Kairos Malaki Vassiliou



When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask: "Are you sleeping?"
"No, I'm training to die."

smol genius, lazy jester, aggressive teenager, lovesick, and compulsive liar made by Aera.


Kai, Kairo




March 31st








Athens, Greece


Single; Alive




Magical UK






Metamorphmagus; Wizard

Family Blood


Wand Core

Pink Fwooper Feather

Wand Wood


Wand Arm



Being Ignored






When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask: "Are you sleeping?"
"No, I'm training to die."

smol genius, lazy jester, aggressive teenager, lovesick, and compulsive liar made by Aera.


Park Jaehyung

Eye Color

Indeterminable; Naturally brown

Hair Color

Indeterminable; Naturally brown



Distinguishing Marks

Cult Tattoo


Dissociative Identity Disorder

Mental State





When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask: "Are you sleeping?"
"No, I'm training to die."

smol genius, lazy jester, aggressive teenager, lovesick, and compulsive liar made by Aera.

Favorite Color


Favorite Music Genre

Music taste is relative aka he doesn't care

Favorite Food


Favorite Animal


Favorite Book

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Favorite Drink

Raspberry Lemonade

Favorite Song

3005 by Childish Gambino

Favorite Movie


Favorite Sweets

Ice Cream


Thinks outloud; Prone to random losses of appetite; Typically annoyed by factual inaccuracies






Greek, French, English, Korean


Kairos - Opportunity
Malaki - My Messenger
Vassiliou - Royal


Moon Haerin Selene Vassiliou (Biological); Unmentioned adopted mother


Kim Yeonju Aegeus Vassiliou (Biological); Unmentioned adopter father

Full Siblings

Unmentioned adopted siblings

Half Siblings







When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask: "Are you sleeping?"
"No, I'm training to die."

smol genius, lazy jester, aggressive teenager, lovesick, and compulsive liar made by Aera.

kairos has dissociative identity disorder.
the following are all his personalities.

As a metamorphmagus, Kairos uses his abilities often. Over the years, from a combination of rigorous use and his own traumatic experiences, this has caused him to form dissociative identity disorder. Each personality is named after a Greek God, and each personality is distinctly aware of the others' presences within Kairos' mind. They don't interact often whatsoever but often do interfere with the activities of the other personalities.

kairos is identified by his natural hair color and eye color (which is both brown).

Kairos is a sharp-minded individual who is often crowned out of all five of the separate personalities as the most intelligent (bookwise, most intelligent overall would definitely go to Eros; you'll see why later). Observant, he can typically easily connect the dots between various things simply because he prefers to watch rather than to participate. He learns the most from silently sitting back and watching the show rather than being in the show, and constantly strives for perfection. He studies the precision of nearly everything and won't stop until he understands it completely. His observance skills make him a good note-taker as well as an enjoyer of fictional works with vast universes (i.e. Narnia, LOTR, Game of Thrones, etc.) because of all the details to sort out. He's also very pessimistic, and when it comes to realism, he pretty much jumps off the deep end of the worst you can ever come up with.

Kairos is typically a very quiet person. He's never been one to talk much and typically lurks more in the shadows and waits more than anything else. That doesn't mean he's not a good conversationalist, in fact, he's very entertaining to converse with, he just doesn't talk much or find the need to seek out socialization. He doesn't mind other people at all and honestly prefers being around them as opposed to being alone, but he doesn't need to talk with them to feel comfortable. He's perfectly comfortable sitting in silence as he listens to everyone else. It fits perfectly with his observant nature as well. After all, if you're busy talking, how can you hear everyone around you?

A stickler for facts, Kairos usually sticks to the books when it comes to relatively anything. Although he's very philosophical and does like wondering about things from time to time, overall, he's a very logical person and is driven mainly by logic. Factual inaccuracies annoy him to no extent, and he can't help but have to correct every tiny detail even if it has no actual impact on the situation. His perfectionism is so extreme to the point where you could probably diagnose him with Minor OCD and be right somehow. There have been countless times where he ends up late to functions or never even shows up because he needs something to be perfect. That means rearranging it fifty million times until he feels satisfied for the five minutes he needs to leave his dorm.

