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Johanna Birgitte Jakobsen is the second to last child born from Erik and Carina Jakobsen of Norway. Erik was the Norwegian Ambassador to the UK and the little family just continued to grow even after conceiving Axel-- the eldest child. In total there were six Jakoben children. Axel, the oldest; Astrid, five years younger than Axel; Johanna, seven years younger than Axel. Regina, eight years younger than Axel; Kjerstin, nine years younger than Axel and finally Magnus who was ten years younger than Axel. The large family seemed perfect... however, the Jakobsens had a dirty secret.

Erik Jakobsen was an alcoholic and when he got into his drunken rages nothing good came out of it. He became physically abusive towards Carina & Axel when Astrid was born, since for some reason... that was his breaking point. It started out with just some slaps across the face but it eventually escalated into punching. The smallest thing could set Erik off into using any of his children or his wife as a punching bag. However there wasn't any knives used... that is, until Axel was 13. Erik drew a knife on Axel and gave him a scar across his cheek. Axel went to the hospital, but claimed that he'd cut himself accidentally.

Honestly, Johanna never experienced much of her father's abusive tendencies, given her older siblings tried to take most of the heat whenever he got in one of his drunken rages. That did change eventually, however, when it came her turn to protect little Regina and Magnus. They were both fetuses, basically, but there were no older siblings to protect them now. One had to take the heat. That's when she was made more than aware of how messed up her family was.

Luckily, Axel was old enough to drop out and get a job before anything happened that put her in a critical position. Thankfully, her mother got a divorced (finally), and moved the her children out of the house Erik lived in, into one Axel was able to buy them. She thought the nightmare was over, but it wasn't... not really. After a lengthy custody battle, her father got visitation rights over his children beneath seventeen, which at the time, had been most of them. The abuse continued then, especially when little Jo tried to get out of them. She was lucky she'd started her education in Dursmtrang, honestly, because it meant she was safe from her father for most of the year.

She had no need to worry after January of 2027. Magnus was visiting Erik, who'd been drinking. He slipped into a fit, and started to beat Magnus, though unlike other times, he cared little of hiding the bruises, much less stopping. He was relentless. That fateful night, Magnus Jakobsen passed away. Erik then took the body and dumped it in the nearby river. Erik told Carina and her family that Magnus had run away, but Carina knew better than that. She was wicked smart, and was able to put two and two together. Especially with the bruises on Erik's knuckles. Magnus had also been under Erik's charge and, due to all the other suspicious things that happened to the Jakobsen kids, he was stripped of his visitation rights.

Johanna was able to live with some peace after that. She became more comfortable with herself, and became more outgoing. She was safe now, and her father wouldn't get to her ever. That much she knew. The real Jo Jakobsen was starting to shine through, and honestly, her family was dead relieved. Better to rediscover herself than to fall into an endless pit full of self-hate and negativity. As a matter of fact, something that sped up her healing process, surprisingly, was the fact that Magnus' body was found two year later. She got some closure, finally, plus after a thorough investigation by the Norwegian Aurors, the murder was traced back to Erik. Erik Jakobsen was then brought to trial and found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Now, she'd truly be able to live in peace.

Her brother's murder was never revealed to the public, nor was the other kids' abuse. It was a private matter, something nobody had to know. Especially as Axel's fame grew, and people paid them more attention with a closer eye. For her fourth year, she even decided to beg her mother to let her transfer to Hogwarts for a new beginning. it took lots of pleading, but she finally won her mother over, and it was decided she'd finish her schooling there.


Johanna, who also likes being called Jo, is a very outgoing girl. She doesn't mind having some fun, but within laws, of course. Although she has broken one or two by now. But nobody will ever know, right? She's easygoing, and tries not to worry much about anything, giving her a happy go lucky persona. Don't get her wrong, though. She does worry about certain things, such as the paranoia that maybe her father will return someday, but mundane things such as classes and stuff? Not her biggest worry. If there's one thing she's learned from her life so far, is that it's short, and you should make the most out of it. She's inclusively reckless at times, not being one to think before acting most of the time. She does, but it's not often. While she has the fight or flight instinct everyone gets, she usually leans more into the fighting. It has gotten her more detentions than she can count, and a few extra beatings, but honestly, how are you going to get anywhere if you don't fight for anything?

Jo is a big teddy bear. She loves small things that show how much she means to you, and loves doing the same. She loves being in contact with people, honestly, whether it be keeping an arm around them, holding them, or just anything that includes body contact, really. She's a total softie, even though she tries to make herself come across this badass person. She's an absolute dork that's in love with old bands and singers, and is crazy about disney movies. That's just one thing about her. And surprisingly, she hates sports. While her siblings are blessed with quidditch skills, she has nothing. Nothing at all. Sports just aren't her thing. They're tiring and leave you sweating, and ew. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't like watching games. More specifically, the cute guys that play the game, but shhh.

While she doesn't show it, obviously, words do run deeper than she's willing to let one. She's able to endure her siblings' comments to a certain degree, but sometimes, she just breaks. She bottles everything up until it topples all over. The times she's blocked out that stupid, small voice in her head calling out her every flaw is more than she's willing to admit, unfortunately. That she gets sad, she does, and it's also quite a recurring event, but it never gets as bad as it does those dark days. In part, it's what keeps her smile plastered on her face 24/7-- she knows better than to show otherwise. Axel isn't the only one good at keeping secrets, you know.

It's one of the things she does best.


Johanna's looks vary a lot. One day she'll have her hair its natural color (brown), and other days she'll have it charmed by another of her siblings a silver-ish color. With startling grey eyes, and a pearly white teeth to flash cheeky grins with, Jo is certainly one of those girls people could envy. While she's not tall, she's not short, either. She's smack in the middle, at average height. Her FC is Amanda Steele.


Erik Jakobsen He's an ass that ruined her life, and she honestly wants to do nothing else with him. She hates the fact that she's his daughter, and always will be. She's glad he's in prison. He's getting what he deserved.

Catarina Jakobsen She loves her mother, and is grateful for everything she's done, though a sall part of her resents her for not trying harder to keep her children away from Erik. Maybe then, Magnus would still be alive.

Axel Jakobsen Probably her favorite sibling. He got her away from her abusive father, and has done everything in his power to protect his family. He's like the father she wished she had in the first place. She loves him to bits, and would do anything for him.

Astrid Jakobsen WIP

Regina Jakobsen WIP

Kjerstin Jakobsen WIP

Magnus Jakobsen She misses her baby brother. He was so young...





"Say, go through the darkest of days, heaven's a heartbreak away..."

Johanna Birgitte Jakobsen
RPer your royal highness
Age 14
Birthday September 23rd
Nationality Norwegian
Ethnicity European
Species Witch
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Heterosexual/Heteroromantic
Gender Female
Hair Brown (naturally); Silver (dyed)
Eyes Grey
Faceclaim Amanda Steele
Height 5'4
Schooling Hogwarts
Year Fourth
Occupation Hufflepuff Student
Wand {{{wand}}}
Wand Arm Left
Boggart Her father returning for her
Affiliation(s) The Jakobsen Family; The NNQT
Location 2030 Quidditch World Cup
Most influenced by Erik & Axel Jakobsen
Languages English & Norwegian

Model: Amanda Steele

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