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Johnnie Walker-Black1
Birthdate March 8th, 2030
Birth Place Portnahaven, Scotland, United Kingdom
Hometown Ramsau, Bavaria, Germany
Accent German
Heritage German, Scottish, and Greek
Bloodline Half-Blood
Family Walker-Black
Wand Arm Left
Wand Length 7⅝"
Wand Wood Holly
Wand Core Boomslang Venom
Patronus Cockroach
Hecate Grimm

Johnnie Walker-Black - Ravenclaw
Send Me an Owl! - “You don't need to know everything, you just need to know yourself.”
“Imitating someone is a conscious reminder to your subconscious that you don't exist.”

Vital Information

Johnnie Walker-Black is a Half-blood witch of German, Scottish and Greek descent. She is the daughter of Marriott Walker and Dillinger Black.

Full Name: Johnnie Walker-Black
Meaning of name: Johnnie — "the Lord is gracious"
Nickname: Jo
Birthdate: March 8th
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Type of childhood: Psychologically abusive
First memory: Surviving an Erkling attack
Most important childhood event: Running away
Why: She nearly died the first time...
"They had the same ability to transform that you do."

– Franka Walker

"Can you hear yourself? You sound like you've gone mental."

– Johnnie Walker-Black

Life Before Hogwarts

She had been stealing food from her father and friends that came to hang out with him when they passed out or after she saw them leave starting at the age of three. On at least a few occasions a single chicken leg, or two, or a bowl of mash might have flown towards her when no one was looking. She did not consider those moments to be magical in nature, she was too hungry and too focused on having the food to even think clearly about how exactly she ended up going to sleep with a least a little bit of food in her belly those nights. She discovered that she was a metamorphmagus when she seven, she did not know the term she only knew what she was doing was magic. There were days when she could not sleep through night. Not because of nightmares because her father and his friends where busy partying until the early hours of the morning. Or worse yet there were weeks when see went without food due to her father not being home for consecutive days in a row. Falling sleep in school and being too hungry to focus in class called the attention of her teachers to alert child protective services. All of whom had workers assigned to the case that never once spoke to directly to Johnnie about any of the reasons they were being repeatedly called out to her father's apartment.

Her schoolteacher, a woman with ties to the wizarding world, discovered Johnnie in the teacher's lounge of the Muggle school stealing food. She was using her abilities to give her the appearance of an adult, she was pretending to be the vice principal. She may have gotten away with it, if she had not been caught in the act by the vice principal; Miss Roswitha Maxwell, a squib. Johnnie would have been expelled on the spot if Miss Maxwell were not one of the teachers from her school who called to alert social workers about a home visit. Knowing that the magical community takes quicker action when children and magic are involved she asked a friend to help remove Johnnie from her negative Muggle equation. She was taken away from her father by the German Ministry of Magic. Having relations to a Walker family both Muggle and Magical awarded her a relocation to Scotland. She was unaware of any of the so called family she had on file in Scotland. She only knew her mother as a Walker, and she had not gotten much of a chance to know her. She was thrown in jail a short time after giving birth to Johnnie. Finnea was a drunk who recently became addicted to prescription painkillers.

She tried to runaway from the first day she was delivered to the home of Franka of the the Walker family. She tried hard, it was admirable, she was caught and subsequently punished for her behavior regardless. The first time she got a warning, they told her they were going to lace her food with unicorn blood. She thought it was funny at the time because she was unaware of the consequences of consuming unicorn blood. She laughed petulantly in their faces, the threat was worthless to her. She ran away again, she escaped successfully for a short time. She was spotted by family friend and returned to Franka Walker's doorstep. She was brought to an Erkling patch as her punishment the second time. The third time she was caught it was Fwoopers, the fourth it was threatening to feed her to the Slugs and Shrubs. She never particularly bought into the threats of feeding her to animals or plants. She knew, and they knew, the ministry would come to check on her when she was due to arrive at Hogwarts. Her metamorphmagus abilities were also valuable to them when her temper was kept in check. Driving her insane with fear was the more effective approach no matter how much she denied it.


She had a blast her first few years at Hogwarts. She had a roller coaster of a first year and clung tightly to the new friends she was making. With fights breaking out in all but one class for three consecutive years in a row the only stability she could find was in her semicircle of trust. She was even able to make a small group of friends. However,he kept her powers a secret from every except the amount of people she could count on one hand. It sounds like a lot, that is only two people and surprisingly they are not both her. As great as her abilities are and as useful as magic has been to her for her entire life, she still felt like a walking sideshow freak whenever she used her powers. She did not have to struggle near as much as the next metamorph next to her thanks her tough outer shell. She also had a lot of practice at it thanks to Franka taking advantage of her abilities and Johnnie going along with it, without question. Franka was the one who told her that the metamorphic trait comes from somewhere in the Walker family. Her maternal grandfather and his brother were both metamorphmagi, Franka found that as hard to believe as Johnnie did at one time.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Ravenclaw
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — E
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — A
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — A
Potions — A
Care of Magical Creatures — O
Astronomy — P
Divination — T
Arithmancy — T
History of Magic — P
Muggle Studies — O
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms —
Transfiguration —
Herbology —
Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Ancient Runes —
Potions —
Care of Magical Creatures —
Astronomy —
Divination —
Arithmancy —
History of Magic —
Muggle Studies —

Talents (hidden or not): Transfiguration
Extremely skilled at: Self-transformation
Extremely unskilled at: History
Good characteristics: Resilient
Character flaws: Murmurs and fails to explain incoherent mumbles

Color: Gold
Food: Chinese dim sum
Music: Pop
Clothing style/Outfit: Casual comfortable
Literature: Horror, Tragedy, Gothic fiction
Expressions: “Get Bent Out Of Shape”
Quote: “Better to be strong than pretty and useless.”


Disgruntled - Noncommittal, Unhelpful, Spontaneous, Hollow

She can be a bit sour on first impression. She pushes people away before they can get close, if they try to break through that first barricade she might keep them. She is the type to strike first to avoid feeling targeted. She feels bad about herself, because of that she is abrasive to others. She is confusing, she is easily irritated, and she has quite the appetite for revenge. She has a habit of say things that do not make sense, or speaking in a murmur, the subsequently failing to elaborate. she is a difficult person, complex is a much kinder term. She is mean to people who are overly sweet, she is harsh with people who are unkind and she can be at her worst for no apparent reason at all. She suffers from some unholy combination of Peter Pan syndrome and Napoleon Complex.


She is a fragile looking human, small in stature. Her attachment to miniatures always leads to a lot of short jokes made calling out the irony at her expense. She has long brown hair, she likes to wear it down or occasionally swept up dramatically into a pony tail. She has dark brown eyes and painstakingly thin eyebrows. She has an unhealthily pale skin complexion, unnervingly flawless. She has tiny, delicate, ultra feminine features. She has an adorable little nose that rounds off to a point. She has fluffy lips with a minuscule barely noticeable turn at the corners. She has a pout that is so doll-like in nature she may as well have been hand crafted. She is undeniably cute her square masculine jaw being her only physical flaw. She has some sort of unnatural freak/demon transformative ability. She did not and does not change her appearance often unless she needs something. If she is capable she would prefer to do things for herself wearing her own face or one similar to someone else. She is not opposed to assuming someone else's identity.