Surprisingly, Kairos is very innocent when it comes to normal human behavior. He doesn't expect people to show him kindness or really, just be decent human beings. It makes him very confused half the time, but you can't miss the way his eyes light up when you spend even a fraction of your day spending time on him. He's a very appreciative person who, ironically, seems to see the good in everyone. He's incapable of developing negative opinions about other people despite his usual pessimistic attitude. He frames total strangers in good light before even meeting them, and that's partially what makes him so hopeful despite his blatant pessimism.

Kairos has a fascination with the mundane. Activities we do everyday without a second thought, he takes a lot of interest in and studies a lot. Alongside that, he spends a lot of his free time just wondering random things, like the outcomes of wars if small factors were changed. Although he likes knowing everything overall, and sometimes the unknown stresses him out, a lot of the time it also interests him and provokes him to study more about what he doesn't know so he can learn more about it. Having an abundance of random knowledge is kind of his thing, and because he studies so many broad things, he has random facts of any kind on literally anything.

zephyrus is identified by his bright blue hair and onyx eyes.

Zephyrus is by far the most chill out of the five. He's highly passive about life and kind of just lets things happen as they happen. He doesn't make an active effort to really do anything and is terribly lazy. His lack of contribution to his everyday life is very apparent in his appearance and speaking patterns. He tends to dress very casually and speaks sluggishly and sleepily. The ironic thing is he pretty much lives for any amusement he can get, even if he's not willing to put in the effort to get that amusement. That's why he typically finds the misfortune of others highly amusing since sometimes it's just the only source material out there.

While not extremely extroverted, Zephyrus is by no means an introvert. He doesn't talk nearly as much as Aristaeus or Eros but talks fairly enough to be considered talkative. He likes the company of others and surrounds himself with people often. While he can very well survive on his own, it doesn't usually go well and it's better for his own safety and sanity that he be around other people. Sometimes he can get desperate for the presence of other people, which in turn makes him very clingy. He's not one to vocalize his needs though, which makes him very frustrating to work with emotionally since you really never know what he's thinking, what he wants, and what he needs.

If Zephyrus had a middle name, it'd be apathy. To put it simply - he doesn't care. About anything. He's not really driven by anything to do anything and mostly just acts on a basic need of survival instead of motivations or goals. He's sometimes seen as an empty husk simply because of this core part of his personality. You'll often hear him express 'What's the point?' in an abundance of situations. He shares Kairos' pessimism but is more lowkey in bringing it up. His whole demeanor is generally relaxed, and he doesn't emphasize a need to do anything or be anywhere. Just exist.

Because of how apathetic he is, Zephyrus' opinions are easily swayed. Since he doesn't bother to find himself a firm standpoint on any topic. If you literally just mention one thing, you have him hooked and vice versa. It's obvious that he's mostly there for the shits and giggles and not to seriously contribute. People typically characterize him as a jokester of sorts because he makes a lot of uncalled for comments. His apathy allows him to do things without worrying about other people and their opinions of him because frankly, he doesn't give two shits. He really couldn't be bothered to give two shits anyway.

Zephyrus is easily the most humorous out of all them. Often referred to as their 'lazy jester', he cracks jokes and makes comical remarks about things all the time regardless of circumstance. He's kind of infamous for making disrespectful comments during serious situations and has been reprimanded several times but he just doesn't care enough to change his habit. Of course, sometimes this comes in handy because he's good at cheering people by turning problems into things to laugh about, which for some people, helps them cope better and for others just lessens stress. Even though he doesn't appear to care about anything (which he mostly doesn't), he cares somewhat about people and likes helping them.

aristaeus is identified by his blonde hair and blue eyes.

Aristaeus is easily the most sensitive of the personalities. Easily provoked, literally anything could set him off at any given moment depending on circumstance. He reads into things too much and overthinks every little thing as if everything has a deeper meaning than what you can see. He's very meticulous, and like Kairos, is somewhat of a perfectionist as well. Although he's very easy to confuse with Kairos due to their eye for detail and perfectionism, it becomes clear they are two different entities with their own characteristics. While Kairos is usually more collected than Aristaeus, he's very emotional and can't really keep his feelings in check.

