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Joel Emil Björklund

Thief, Co-Owner of The Little Shop

Joel Emil Björklund is a Swedish Pure-Blood wizard, currently residing in England. He is a graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, attending for his seventh year, being sorted into Gryffindor. He is a thief, and also co-owns a store, The Little Shop, with Elara Daniels.


Katja Lager and Emil Björklund were two very different people from two very different backgrounds. Katja Ewa Lager was the only child born to rich pure-blood parents Astrid and Karl Lager and had a happy, easy childhood. She was sassy, selfish, and mean. She was arranged to be married, like her parents were. Emil Axel Björklund was also born to pure-blood parents, but unlike Katja, he was the oldest of 11, and his family was extremly poor. He was caring, selfless, and friendly.Nevertheless, the two met one day, and despite their differences, they married at the age of 20, Katja running away from home in order to be with Emil.

The next year, their first child, Joel Emil, was born on a cold October day in the city of Umeå, Sweden. Less than a year later, Madeleine Désirée was born a month early, in a warm September day in Stockholm, Sweden. At first, the family was happy. But Katja got tired of being poor, since she had grown up in a rich household, and one day, she left Emil, taking Joel and Madeleine with her.
Katja went to her parents' house. Her parents were unhappy she hadn't followed their wishes, and told her they would only accept her if she married her former fiancè, Tim Strand. Katja didn't want to, but the futures of her children forced her to accept their offer.
In late November, in a lavish ceramony, the two married, their wedding date was the day they were supposed to get married five years ago. Tim Strand had loved Katja very much, and was not at all pleased that Katja had the nerve to run away and marry another man, plus have two children with that same man. So, when they were alone that night, Tim put the Imperius Curse on Katja, to ensure that she would never leave him.
Tim also put the Imperius Curse for another reason as well. When Joel turned 5, for every little thing he did wrong, he would get beaten for it. But Tim wouldn't be the one beating him, it would be Katja. When Joel was 5, Tim also adopted him, and changed his name to Anton Joel Strand, Anton after his dead friend.
Madeleine was also given the same treatment, but she was allowed to keep her name. When Joel and Madeleine began attending Durmstrang and got their first taste of freedom, they knew they had to escape. In the late spring of Madeleine's fourth year and Joel's fifth year, while still at Durmstrang, they ran away.
They traveled by boat to Denmark, where they got on to a train to southern Germany and made their way to France, where they ran into some unfriendly people and Madeleine got injured after a confrontation with those unfriendly people. They, fortunately got help by a witch named Mathilde Bellerose.
Madeleine stayed in France for a while, while Joel went ahead and attended his seventh year at Hogwarts, Madeleine doing the same a year later. He is a thief, relying on stolen goods for his income. He since has also opened a shop with Elara Daniels, after she has sold him a dragon, currently in the possession of Madeleine.


To people who know him, he's a friendly and loud guy who loves to play around and have fun. He is kind and loyal. That's for people who think they know him. In reality, he only cares about things that closest to him, and that does not include his so-called 'friends'. His father and his sister are his only family, his mother is dead to him. He is very quiet and thoughtful, and is rather serious, but he can still be an idiot sometimes.

Basic Info

Full Name Joel Emil Björklund
Born November 12, 1999
Age 23
Gender Male
Species Human, Wizard
Current Location Home
Schooling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding
Current Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Nationality Swedish
Sexuality Straight
Accent Swedish


Vices Recklessness - Thieving - Arrogance
Bad Habits Overspending
Quirks Always knows what direction they are going
Attitude Friendly - Polite
Special Talents Knitting - Stealing - Basketball
Social Skills Social

Personal Info

Most at Ease When? Showing - Sleeping
Main Priorities Finding a Job
Personal Motto "I Always Pay My Debts"
Past Failures Not Being Able To Kill or Destroy Tim Before He Ran Away
Biggest Accomplishment N/A
Darkest Secret? He owns a dragon
Secret Known by Anyone? Only Madeleine
Personal Tragedy Being Abused Most of His Life
One Wish To have the perfect life

Other Info

Nicknames None
Boggart Madeleine leaving him
Hobbies Stealing - Sports - Spending Money - Selling Things
Most Admires N/A
Most Influenced by N/A
Faces their Problems Doing Nothing
Reacts to Change Easily
Dream Job N/A
Current Job N/A


Model Dylan O'Brien
Gender Male
Hair Type Short - Fluffy
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Grey
Ethnicity Swedish
Skin Complexion Light
Height 5'10"
Weight 153 lbs
Body Shape Lean
Voice Normal - Hint of Arrogance
Distinguishing Marks N/A