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Joker Alice Grandview
Vital statistics
Title Hogwarts Student, Patient of St. Mungo's
Gender Female
Age 12
Height 4'3
Hair Colour {{{hair colour}}}
Eye Colour {{{eye colour}}}
Race Human, unknown blood status
House Gryffindor
Year 1st
Wand Blackthorn 14 in, Thestral hair
Wand Arm right
Family Alice Carrol

Johnathan Grandview

Ace Grandview

Queen Grandview

Jack Grandview

King Grandview

(Mother, Father, younger sisters, younger and older brothers)

Affiliation(s) Hogwarts

Grandview Family

Gryffindor House

Her own plot to "rule the world"

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A Barn Owl named Minion




Medical Doctors


Joker Alice Grandview is a schizophrenic (insane) pureblood witch who was born in the year 2001 with an unknown birthday. When she was 6, her parents were brutally murdered in front of her and her siblings. She was later admitted into St. Mungo's for becoming insane after the murder, while her siblings were put in the care of their grandparents. They were funding her stay at St. Mungo's, but they died both died when Joker was about 8, so she had to leave. Joker, who was still about 90% uncured, went from orphanage to orphanage, eventully getting so tired of being rejected that she ran away to a deep forest and lived there by herself until she found a mysterious hag living in the forest. The hag let Joker reside at her hut, which is where her Hogwarts letter came. Meanwhile, Her older brother 14 year old Jack has been taking care of his other younger siblings, Queen, King, and Ace. Her best friend is Cleo Cyberstorm.


Joker has shoulder-length, messy, bright red/orange hair, inherited from both of her parents that she barely knew. She had cloudy, unfocused eyes that dart in every direction. She has a very small body frame, being at only 4'3, so everything she owns looks too big on her, even her own wand is looks too big with her. Her skin is pale and paper white with little color. She usually wears orange, red, yellow, and other bright colors to match with her hair, though she matches them pretty badly. Her voice is pretty quiet, high, and sweet sounding, but when she gets in one of her fits, it turns cold, deep, and sometimes hysterical.


Joker's personality is hard to figure out, because of her insanity. Without it, she would have been more of an out-going, funny girl. Now she's very quiet and unsocial, quietly plotting "world domination." Despite this, she has very high grades, those of which compete with the Ravenclaws. (She wants to be able to know all the spells she can for the coming of the "apocalypse.") Her best classes are Potions, Herbology, Transfiguration, and Astronomy. She watches everyone with a fugutive look, calculating everything they do. Trust me, it's very creepy. The only one that doesn't think she's creepy is her only friend, Cleo Cyberstorm. Of course, Cleo is an android, so she's unable of any self-awareness. Joker's pretty sure Cleo is just a figment of her imagination.


Standard Classes -

  • Potions
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Transfiguration
  • Herbology
  • Charms
  • History of Magic

Chosen Classes -

  • Ghoul Studies
  • Wandlore
  • Mythology

Before Hogwarts[]

Joker's life was a "Rags to Riches" event backwards. Her father was a wealthy real-estate company C.E.O known both in the muggle and wizarding worlds. Joker lived with her two parents, Alice and Johnathan, and her four siblings, King, Queen, Ace, and Jack. The Grandview children were all, obviously, named after the suits of cards. King was the oldest, being the most mature and responsible. Two years yonger was Queen, the kindest one, who cared for hurt animals that she found in the forest near the mansion. The middle child was Joker who was three years younger than her sister Queen. She was the most energetic, outgoing, and fun-loving girl you could find. Finally, there was the twins, Jack and Ace, the quiet ones who liked to read. While at a street carnival in the muggle world, Alice noticed a strange clown following them, trying to give her children gifts. Creeped out, she hurried her family into the car and left the carnival early. That clown had actually been a thug after the Grandview fortune. He followed them home and snuck into the house. Along the way, he grabbed the axe Johnathan used for cutting down Christmas trees every year from the backyard. You can probably guess what happened next... He never completed his task due to the fact that the mansion had a great security system and was arrested, but he did get to the master bedroom and murder Alice and Johnathan. Before child services hauled off the Grandview children to their grandparent's house, they ran into the bedroom where their parents laid lifelessly, crying hysterically for them, all except for Joker. Something happened in Joker's mind that day, and it changed her forever. She spent a short time at her grandparent's house before being admitted into St. Mungo's. Joker was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a mental disease she acquired from not being able to cope with her parent's death. When her grandparents died, Joker was released due to lack of funds still about 90% uncured. She was placed in many orphanages, one of those was where she discovered her magical abilities, until she couldn't take it anymore and ran away. She reached a forest, one inhabited by an old hag who happened to be a witch and former Death Eater. She taught the young girl the Unforgivable Curses and many more and let her stay there until her letter to Hogwarts came. Joker will only answer to this woman.

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