Aristaeus thinking and actions are heavily driven by emotion, an opposite of Kairos who is driven by logic. Even his appetite is connected to his emotions, and his desire to eat changes at the snap of a finger due to his constant mood swings. The amount of mood swings he has in a day is insane, and it seems he never knows what exactly he's feeling. It's like he feels so many emotions at one time, he can't pinpoint exactly what he's going through anymore. As sensitive as he is, he's also extremely empathetic and can connect with many people. His ability to understand other people's situations and properly relate with them is one of his strong points and makes his wild ride of a personality worth it sometimes.

Like Kairos, Aristaeus is very attentive and picks up details most people typically don't. This particular trait of his applies more to paying attention to people rather than his general surroundings, but if he finds the time, he's just as observant in his environment as he is with other people. His key to detail allows him to pick up the changes in other people's states of mind, emotions, etc. This also allows him to empathize with other people more easily because it's easier for him to deduct the cause of this change or whatever is making them upset, angry, etc. Surprisingly, he's one the two introverts of the bunch despite being so gifted at working with other people.

One of Aristaeus' more annoying personality traits is his pickiness and indecisiveness. He's either very specific on what he wants or not specific at all, there's no in-between. Some days he might know exactly how many sprinkles he wants on his ice cream cone and other days, he doesn't even know if he wants his ice cream in a bowl or in a cone. It's another one of those things that are tied to his mood swings. His pickiness is more commonly associated with his annoyance and outbursts of anger as well as more negative emotions opposed to his indecision which is associated with his influx of more positive and happy emotions.

Overall, Aristaeus is the most normal of the five. Despite his violent mood swings and particular character traits, he's usually the easiest to befriend and acts more like the average person compared to the other four. His interests are more normal than the rest, and knows how to spend time with both people as well as by himself, so for the most part, his social quota is balanced most of the time. He is also, besides Zephyrus and Eros, the most comedic and cracks a lot of jokes for the sake of it. Or he just sends funny videos and memes, either one.

eros is identified by his minty-teal hair and hazel eyes.

Eros... is probably the most problematic out of the whole group. He's truly a wild card and only second to Iapetus, he's easily the most impulsive. He kind of does whatever whenever, which you can easily imagine conflicts a lot with the other four. His desire for lack of constraint can be confused with selfishness, and while he can be a very selfish person sometimes, it's not a trait he expresses often. In fact, he's typically pretty selfless a good majority of the time and is willing to do anything (within reason) for other people. He actually enjoys helping people and giving them his time, and it's not rare to see him volunteering for different things. He doesn't think about himself a lot in the context of "what do I need?" it's more like "what can I do?". The second statement allows him more versatility to be really whatever he wants. Selfish, selfless, kind, rude, you name it. This trait of his does not come without a price, however.

Whether it's intentional or not, Eros is very manipulative. He's typically pulling the strings behind any little charade and lives for orchestrating drama. Like Zephyrus, the misfortune of others is often a source of his humor, and his particular lack of sympathy is also very hard to work with. He likes having things a certain way at a certain time and uses whatever's available to make it happen at that time. He can also be described as fake because really his personality is a facet of many different ones. He can switch faces as quickly as Aristaeus' mood swings take place, which is why his hazel eyes can often be seen changing from green to brown and back. His manipulative abilities if often what places him as the most intelligent out of all five personalities because of his knowledge of how to bend any situation to his will. People, nature, magic, you name it. When he wants to do something, he automatically becomes an unstoppable force.

