Kamau is a Kikuyu name meaning 'quiet warrior'
Kariuki is a Kikuyu name meaning 'reincarnated one'. It can be used as a first and last name, though Kamau's middle name came from his mother's maiden name
Jackson is an English name meaning 'son of Jack'


Kamau Jackson’s story begins several generations ago, when his grand-parents Kamau and Makena Kariuki, a Kikuyu couple from Kenya, emigrated from their home country to the United States in the year 2000, they were lucky - had they waited another year, they likely would have been denied access in the wake of 9/11. In exchange for an expedited citizenship process, Kamau agreed to serve in the US Marine Corp as an infantryman. Upon completion of Boot Camp and SOI, he was assigned K company in the 3rd battalion of the 1st regiment in the 1st division.

In January of 2003, Lance Corporal Kamau Kariuki was deployed to Iraq to support the invasion of Iraq. Unbeknownst to the couple, Makena had become pregnant. Thankfully, since the “Thundering Third” returned home in the summer of ‘03, Kamau was present to witness the birth of his first daughter, Mukami on September 13, 2003. He then redeployed to Iraq in mid-2004 to assist in the retaking of Fallujah. Once again, Makena got pregnant just before Kamau deployed, thankfully, once again, he was back in time to see his son’s birth, also named Kamau in March of ‘05. The couple had a third, and final child, another girl, named Njeri, in June of ‘06, shortly after now Sergeant Kamau Kariuki returned home from his third deployment. Not wanting to risk another deployment, especially since the Sergeant now had three children, he requested to attend Drill Instructor School, which was approved. Kamau ultimately served 21 years in the Marines, never again deploying to foreign shores, retiring in 2024 as a First Sergeant.

Mukami Kariuki, the couple’s oldest child, and definitely the smartest among the three, worked her tail off in High School to earn a full ride scholarship to Dartmouth’s pre-med program, where she met Oliver Jackson, a British man also studying pre-medicine at Dartmouth. The pair fell in love, and started dating in their freshman year, getting married after she graduated top of their class and earning a full-ride scholarship to Dartmouth Med in 2026. Oliver also got into Dart. In the second year of Med School, the couple discovered that Mukami was with child, due in December of ‘28. They carried the child to term, but because of their position at Dartmouth Med, they couldn’t care for him yet, so they left him, Kamau Kariuki Jackson with Makena’s parents, which is where our protagnist’s story begins.

For the first few years of Kamau’s life, his parents were not present very often. They were more like an Aunt and Uncle, seeing them on major holidays and during their breaks from Med School. They couldn’t take him in really until Oliver finished his residency in Emergency Medicine. His mother, however, was still in her’s… she was a surgical resident, a seven year program. But, since Oliver had earned attending status at Dartmouth’s ER, he could make sure that his shifts mirrored Mukami’s, so someone could always be home with Kamau. However, by this point, the boy was already 4, almost 5 years of age. Much of his early life was influenced by his grandfather, his patriarch and namesake. Most of this resulted in positive traits in the boy, so he was pretty easy for the new parents to raise… despite some rather odd things that happened around him.

For instance, when he was 7 years old, one of his good friends, a girl named Emily was getting teased by the resident bully, Brad. Kamau insisted he never touched the boy, and Emily backed him on it… so teachers were very puzzled when Brad suddenly flew across the playground and smacked his head into some of the equipment. The teachers couldn’t blame Kamau since there really no proof that he did it. But the good outcome of that was that no bullies would dare pick on Kamau or his friends.

That incident and similar ones all got explained on Kamau’s 11th birthday when an odd looking woman appeared on the Jackson’s doorstep, Kamau’s little sister, also named Njeri, who had been born in February of ‘34, answered the door. She smiled down at the girl, and asked her if she could speak with her parents. Since she seemed friendly enough, Njeri called for her mom, who invited the woman in. She explained that Oliver was a squib who had been put for adoption as a baby by his pure-blood parents out of shame when he was just a baby. She also explained that sometimes magic just… skips a generation, and that Kamau, Njeri, and their little sister, Wanjiru, who was born in May of ‘37 were all magical. Obviously, it was a lot to take in for the couple, but they did come around to it eventually, sending Kamau off to Ilvermorny the following year.

