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josephine vu
spirit nymph
caught up in your heartstrings


Birthday February 2
Age 17
Pronunciation joe-seh-feen voo
Family ??? & ??? (parents)
Capri (sister)
Gender Female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Vietnamese/English
Languages English, Vietnamese, Nymph tongues
Residence The Sept
Religion Pagan
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'2"
Style Flowy, easy to move in
Faceclaim Jolie Nguyen

Jo doesn't look very put-together most of the time, something that the elders at the Sept have been on her case for constantly. Her hair is almost always up in a messy bun and falls into equally messy and wild waves whenever she takes out the hairtie. Scribbles of various notes and reminders to herself decorate her left palm and occasionally large parts of her left arm whenever there is a lot of information to remember. She wears dresses and skirts very often and claims it is because they are easier to move in but really, she just likes being able to swish her skirt as she walks.


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*Jo's mother was a clan representative for the Asian Settlements and that required her to travel to the High Sept frequently. She eventually fell in love with another nymph in the Sept and decided to relocate there permanently. They eventually married and had two daughters: Capriana, then Josephine a year later.
  • From a young age, it was evident that Jo was a very talented spirit nymph. She has been told that her very presence would lift up the geneal atmosphere of the room and that her touch was very calming. In fact, when she was five-years-old, she accidentally spirit bonded to another child she met in a crowd and the connection still has not been severed until now. She was very young when she did it, so it’s not as strong as it should be to the point that sometimes she forgets it is there. She only feels them when they are feeling particularly strong emotions, and she is not sure if the connection goes both ways because she thinks they’d be a lot more confused if they could sense something coming from her end. Because of how weak the bond is, realistically it should be easy to cut but she has grown weirdly attached to it. She hasn't told her parents about it, because she's afraid of how they will react (or that they will try to sever it without her being able to properly reunite with the person who she is tied to. As much as she wants the bond broken (because of how much she values her autonomy), again, she has developed a weird attachment to the person on the other end. they seem to be sad a lot.) and she has only told her sister about it.
  • Eventually, their parents fell out of love and mother wanted to go home to Vietnam. She would often talk to both of them about how she regretted uprooting her life and relocating, and eventually both parents talked to the sisters about how their marriage is not working out but they plan on staying together until the two girls were older.
  • It is said spirit nymphs often enjoy partaking in spiritual beliefs. Josephine is not an exception. She is actually very in touch with the gods of the New Religion and prays to them often. Like other aristocratic nymphs in the Sept, she began training to be a priestess and she is a strong candidate for one of the future Sept hiereiai. While Jo legitimately enjoys her training, the fact that it is expected of her makes her abhor the idea and she has turned her attention towards the arts instead.
  • Jo's most noteworthy romantic relationship is with Atlas, a dark nymph from the High Sept. He is also from an aristocratic family, but dark nymphs tend to be have a lot of angst and emotionally volatile. However, Jo is attracted to basket cases because she likes making people feel better. Spirit nymphs have the ability to calm people down with their touch and Atlas became a bit too reliant on that power of hers. It is actually a bit draining for spirit nymphs to influence others' emotions like that, and eventually she was came to the decision to end the relationship, which effectively cut him off.
  • She eventually told some of the elders in the Sept about it and he is currently getting therapy and 'spiritual healing', but the experience has left him a bit obsessed with Jo and until now he harasses her about getting back together because she is the only one who truly understands him. Jo has not told anyone about this because she feels a bit guilty for having let it get that far, but she was genuinely only trying to help.
  • Soon the pattern of training with the elders and living in the Sept became dull and if there is one thing Jo hates aside from being boxed in, it is monotony. Aside from that, Jo wanted to put as much distance between her and Atlas as possible. Capri seemed to have similar feelings of wanting to get out and experience the world, so they managed to convince their parents to allow them to attend muggle school.
  • The two of them live in a very small apartment provided by their parents. It is nothing like the grand, homey environment of the Sept, but their parents are not very enthused about the idea of them being exposed to the human world. They are definitely just trying to make the girls realize that they are much better off staying in the Sept forever, and when the two of them go home for some weekends, they make passive aggressive comments about how much better the standard of living is amongst other nymphs.
  • Capri is in her first year in a muggle university and Jo, on the other hand, is in a muggle sixth form. She is taking Media Studies, Art & Design, Maths, and English Language for her A-Levels and is doing surprisingly well in 3/4 of those subjects. (It's not very hard to guess which one she is struggling in. She wanted to take Photography, but was told that most universities look for Mathematics. Sigh.) This specific combination of subjects has her looking at careers in marketing or journalism, but she is rational enough to know that she wouldn’t be able to leave the Sept behind entirely. If only she were a bit more self-aware than she already is to recognize that as much as she doesn’t want to stay forever, she doesn’t want to leave either.


