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Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)Justin ChaseRavenclaw Crest (Gif)
Ravenclaw Fifth year
Owned by: Chase
Basic Information
Full Name: Justin Chase
Born: November 3rd, 2018
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: British
More Information
Sexual Orientation: undecided
Romantic Orientation: undecided
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Slight American
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Native Language: Englisn
Languages Spoken: English
Current Location: {{{Current Location}}}
Magical Information
Blood Status: muggle-born
Wand Wood: Maple
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length: 9 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Giraffe
Boggart: His dad
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 3rd year
Year Joined: First
Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)

Justin, to say the least, is a wannabe extrovert who tries a little too hard sometimes. Though most of the time he doesn't try and people still like him, which confuses him extremely so. He feels like he doesn't deserve to be liked by others, mostly due to his father telling him he's worthless almost all of his life. All he wants is someone to care for him and not because he had money or other things people always seem to want.

Justin is a very music oriented person, though from a young age he was forced to take dance lessons, which he absolutely hated. He only continued it because it always seemed to make his mother smile and that always made him happy. He's able to dance hip-hop and jazz, though he probably wouldn't admit to it to others and less likely dance in front of others. He also has a passion for singing & rapping, which he loves to do on daily basis. Even going as far as to write songs for the people he cares for.

Although Justin can be described as a sweetheart, that could all change in a matter of minutes if someone says the wrong thing. He has a very explosive temper and had been known to do rather terrible things to people in his fits of rage, though this seems to rarely happen. One of the things that'll anger him the most is being compared to other people. When someone tells him he acts like someone he'll get angry and say he's his own person. The reason behind this is that he was always compared to his mom. Making him feel even more inadequate than he already does. Most times the young boy will bottle up his anger and then explode after a long period of time, which is worse then when someone triggers his anger. After his fits of anger he usually apologized feeling extremely guilty, even after the person forgives him. The guilt would last for a very long time not going away, and may even cause a rift in their relationship. This has caused him to bottle up his anger more often than not, considering he doesn't want people to be afraid of him.

Justin is a self-deprecating person who feels like they have next to no worth to people. though he won't tell anyone these feelings, considering he doesn't want people to see him as the messed up person he knows himself to be. These feelings came from the emotional abuse he received from his father and siblings. To them he was an a outcast treating him so and making him know it every single day. Even singling him out for having something different then them.

Due to the abuse he was put through he doesn't like being touched by others unless he says it's okay. He doesn't like hugging people and will flinch when someone puts a hand up, mostly due to him thinking their going to hurt him. He's afraid someone will find out about the abuse and make it to where he's afraid of them. He generally stays in his little mental box he's put up in an attempt to keep the horrors out. Generally hating when people asked him about his family. He would even tell people that he didn't pay attention enough to answer, that would be a lie.

When Justin’s happy nothing can bring him down, except thinking about what's going to happen next. He generally hates when people say think about what's gonna happen in the future. That thought alone sends into a fight of anxiety considering he feels like he won't amount to anything and will be left behind by everyone. He likes to live in the here and now. Not the future. Being left behind is Justin’s worst fear and it scares him everyday. He has a feeling he'll wake up one day to everyone being gone, people forgetting about him, or to his whole life being a dream and he'll be back where it all started. He fears going back more than anything and will not speak about it if he can help it.

His one hope is he'll find someone who will care for him for who he is and not because he has nice things. He hates that most people use him just to get in on the nice things he has and due to this he won't open up to most people or tell them he has money. He doesn't want to be used and thrown away when the person is done with him, which has happened on multiple occasions. He generally doesn't call people friends let alone speak to them all the time. He finds himself annoying so he shuts up after speaking for longer than three minutes. He's afraid of annoying other people like he used to do to his sisters.

Justin generally keeps up a happy facade even when he's not happy. He feels that if you're happy on the outside no one can crack away to the sadness underneath. He doesn't want to look weak and doesn't want other's pity. If someone were to pity him he'd never be able to speak with that person ever again, let alone look them in the eye. He'd feel guilty for putting a burden on their shoulders when it should he his alone. He doesn't speak bad about others or at least tries not to for fear of losing them. He generally stays quiet when someone's talking about someone he thinks highly, because he doesn't want to lose them either.

He feels guilty for almost everything he does and will apologize nonstop even if someone tells him to stop. People can't stop him when he's apologizing. He'll even apologize for not holding a door open for someone. The reason for this is that he was always told that he was too stupid to do anything else other than to apologize. His dad would hit him for no reason and he'd apologize even if he did nothing wrong. He'd be too afraid not to; let alone say anything against him to his face. He feels dread around people who are much older then him and will cower away when they raise their voice even if they don't mean to.

Justin has a nervous habit of putting his hand in front of his face in an attempt not to be noticed. Even biting down on the sleeves of his shirt, if he doesn't have a shirt sleeve to bite on his necklace will be next.


Justin Chase was born to muggle parents on November 3rd, 2018 in New York City. His mother, Jasmine, was a successful lawyer while his father, Chie, was a very successful business man. From a very young age he was raised by a nanny, mostly due to his parents being very busy. His mother, whenever she was home, would always shower him with care and affection constantly telling that he was her little angel. Even though he had 4 older siblings she seemed to dote on Jason more than the others. That would all change when he turned 6.

When Justin was 4 years old his mother enrolled him in Singing lessons, piano lessons, and two different dance classes, jazz & hip-hop, and he absolutely hated it. Though he loved the smile it brought to his mum's face so he would lie to her and say he loved it. His siblings hated the way he was doted on and would constantly pick on him and even attempt to incite fights with him, which wouldn't last when someone was around. Other times people would turn a blind eye to what was happening. This caused him to just go straight to his room not bothering with anyone.

at age 6 his mother was diagnosed with stage 3 small cell lung cancer. No one told him that his mum was sick nor did they tell him that was the reason she had quit her job to be with her family. A few months later and his mum had passed away in the night, and his father changed. He started coming home less and when he was there he was drinking all the time, even becoming extremely abusive. Considering he was the youngest and had next to no friends he was always home during his father's drunken tirades. Taking on the abuse himself, his siblings knowing about it, but not caring enough to stop it.

Two years later, age 8, he had his first sign of magic. His dad was drunk again and about to hurt him and that's when it happened. The picture frame coming off the wall floating towards his dad before dropping on his head making him even angrier. The next day his dad asked him how the incident had occurred, because in all honesty Justin didn't know, nor did he really care. That was the day same day he was shipped off to live with his mum’s sister in England. The answer being he didn't want to raise a freak, which was more him wanting to get the boy out of his hair.

His aunt Serena was extremely polite to him even making him feel extremely comfortable when no one else was willing to. His cousins treated him more like their little brother than his actual siblings did. He didn't let them know he was so broken inside, more so keeping the happy facade up whenever they were around. He found out, from her, that his dad was actually a squib and very bitter when it came to magic. She was surprised that one of his children should a sign of magic and jumped at the opportunity to take him in, because she had feeling that he might drop Justin off somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Which she was afraid he would do. He didn't much mind his aunt and quite frankly loved the idea that wizards where real. Not to mention he'd eventually get to go to school with with people like that.

Model: Kenton Duty
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 4'11
Weight: 106
Voice Type: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: WIP
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Father: Chie Chase
Mother: Jasmin Chase †
Full Siblings: WIP
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): Serena chase
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None


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Nicknames: WIP
Favourite Colour: Sìlver
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Favourite Song: WIP
Favourite Food: Tamales
Favourite Drink: Snapple apple juice
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