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Birthday 20th july
Age 15
Status alive
Pronunciation jew-lee-ette
Family biological parents✝
mother #1; mother #2
Handedness right
Gender female
Orientation pan
Relationship single
Nationality irish
Speaks english; irish; french
Species human
Blood Status "pureblood" halfblood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 5'3"
Model tashi rodriquez

Something people like to point out about Juliette is just how much she looks like her mums, even though she bears no physical relation to either of them. They don't take many family photographs - trying to keep a low profile, you see - but the ones that exist show the extent of the resemblance. Her hair comes straight from Lilith - long, dark and thick with curls, often pinned up with bobby pins or left to hang in waves around her face - as do the freckles, dotted across her nose like paint flecks. The beauty comes from Manon - that striking prettiness that Juliette doesn't pay much attention to, but knows that she has. Her eyes are dark brown and often complimented with mascara, and she's a sucker for a sparkly lip gloss. Her height is probably the only thing that makes her stand out against her parents: she's only 5'3" in good shoes, and she's always been small. But thing Juliette really takes pride in is her fashion; her mums are rich and can buy her high-end clothes, so you'll never catch her looking under-dressed or disheveled. In fact, the reason she's always late to first lesson is because she forgets what time it starts and spends too long deciding on her outfit.
Juliette wishes sometimes that she didn't have such a cliché orphan sob story. She ticks off basically everything on the list: abandoned on a door step? Check. Wrapped in an old blanket? Check. Discovered by somebody and sent to an orphanage with no trace of identity? Check. See? Every box. County Armagh quickly assumed that she was the product of some out-of-wedlock affair or teenage romance - the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland is unsurprisingly not fond of either - and the story was splashed all over the front pages the next day: baby abandoned on doorstep of fire station. Nobody ever came forward to claim any parental role and there was no note or clue as to who her biological mother might be, so she was promptly taken in to a Catholic orphanage and baptised Juliette. How fitting that her past is just as clueless as she is now.

Her experience in the Muggle foster system was better than most: although she was moved from pillar to post, taken in by several families but never for very long, she was lucky to never leave County Armagh. It's still her favourite place in the whole world. Known as Orchard County for its incredible number of apple orchards (and as a result, Juliette makes the best apple juice you've ever tasted), she discovered her love of nature and the countryside; she would beg whoever she lived with at the time to take her to Slieve Gullion, the extinct volcano and its passage tomb, or Peatlands Park with its endless lakes. Her happy place quickly became deep in whatever forest she could find - though she lost that comfort when her memory problems developed. It's not safe to venture into woodland when you're just going to forget the way back.

It was also around this time she developed a mild penchant for kleptomania. Honestly, it wasn't even that big of a deal: just borrowing jewelry or books or music from other foster kids and carers and... forgetting to give it back. It didn't quite click why it was a bad habit - she'd let people keep things! - and she'd likely have grown out of it if she wasn't, y'know, adopted by the two most notorious bank robbers this side of the pond.

Meeting Manon and Lilith was a complete accident, and being adopted by them must have been fate because they had absolutely no desire to introduce a child into their lives. They are wanted criminals, it wouldn't have been the smartest move. But Juliette met them when she was nine years old, the day after she'd experienced her first sign of magic - have you ever looked at a glass of water and froze it? Just with your eyes? It's weird - during a group trip to Navan Fort. Lilith and Manon were there on a trip back to Lilith's hometown - she's a sucker for all the mystical energy and lore behind the Fort - when Lilith turned around to see Juliette trying to take her purse out of her bag. Remember those kleptomaniac tendencies? They had evolved to full-on pick-pocketing by this point. Maybe she wouldn't have grown out of it. Lilith was suitably pissed off that a child was trying to rob her, but took note of just how smooth it was; if she was just some normal stranger, she probably wouldn't have noticed a thing. They started nattering there on the green, and Juliette is nothing if not a chatterbox: she happily spoke about being an orphan and growing up in Armargh and freezing glasses of water without even touching them (that last bit was a little strange, but Lilith figured that kids are weird like that). What can she say? She took a shine to the little orphan who just tried to steal from her. And as soon as Juliette mentioned the really mean nun from the orphanage who shouts at her sometimes and even threw a shoe at her once- well, the papers were pretty much signed right there and then. Manon took a bit of convincing but it all worked out in the end.

