still keeps in contact with them since leaving Dumstrang.

As for her arriving in Hogwarts, well, her father had gotten a deal from the English Prime Minister that he simply couldn't resist; being one of the Polish Ambassdors to England (a honor which he rightly couldn't ignore anyhow). He packed his family off immediately at the opportunity and left Poland after a heartfelt goodbye to his extended Polish family (which includes of his siblings that still lived in Poland instead of Russia, and all nephews/nieces they had) and off they went to Hogwarts, forgoing Dumstrang, to Joanna's infinite joy and happiness, for Dumstrang was known for it's Dark Arts and Joanna's father had promptly made sure that she was wary of Dark Arts, for he himself had no love of it.

Was her father aware of the political crisis in England when he made this decision? No. Likely not. They didn't use the internet and were likely catch unaware of what happened there - something Joanna says so, she doesn't support the Prime Minister's choices, but her father has a job to do for him and needs the money desperately in order to stay in England, so he doesn't say anything against him (at least publicly, publicly he had to show that he agreed with the Prime Minister). Jobs AND not to mention the undeniable risk of being deported back to Poland in disgrace, was on the line for her poor father if he showed insubordination and it unfortunately had an impact on poor Joanna's father.

She, for one, hopes that nobody will judge her nor her family for their decision for working with the current ministry, but she knows that others will not be so happy about it if they heard about that little detail, but being deported is a big deal though. So, she and her family has to make do with it, but she wants to go to Hogwarts, wants to explore it's large halls, and be happy - after all, Hogwarts will be a chance for a new start, for her and her siblings, in any case. Or at least she hopes so, and she also wants to explore the grand halls of Hogwarts, of which she's heard about, even from Dumstrang. She hopes it's good as the plebs in her school say it is, anyhow.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kind, sweet, hard-working
Worst Qualities
Judgmental, temperamental, moody
Most Influenced By
Her mother
Joanna is everything a Polish girl should be. Hardworking, polite, and kind - she makes it all up with her bubbly attitude.

Since her stay at Dumstrang, she also calculating, but not mean, but is more than willing to point out someone's mistakes with little to no regret on her behalf. She's also very booksmart, and loves books, seeing as though they were the only thing to keep her mind off of her rather boisterous siblings she had to basically raise by herself.

Oh and about her siblings, she will kill anyone for them - get that straight, and you'll be fine in her books, for Joanna loves her siblings above all else and considers them too precious to get hurt like she did in Dumstrang. She's a bit of a mother hen, all things considering, for her siblings - for example, she'll plan everything out for them - which is a bit extreme, but in Dumstrang, getting to class on time was a must, for her at least. She so does loves pleasing people, even at the risk of herself, but she isn't above insulting people though - at least when they do piss her off. Actually, since Dumstrang, she has an armor plate on her heart a mile wide for getting hurt, and doesn't get offended very easily. But be warned, when she gets angry, a cloud of smoke will be left of the person whom choice to angry her

She can be sweet, warm, and sympthatic, but get in her way, and one will regret it - she's like a boulder to anyone who stands in her way. She's also no bullshit, and hates lies - even the harmless white ones - which can contribute to making her come across as rather cold and forminable to some, but to others, she's a nice warm friendly smoke of air that brings warm rain with her werever she goes. Honestly, the Polish girl is a genuinely nice person, but like most people, has those moments of doubt and strife with others (but tries not too) and is entirely reactionary about said ordeal. She can hold a grude, but often times choices not to, because well, it's not worth it is it? Holding a grudge is a tiresome ordeal, for all parties involved

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Joanna GwózdekHufflepuf 3rd Year

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13 Years Old
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skills and magical abilities
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* She loves learning languages honestly
  • Her lovely actress is India Eisley

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
likely straight
Relationship Status
The cruel deaths of her family
Cedar, Veela Hair
Chestnut Mare
Favorite Drink
Hot Chocolate
Favorite Sweet
Red Velvet cake
Amortentia Scents
Father's musky colon
Favorite Song
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