Being flirtatious and talkative is a match made in heaven when it comes to Eros. Overly-flirtatious, he really has zero boundaries when it comes to his escapades and seeks out the company of honestly, anyone. He's extremely extroverted and can become easily depressed when not around other people. He often appears as a highly likable figure from the outside due to his friendliness and obvious charm, as well as his flirty nature. While the longer you know him, the more obvious his flaws are, he's generally a very charismatic person who's easy to get along with. Although, he does talk a lot, he's very courteous of other people, and often listens just as much as he talks. He's resolved he'll eventually need the information anyway, so he's a very careful listener. Know that whenever you tell him something, even if it doesn't seem like it, you have his full attention and damn well will remember whatever the hell you said,

Eros is very well-dressed. Everything he wears typically displays how much effort he puts into himself on a daily basis. While he can't typically afford expensive things, when he does get them, he takes extremely good care of them and makes sure that they can't be accessed by anyone but his specific personality. His appearance is very important to him, and as a result, he knows a lot about fashion and keeps his eye on trends so he can predict whatever's coming next. Despite his limited possessions, he makes do with whatever he has, and his effort is very obvious. Often times he can walk around looking like a model in a regular t-shirt and jeans with the right maintenance. It's kind of amazing. He puts so much into his appearance because it's becoming sort of an outlet for him, as well as other things. For instance, while Iapetus is more of the music-centered of the five, he can literally be caught anywhere singing.

Eros, while the most charismatic and charming, is also the most critical of himself. He's extremely self-degrading and doesn't give himself breaks, often assuming things based on past experiences. Soone called him annoying once three years ago? Now he believes everyone finds him annoying, and you'll hear him mention at least some time during the conversation that he expects you to get tired of him or annoyed. Althouh his core persona is a very likable person, he's under the belief he's isn't very appealing to be around and will let you know from the get-go you're probably not going to like him even though it's typically the exact opposite. His desire to constantly be around and interacting with people makes him quite clingy and reluctant to go anywhere alone. It's common to see him asking someone to just go to the bathroom with him because he doesn't like going by himself. This also ties into his desire to always feel safe with the reassurance that their will be a witness to any situation that undergoes.

iapetus is identified by his black hair and green eyes.

Where do we even start with Iapetus? Oh I know, you don't. Iapetus is in some ways, the exact opposite of Eros when it comes to socialization. He hates talking to people and likes locking himself in solitude where he can focus on him and his art. Where Eros is overly warm, Iapetus is extremely cold and shuts people out before they can even knock on the door. He prefers overall to be left alone, finding people a nuisance that he'd rather get rid of. That doesn't necessarily mean he hates people, he just hates having to communicate with them. He finds the whole verbal communication process very messy and would rather not participate in it. He figures that if he's going to risk having the meaning of his words misconstrued, might as well speak in a riddle, right?

One trait Iapetus shares with Eros is his inclination to literally do anything at any given time. He's not really constrained to the rules and morals of other people, and as a result, is very, very, very impulsive. If he feels like leaving in the middle of class? He's gonna do it. His thought process is very short lived and he rarely considers the consequences of his actions, finding it a waste of time. If he's gonna do something, he's gonna do it without worrying about what's gonna happen next. Like that, he typically lives in the moment of life and is never worried about the past or the future. His whole life is on edge, and he just prefers it that way over it being stabilized and "boring".

Iapetus is kind of an asshole. Okay, yeah, he's an asshole. It doesn't help that the only language he seems to speak is sarcasm. His statements are rarely genuine, and he makes it so obvious that he's faking his disinterest you can practically feel it radiating off him. While he doesn't like talking to people, he's still not very blunt and even if he wants you to screw off, he won't directly tell you to your face he wants you to go away. He'll make it a point to emphasize he doesn't like your presence, but unless you get the hint, he's either going to have to live with your presence or leave. More often it's the latter of the two that happens.

Iapetus is easily the least honest out of all of them. Often described as a compulsive liar, there's a good chance that anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie 90% of the time. He's just not compelled to tell the truth about things and knows no one really believes him on anything anyway, so he doesn't bother trying to be truthful. This makes him look highly untrustworthy which is quite the opposite. In fact, he's a pretty loyal person, just doesn't have many people to be loyal to. A good chunk of his personal universes rotates around him and only him.

Iapetus' also the artist of the bunch. While it's not to say the other four couldn't do what he does, he just does it the most out of all of them. He thinks very poetically and sees everything as art. He sings a lot, draws a lot, envisions a lot. To him, nothing is truly real. It's all... art. Like Kairos, he's very philosophical and dwells a lot on the mechanics of life on a more psychological and metaphysical level. He likes to dwell in silence with his eyes closed so he can focus on the small specks of the universe that really might be the most important. Likewise, he meditates a lot and while the most impulsive, he's usually also the one most at peace with himself and the world.