Her magic developed along with her thieving abilities - her mums taught her well - and Hogwarts sailed by up until fifth year, where it all came to a screeching halt. You see, all that Juliette remembers of the incident is that it happened in the fifth floor storage room at midnight, when she was sneaking around after hours. She has no clue why she was going there or what she was doing, or who was on the other end of the wand; it's just a bright flash of white, and then she was found unconscious by a prefect on their morning round. When she woke up in the hospital wing the next morning, the healers were more than alarmed to find that although Juliette could comfortably recall her name, age, Hogwarts house and other classic information, she couldn't remember the name of the medicine they had just given her. Or the name of the prefect who found her, even though she had just been told it five minutes ago. The conclusion was anterograde amnesia from a faulty memory charm. Whatever she had seen in that storage room, whoever was doing it wanted to remove any evidence, but the charm backfired and essentially worked backwards - since that day, she is physically incapable of creating new memories. Everything before has stayed intact, but since? Nothing. Veritaserum, legilimency and the Pensieve all proved ineffective as there was no memories left to take.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Juliette made another discovery around this time: she's a quarter-air nymph. Yeah. Powers in quarter-nymphs don't manifest until they are fifteen year old and they've only just begun to show in her: little things, like when she snaps her fingers she sees sparks, or when she hugs someone she gives them tiny electric shocks. She doesn't mean to! She just... keeps forgetting she has such powers. Oh, and she hasn't told her mums about either the memory loss or the nymph abilities. That will be a fun conversation.
Juliette really does try to be nice. In fact, I'll go a step further: she is nice. Genuinely. When you first meet her, you'll think she's literally the sweetest girl in the world, if a bit of an airhead. It's not uncommon for her to stumble over her words or catch herself halfway through a sentence, not knowing what she was talking about in the first place; she forgets the dumbest of things, from directions to classrooms to people's names to the spell she learned the day before. It's not her fault, obviously - anterograde amnesia tends to throw a spanner in your everyday conversational skills - but once you get used to her forgetfulness, Juliette is genuinely a pleasure to talk to. She's kind but not bubbly; her compliments are usually genuine and you'd think she'd have learned to be a better liar by now but alas, no. You'd struggle to place her and her mothers as related if you didn't already know - trust me, she's more than aware that she's the family disappointment - by demeanor alone, especially what she outwardly projects. She's far more likely to hold your hand and go flower-picking with you than she is to rob a bank anytime soon.

There is, however, a very clear difference between the Juliette that existed before the memory charm and the one who exists now. Some things have thankfully remained: her love of nature and animals shines through in everything she does and is, from her favourite class being Care of Magical Creatures to her favourite place in Hogwarts being the greenhouses - especially the restricted section with all the scary plants. They're cool. Music stuck by her through everything, too, and she'll always love it for that: her taste isn't particularly special or varied, but a surprising perk of memory loss is that she can listen to her favourite songs over and over again and have it always be the "first time". You know how people say they wish they could experience their favourite song or movie for the first time again? She can literally do that. TV shows are a bit more difficult - good luck getting her to successfully follow a storyline or remember all the names. Game of Thrones was a nightmare. But she can remember Oliver's letter to Jordana in Submarine off by heart, as well as all the words to Greased Lightnin', and she's extremely proud of herself for that.

But having constant forgetfulness is a frustrating ordeal, and it's not uncommon for Juliette to get extremely wound up when she can't recall something that she really should know - a close friend's name, maybe, or the title of a movie she wanted to recommend to somebody. She knows that it's not her fault realistically, but it's still difficult; she's an extremely intelligent girl, loaded with random bits of trivia and potion recipes and advanced knowledge, and it's extremely jarring to go from that to struggling to recall basic information. And when she's annoyed, the mask slips a little. She really does try to be nice but her inner monologue is anything but, and she's surprisingly prone to snapping at people when she's upset enough. It's extremely unlike her, and tends to freak people out a little when she does, but she doesn't mean to be rude. Don't take it to heart.

If suddenly losing the ability to create memories wasn't enough, her nymph powers have only just started to manifest since she reached her fifteenth birthday. The problem with that? They came about after the memory wipe. So she frequently forgets that she has them. Being an air nymph should be extremely cool - generating electricity at will, creating gusts of wind, generating music, levitating - but it's not as fun when combined with a short temper. Untapped powers and constant frustration can only lead to disaster.

Boggart losing her memories
Amortentia apple juice; hot chocolate; gunpowder
Patronus mute swan
Wand she's always losing it
Interests politics; care of magical creatures; nature
Pet Peeve forgetting people's names
Habits repeating herself; "huh?"; playing songs over and over until she gets sick of them
MBTI enfj
Star Sign taurus
Dreams/Goals "learn non-verbal magic" fix her memory issues
Color sunset orange
Song alrighty aphrodite
Show she doesn't watch tv as she forgets the storylines
Movie submarine
Book tales and fantasies
Food apple
Drink milk

<nowiki>*she used to have an irish accent, but the memory charm wiped it away.

  • she barely remembers how to use witchagram, and usually doesn't bother.
  • magical and muggle politics fascinates her.
  • she hates romeo & juliet, and is thoroughly displeased that her name is attached to such a pathetic character.
  • whenever she has to remember something, she writes it on her hand.
  • she doesn't care about schoolwork - she's going to fail her exams anyway.
  • she is technically immune to veritaserum and pensieve memories.
  • the only thing she likes about her memory problems is that she can hear songs and watch movies for the 'first time' over and over again.
  • she can shoot a gun. mum #1 taught her well.
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