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Ten, Yongie, Tae




January 18th




South Korean




Seoul, South Korea






Magical UK


scam caller Music producer





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Unicorn hair

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His biological parents telling him he isn't good enough






I scam for a living and my life is a scam. What's new?

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Jung Jinyoung

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I scam for a living and my life is a scam. What's new?

9otcha, carnival game champion, scam caller, and certified dork made by Aera.

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UN Village by Baekhyun

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The Lion King

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Smiles when nervous, sometimes his hand twitches when he's lying




Music production


English, Korean




Yoon Shina


Jun Seokji

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Unknown Adopted parents




I scam for a living and my life is a scam. What's new?

9otcha, carnival game champion, scam caller, and certified dork made by Aera.

Jun Taeyong is a number of things, and one of those things is a handful. It doesn't really matter what you're dealing with, he can somehow find a way to cause trouble for you, even if it really does seem impossible in that moment. It's not like he seeks to cause trouble, rather trouble simply appears for him and at this point in his life, he's embraced it and taken advantage of whatever life brings him. It seems this only ups his luck anyway. Even when found in the most unfortunate of circumstances, he always seems to have a way to slip himself out of it, from a simple accident to a life or death incident. He can't even count the amount of near-death experiences he's had due to his ability to attract to trouble when he really doesn't need it, but on the bright side, makes good money he supposed. Even if he severely endangers him constantly.

Among being a handful, Taeyong is also a charmer. While he's never been much of a talker, he carries a charisma to him that's practically irresistible. He makes heads turn without even trying, and tricking people face to face is so much easier when they're distracted by his face. He's also pretty persuasive and his confidence makes his ability to convince practically full-proof. Even if you know absolutely that whatever he was saying was false, he could probably could get you to believe that he was telling the truth just by slipping by a few impressionable words and a charming smile. It seems over the last few years, he's honed this skill to keep himself afloat while he finds himself a way to jump start his music production career in England. He might do most of his scamming over the phone, but it's handy to be able to shut down unnecessary questions when they arise in person.

Above all things, Taeyong's a sweetheart. While he might be quiet, charming, and maybe just a teensy bit deceiving, at the end of the day, he's still pretty soft-hearted. He easily empathizes would people and would rather spend hours in the pouring rain trying to comfort someone than hurry on pass and find shelter. While he's hesitant to put other's needs above him, he typically finds himself doing it anyway and doesn't really mind. He likes putting smiles on people's faces, and that might be all he needs to keep himself going for a day. Just making someone smile. He's loyal, and if you call on him, he'll be there no matter the risks or the time it'll take to get to your side. He values his relationships like nothing else, and salvages the few he has as he often finds them a source of comfort. People tend to be his source of comfort.

Taeyong is also quite the passionate fellow. When he sets his heart on something, he'll work as hard as he can to accomplish it. It's earned him the title of 'workaholic' among some of his friends. He will quite literally skip several nights of sleep if it means finally getting done what he wanted to do. It's interfered with his health before various times in the path, and he's aware he's need to watch himself and make sure he's not stressing his body or mental health or anything, but when the goal just seems so close, he can't help but strain his arm to try and reach for it. The only specific thing Taeyong will completely set his heart on is music. Music has been his life ever since he was a child. Whenever he listens to music, he's enveloped by it and he has no idea what his world would be like without it. It's to the point where he practically needs to listen to music constantly. Whether it's jamming to jazz in the shower or enjoying some nice classical during breakfast. Listening to music has become so ingrained in his life that he has whole playlists just for his day.

As sweet and charming as he is, at the core of his person, Taeyong holds a lot of resentment. Sometimes, he doesn't even really know what the resentment is for, just that it exists. Rarely does he address it—unless he's composing—and he's never made a move to try and resolve it. He just let's it sit, let it fuel his passion. The resentment breeds anxiety and anger but he pushes that down too and slowly it decomposes into passion as well, and he's left in that cycle of deep-seated resentment and too much passion to keep him asleep for more than a good five hours. His sleeping habits are sporadic, ranging from eleven hours a night to just two on any given day. His demons don't seem to care. The demons that stem from so many different things. His bitterness at his parents for abandoning him, his bitterness at the society that rejected him, the bitterness of being shunned from a community he had worked so hard to become apart of. In a way, all this fuels him to keep going, but sometimes it's also the stuff that breaks him down and has him curling into a tight ball for a couple of hours. Those days are harder than others but he'd be damned if he let the resentment stop him from doing anything.

He's Jun Taeyong, nothing stops him.





I scam for a living and my life is a scam. What's new?

9otcha, carnival game champion, scam caller, and certified dork made by Aera.