When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask: "Are you sleeping?"
"No, I'm training to die."

smol genius, lazy jester, aggressive teenager, lovesick, and compulsive liar made by Aera.



Aegeus and Selene Vassiliou were recently imprisoned under charges of first-degree homicide. A couple who married two months ago, with a child already five months developed, was found guilty by the Magical Court of Greece and given indefinite sentences. The wife, Selene, is five months pregnant and is said to be carrying a baby boy into prison with her. In response for requested commentary, both wife and husband denied the request and have gone into prison in silence. In fact, it is rumored they did not speak the whole trial, however, the trial itself was private and has been classified as confidential, top priority media so there is no evidence that this acclaim is true.

On December 15th, the Vassilious were arrested and taken into custody after an intense investigation following the murders of four civilians, two politicians, and two unspecified individuals. The investigation has been ongoing for two years with many false leads, and after a spark of genius, two of the youngest members of the investigation department were able to lead the investigation with a new light that helped uncover the culprits of these homicides. We asked for comment from the investigation department but were further denied. The dead follows as...


Fast forward.

Aegeus and Selene Vassiliou are set to start their sentences on February 3rd in separate facilities and will be heavily guarded.


Fast forward.

Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's going to buy you a mocking bird.
And if that mocking bird don't sing,
Mama's going to buy you a diamond ring.
And if that diamond ring is brass,
Mama's going to buy you a looking glass.
And if that looking glass gets broke,
Mama's going to buy you a billy goat.
And if that billy goat don't pull,
Mama's going to you a cart and bull.
And if that cart and bull turn over,
Mama's going to buy a dog called Rover.
And if that dog called Rover don't bark,
Mama's gonna stab it in the heart
Mama's going to buy you a horse and cart.
And if that horse and cart turn round,
You'll still be the sweetest little babe in town.


Convicted one year ago, the Aegeus and Selene Vassiliou were convicted to a lifetime sentence after being found guilty of eight first-degree homicides. It was recently disclosed to the public that both Selene and Aegeus have escaped their respective facilities and are on the loose. However, the theory that both of them are metamorphmagi has been brought up again in the face of the search for the criminals. The government has marked them with prominent, charm-laced tattoos that while are no longer able to track their location, are unremovable. If you see individuals with these tattoos, please contact this number immediately and report your findings, as well as your location and the time of the sighting.

"Turn the television off, Basil," the mother says from the kitchen as she finishes chopping cilantro for the dish she's making for dinner. Her two daughters are sitting at the dining table working on homework, while her eldest child, and only biological son, is sitting nearby, watching the news.

"But Ma, I'm watching—" Basil attempts to defend himself, but is quickly interrupted by his mother again.

"I said, turn the TV off Basil. You're going to scare your little brother." The eldest looks down at his adopted baby brother, who's sitting on the floor in front of the television, rocking back and forth as he sucks on his fingers. He came into the room giggling after playing with his older sisters and attempted to climb on the couch to sit with Basil, in which Basil had put the Korean baby on his lap as he went through channels. After an hour or so of watching children's cartoons for Kairos, he switched it something else which eventually became the daily seven o'clock news. At this point, Kairos had demanded to be put down by making sounds and hitting Basils chest, and when set down on the floor, crawled over to the television and has been there ever since.

"Kairos isn't scared. He was even watching it too!" Basil argued, about to explain his recollection of the past couple of hours with Kairos. His mother turns around and glares at him, which shuts him up immediately with a huff as he crosses his arms.

"Basil, those are his parents. He might not remember this but he doesn't need to see it regardless," The mother says, turning back to her work and sliding the cilantro into a bowl with other ingredients.

"I know but—" Basil tries again. Kairos stands up and takes a few wobbly steps to the television cabinet where the one-year-old somehow attempts to turn the volume up so he can hear the news over the arguing.