Kamau did his first five semesters of school at Ilvermorny, but in the fall of 2042, Makena got a job offer at St. George’s Hospital, a prestigious Muggle hospital in Britain and one of the best world-wide as head of Trauma Surgery. The couple packed up their stuff and moved across the pond to Oliver’s home country, who got a job as an attending ER doctor at St. George’s as well. Kamau is due to start at Hogwarts after Christmas break ends - a move he is less than thrilled with.


Kamau spent the first five years of his life living with his retired Marine grandfather and his grandmother, who worked as a Social Studies teacher in the local High School. Both of them stressed the importance of work ethic to Kamau, that a good life is one dedicated to improving yourself and helping those around you. Those two values are the ones that Kamau holds closest to his chest, having a ‘never quit’ attitude and understanding the value of giving back to those around you. His grandparents also taught him to always fight for your family and friends, to stick up for the little guy, the one who can’t stick up for themselves. This had led to him being very protective of his two little sisters, Njeri and Wanjiru. They also taught him the value of being connected to the world around you, that mother nature can be a cruel mistress if mistreated, but if treated right, can protect you and your family. This led Kamau to being a big outdoor enthusiast, he was a Cub Scout growing up, earning his Arrow of Light. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be a Boy Scout because of attending Ilvermorny, but he tries to follow the values that organization taught him as well.

His parents, while mostly absent for the first five years of life, did manage to instill a few important values in their son. His father, especially, taught him manners, and how to be a proper gentleman. They also both heavily reinforced the hard-working nature that his grandparents had already instilled in him, especially his mother, who has got to be one of the most hard-working women alive. They both also reinforced that mentality of caring for others, living a life of service, to give back to the community that cares for you. While not Buddhists themselves, they were actually Christian, along with his grandparents, they did teach Kamau about karma, and what goes around comes around.

Of course, no human is perfect, so he’s bound to have some flaws, try as his family may try to break them. Kamau has a short temper, being quick to resort to violence, especially where his family and friends are concerned. Kamau is also at times extremely self-deprecating, and has a rather low self esteem. He expects perfection from himself, and when he inevitably fails to meet that impossible standard, he beats himself up over it. He’s never satisfied with himself, constantly striving to be better, has a tendency to over-work himself at times, and doesn’t take any time for himself. He’s incredibly intelligent, partly because his nose is almost always in a book, and tends to answer all the questions in class, leading him to be seen as a know-it-all. Overall though, the positive outweighs the negative in Kamau, even if he, himself doesn’t see it that way.

His personality type is ESTJ


Kamau has short black hair, dark brown eyes and is on the taller side. He's bigger than almost every boy in his class back in Ilvermorny and has a fairly powerful build. This, however, definitely did NOT come from his father.


Oliver Jackson father
Mukami Kariuki mother
Njeri Jackson sister
Wanjiru Jackson sister
Kamau Kariuki I grandfather
Makena Kariuki grandmother
Kamau Kariuki II uncle
Njeri Kariuki aunt
Along with a few cousins, the children of Kamau II and Njeri (aunt)

  • Kamau attended Ilvermorny, back in the United States for the first two and half years of school

"Our land is everything to us…. I will tell you one of the things we remember on our land. We remember that our grandfathers paid for it — with their lives."

Kamau Kariuki Jackson
RPer Carn
Age 14
Birthday December 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Kikuyu; Caucasian
Species Wizard; Human
Blood Half-Blood
Orientations Heterosexual; Heteroromantic
Gender Male (cis)
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Faceclaim Chosen Jacobs
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs.
Schooling Hogwarts (Gryffindor)
Ilvermorny (Wampus; 5 semesters)
Occupation Student
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Watching his family die and being powerless to stop it
Affiliation(s) Kariuki Family; Jackson Family
Most influenced by Kamau Kariuki I
Languages English and Kikuyu

Model: Chosen Jacobs

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