(+): pleasant, relaxed, whimsical
(-): absent-minded, rebellious, fanciful

Josephine prides herself on being a free spirit. She feels very strongly about authenticity, having the freedom to do what she wants, and being true to herself. This typically manifests in positive ways, like how she is always willing to dance even when no one else is or how she is generally self-aware of her own actions (the result of hours upon hours of introspection). Jo is constantly on the lookout for her next great adventure; she must always be moving, whether that be figuratively (like how she’s trying out everything in an attempt to figure out what she wants in her life) or literally (like how she always swishes her skirt when she walks or how she cannot stay put for more than ten minutes).

However, it also has its setbacks. For starters, she abhors the idea of being told what to do so much to the point that sometimes she rebels just for the sake of rebellion. She is also resistant to most attempts at intervention for her bad habits, insisting that she won’t change for anyone. It definitely can be annoying, especially when taking into account that she is self-aware of most of her issues and that she is also acutely aware of how they make those around her feel.

On that note, at times Jo can really be a stereotypical spirit nymph. She is naturally very empathetic and is a bit of a magnet for “sad people”; she tends to overuse her powers in the sense that she pushes herself to the limit if it means being able to make another person feel better. This is a double edged sword as the constant “practice” has only made her become stronger and stronger in her abilities, but she does drain herself at times and when she is completely exhausted, she might need even days to recover. Like other spirit nymphs, she loves crowded places and is easily distracted as well. She also struggles with boundaries, and while she doesn’t exactly stop once she realizes she might be crossing a line (because she would be embarrassed otherwise), she does take note so she can avoid doing it in the future.

Josephine is determined to find herself on her own and refuses to be boxed in by anyone. She is very much afraid of the possiblity that she is not her own person and is instead just some sort of sponge that takes in everyone else’s passions and emotions then passes them off as her own. She is still learning to recognize that all people are just the sum of their experiences and that includes the people they’ve encountered. She is still figuring that out, but it’s fine, because she is having fun in the meantime.


Interests Photography, watercolors, film, art in general, dancing
Habits Talking too fast, writing on her skin
Pet Peeves Routines, schedules, people who tell her to calm down, being shushed
Goals Go to Muggle school, make her family proud without sacrificing who she is
Enneagram 7w8
Star Sign Aquarius
Alignment Neutral Good
Love Language Quality Time

Magical Characteristics

Wand N/A
Amortentia Hazelnut
Patronus N/A
Patronus Memory N/A
Boggart Mundane life
Blood Status Full nymph
Peculiar Spirit nymph


Song 40 Day Dream - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
TV Show Pushing Daisies
Book Looking For Alaska
Movie Amelie
Color Sea Green

*She isn't actually very good at dancing, but she enjoys it so much that she makes it look fun.
*She is an expert at braiding hair.
*One of Jo's major life goals is to learn how to drive a muggle car.
*Her handwriting is a perfect script, and she also does calligraphy.
*She keeps a diary that she tries to write in everyday. Each entry is formatted as a letter to the person on the other end of her spirit bond.
*She takes personal offense whenever people hate on white chocolate.
*Jo always manages to burn whatever she is cooking or baking.
*She is in her school's drama club.
*Even when presented an actual place to sit, Jo prefers sitting on the floor, on a table, on the armrest of a sofa... Basically anywhere else in the room.
*Jo is a big fan of riddles and puzzles even though she almost always needs help solving them. She just likes watching other people think.
*She is taking Psychology, Media Studies, Photography, and Art and Design for her A-Levels.
*For someone so enthusiastic about everything, she talks in a very soft voice and is often told to talk louder.
*She believes handwritten letters are the superior mode of communication.
*She keeps a photo diary on a Witchagram account with no followers.

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josephine vu
spirit nymph
caught up in your heartstrings