"Turn the TV off. You have three seconds before—" The mother said, with finality in her tone. Basil grumbled something under his breath before grabbing the remote and switching the channel. Kairos fell back on his butt in surprise and then crawled back over to Basil, demanding to climb into his lap.

"Fine, fine." Basil picked Kairos up and set him on his lap again, where the baby fell asleep after a couple of minutes.



In a devasting turn of events, the Xanthopoulos were killed in a house fire. The only one who survived is the youngest child, aged 6. He is rumored to be the child of the now-imprisoned Vassilious, who was convicted of eight homicides. While his biological parents remain in Azkaban, his adopted family died an untimely death, leaving him to be sent over to the authorities again to find a new home. In the meantime, there's an investigation of the cause of the house fire that is ongoing. While many everyday civilians believe it was just the misfortune of magic going wrong or something of the like, the investigation department has taken the case in their hands after finding mysterious markings and unnatural dust in the ruins of the Xanthopulos' house.

"How is the vessel doing?" A figure in a dark hood turns to another who seems to be standing at the entrance of this darkened room. In the middle glows a symbol of sorts, an organization of strange shapes and ancient writing.

"He's awake, but he will need time to come to terms with everything." The figure in the entrance pulls down their hood to reveal long, dark, silky hair that curls around their face and cascades down their back. Their feminine appearance contrasts with the sunken look on their face. They seem troubled, even if their voice does not.

"That is good. When do you estimate will be the best time to commence preparations? They will want to be with us as soon as possible." The hooded figure by the circle turns away from the woman and begins to walk, following the natural path of the writing.

"One or two months. Then the training and re-education will begin. Keeping that in mind, the vessel should be ready in approximately sixty months." The woman steps into the room and follows the figure as she speaks, looking down at the glowing seal.

The hooded figure stops, bending down to touch their fingers to the seal. Locks of silver hair slip out of from under their hood, but based on its condition, the hair definitely belongs to someone of good health and fair adulthood. "Good. Keep an eye on this one. He is the son of murderers, I believe? He may have some of their bad blood."

"True. We don't want to lose another vessel. It's a shame we haven't been able to get ahold of those twins. They would've been perfect." The woman speaks with a tone of disdain but not regret, with a curious sparkle in her eye. If you were to pay attention, you could sense her untrustworthiness.

"I know, it truly saddens me. But this vessel is good enough, maybe even better with the right arrangements. They will like this one, I promise." The figure stands again, their hood slipping just a little to reveal a young man with beautiful facial features, blue eyes, and long silver hair. He fixed his hood and walked towards the door.

"Let's hope your predictions are correct, brother." The woman followed him out, and the door to the room with the seal closed.


After two weeks of investigation, it has been determined after a first sign of magic gone wrong, Kairos Vassilious, the adopted six-year-old that survived the fire that killed the Xanthopoulos, may have been the cause of their demise. However, no one can take in Kairos for investigation because after being taken into a foster home earlier this week, he mysteriously disappeared and his foster family has no memory of his existence amongst their familial ranks. More news will come soon.


In a startling series of events that occurred just days ago, an underground cult that was found to be contributing vastly to a human trafficking ring was discovered by the Department of Magical Law Development in the British Ministry of Magic. In this human trafficking ring, several missing peoples were found and returned to their families, including the missing son of the convicted Vassilious, Kairos Vassiliou. Now 11 and in custody of the authorities, according to reports, Vassiliou seems to be displaying a range of symptoms for mental illness including sudden amnesia, depression, panic attacks, extreme fatigue, hopelessness, and withdrawal. He is due to undergo therapy and hopefully be able to aid the authorities in uncovering the rest of this ring and exposing and arresting all the members of this newly uncovered cult.

"What is this a picture of?" A man in a white lab coat, dressed well underneath, held up a picture of a guitar in front of a little boy. The little boy had his hands in his lap, squeezing each other tightly as he stared at the picture. His eyes changed color every minute or so, brown, onyx, blue, hazel, green, and back. His demeanor seemed to change as well, and he'd shift in his seat or fidget with something different or scowl or look down at the floor depending on the color.