No one except Taeyong and his biological parents know how Taeyong ended up on the street. After all, Taeyong refused to tell anyone. He had been born to Yoon Shina and Jun Seokji, their small baby boy who had mostly been an accident, that after a full two month of debate, decided it was too late to give up on. So Shina and Seokji had Taeyong begrudgingly. You could tell by the way the three of them stood in family photos when Taeyong was four that they were never really a family. It was more, Taeyong and his parents, not Taeyong and his family. Not that a four year old could comprehend such loneliness at this time. No, he was busy building other relationships with other people. He was busy exploring this new world that just had so much to it.

When Taeyong had his magical experience at age six, his little mind thought his world was getting even bigger, and in a way it was, but not the way that he would've wanted to. On his sixth birthday, Taeyong had his first magical sign, and it landed him on the streets. His parents never really did anything special for Taeyong's birthday. Sometimes they'd give him a present, sometimes they wouldn't. Sometimes they wouldn't even say happy birthday till the end of the day, like they had forgotten till that moment. And even then it was typically over one of the couches by the television as Taeyong headed upstairs to go to sleep. It was easy to say that this was the worst birthday Taeyong had ever had. Because what kid freaks out over the only cake he's ever had in his life and ends up making it, along with the expensive glass chandelier in the dining room explode? Not a normal one at least.

His parents didn't know what to do, what caused it, or how it happened. But one look at their trembling little boy told them it might be a good opportunity to throw away what they never wanted. So they blamed the whole incident on him and used it as leverage to kick him out. After all, he's just six, there's not much he can say about the whole ordeal. So, he sits on the front steps of the pathway to his parents' house with a hastily packed duffel bag and a pair of bluetooth headphones in his hands. With a heavy sigh, he finds himself slipping the pads over his ears and immersing himself in a world, a better world, a world full of music, as he heaves his duffel bag over his shoulder and begins walking.

Taeyong didn't get very far before he was confronted by authorities who were wondering what a little six year old kid was doing, walking on the side of the road with a duffel bag. It only took a few weeks, but by the end, Taeyong had a new family. It was nice, he thought after a few days staying. And when nothing negative happened, he started to ease into his new life. But he never got to comfortable. The fear that being kicked out again always loomed in the back of his head, and his duffel bag always remained half-packed, so only half of Taeyong's clothes filled the dresser provided in his room. It was like he was always ready to be rejected, to run, to be forced to have to find something new. And even when years had passed and Taeyong was eleven, he was still on the edge. His duffel bag was still a quarter way packed, and Taeyong had no idea when he was going to find it within himself to gather up enough courage to finally unpack the last fourth. But he feels like it's representative of something. Like a ticking time bomb. Like the moment he does, his perfect life will exploded and come shattered down upon him.

Taeyong's new family, fortunately for him, was magical so attending Mahoutokoro wasn't a problem at all. He spent all his years there and graduated, managing to nab a few lifetime friends throughout the years. Along his journey from a child to an adult, his love for music had only grown and soon he fantasized about creating it. He would mess around with tracks in his dorm when he really should be sleeping as graduation approached. It was obvious the moment he graduated from Mahoutokoro what he wanted to do, so he did it. After graduating, he returned to Seoul, South Korea and pursued music production, eager to do what he'd always dreamed of doing. Making music. It was a ride to say the least, but in two years, he had made a name for himself within the industry. He had produced tracks for some of the biggest names in the world, and he felt himself steadily rising up in relevance. He could see himself reaching for greatness—until it all came crashing down.

The thing is about the music industry is, the muggle and magical counterparts are highly divided. Taeyong had made the mistake for writing for both, so when it was exposed to the muggle side of the industry that he was some type of freak, he was done. And it didn't help matters when the magical side of the industry shunned him for his "poor decision making skills" when really the exposition of his identity hadn't been his fault at all. As quickly as he had began to rise to the top, he was shooting back down and he didn't know what to do. In a flurry of panic, he booked a flight to England and decided to restart his career there. The greatest names in magical music were there anyway. Maybe if he played his cards right, he could produce for Insomnia or the Charm Girls. All he had to do was lay low. And pay rent. Shit, how did he pay the rent?

Any normal person probably would've just gotten a job as a waiter or a cashier or something, but Taeyong needed money and he needed it fast. His moving to England was a whirlwind decision that he hadn't really planned out. It was more of a flee and less of a move. Sporadically, after purchasing a somewhat decent apartment, he speculated how he was to make money, and unfortunately, it wasn't in the most honest of ways. When he was in Mahoutokoro, he used to scam call people with his friends for fun, and over the years, he had gotten scarily good at it. While the prospect of scam calling for money felt kind of disgusting, Taeyong felt like he had no other choice unless he wants to spend the next sixth months to a year in some dingy restaurant, living in some dingy apartment. So, he'll take his chances here. Let's just hope he jump starts his career here first before he has to do much more than scamming.





I scam for a living and my life is a scam. What's new?

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