The man in the lab coat pressed his lips together and attempted to redirect Kairos' attention. "Kairos, please focus. Can you tell me what this looks like?" The boy's head snapped back up and he trained his eyes on the picture. His lips wouldn't move though, even if he knew what the picture was.

"Kairos?" The man tried again, starting to sound defeated. This was week forty-three of therapy since Kairos had been rescued from the cult's headquarters in Hungary. No breakthroughs had made and investigators were beginning to get extremely restless.

A man in a black suit, standing by the door shook his head in disappointment and ushered in two guards. As the guards came to either side of the doctor, the man spoke. "Look, we appreciate your work, sir, but it's obvious you're not getting through to him. We have to call in someone else." Kairos shifted, looking around alarmed as his eyes rapidly changed from blue to green to brown as he took in the scene.

"But—" The doctor started, only to be cut off by the man at the door. The two guards on either side of him hooked their arms under his, ready to carry him away. The doctor shifted in their arms and tried to escape as he protested.

"Please escort Dr. Barnes." With a simple gesture, Dr. Barnes was promptly carried out of the room despite his squirming and protesting. The child sitting in the chair by the desk, temporarily forgotten, sat there frozen, his eyes stuck on blue before slowing changing to hazel, in which he fainted.

"Hey! Wait—" The doctor said, his last words as he saw Kairos faint before he was carried completely out of the room and could no longer see the little boy.


Three years after the uncovering of a cult in Hungary, Kairos Vassiliou has re-entered society after being adopted by a Ukranian family. While staying with this family, he began attending Durmstrang and has shown to be a promising student. It is quite a relief to see someone who has suffered so much finally be able to lie life regularly. We were able to get a few words from his new parents, who say Kairos is doing well on his new medication and therapy.

A middle-aged woman in her early forties began setting down plates and utensils around a table, in which her adopted thirteen-year-old son walks in. She looks up, smiles softly, and asks "Which one is this? Eros? Zephyrus?"

"I'm Aristaeus. Eros spoke to you this morning, Zephyrus ate at dinner yesterday," the boy informed, rolling his eyes as he sat down at the table.

The husband of the woman, who was also sitting at the table, looked at his wife with concerned grey eyes and said,"Honey, I think we should invest in more intensive theraphy." Of course, the boy heard him, and his lips dipped into a frown as he glared at his adopted father, but he didn't say anything.

"No, we need to take this slowly. Ease him into it. It'll work eventually," The woman reassured, setting dishes on the table. As she passed by, she ruffled the boy's hair, and he swat her hand away before laughing a little. She smiled at him from the counter and brought more food.

"Mom, what's for dinner?" The boy asked, swinging his legs as he leaned forward to try and get a look at the dishes.

"In a second, Kairos." The woman said abesntmindely as she shifted around the kitchen space.

"Aristaeus." The boy reminded her. From across the table, the father grimaced and turned to his phone to read the news.

"Aristaeus." The mother repeated with a laugh.


Local french family, the Martins, recently won the lottery. They are known by their neighbors to be fostering the infamous Kairos Vassiliou. Luck has fallen upon them, for they have won such a surmountous about of money, both parents have made plans for early retirement and have moved to Britain to live out their days of luxury in the British countryside.

"Get on the train, Kairos." Kairos' mother demanded, pushing him towards the train by his shoulders. The teenage boy huffed as he attempted to keep control of his luggage cart. All the while he was protesting, trying to find excuses.

"But what if I—" he began, but the mother wasn't having it. She started handing his luggage off to be stored in the back of the train.

She turned to him, waving her hands frantically as she spoke. "Get on the train! You'll see us again on winter break. Now get on the train!"

"Wait, I need to—" He tried again, trying to find some excuse or the other. His mother wasn't havin it.

"The train is going to leave!"

"Okay, okay, I'm going." Kairos sighed in defeat, hugged his mom and climbed onto the train. The firt window he saw, he came to and waved at his mom through the window until the train pulled away.





When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask: "Are you sleeping?"
"No, I'm training to die."

smol genius, lazy jester, aggressive teenager, lovesick, and compulsive liar made by Aera.

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