My life is a series of awkward and humiliating moments separated by snacks.
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I'm sorry. I know I said hi but I wasn't really prepared for a follow-up conversation.

Growing up, Siwoo was anything short of a quiet child. He was the earliest to learn how to speak, and once he did, he never shut up. It seemed that whatever came to his head also had to come out of his mouth. It didn't make him a very likable person, as he was a bit too brutally honest to the other kids on the playground. He often drove people away due to this trait of his, so he got used to being alone. Naturally, not interacting with others often made him incredibly awkward. Not awkward in the cute way, but just plain awkward. He doesn't really know how to interact with anyone outside his family members or people he meets on the Internet. He's bad at conversation starters and can't think of topic changers to save a life, but once he get's something started, he can't help but need to say anything that comes to mind.

Despite practically growing up with a best friend straight out of the womb, Siwoo always felt alone and unwanted. As a result, he's somewhat of an attention hog. Whether intentional or not, he tries to bring attention to himself but more often than not, it's not good attention. He makes quite impulsive decision just based on how much of a reaction he'll get. Being ignored is one of his worst fears and he can't stand being completely by himself. This makes him very reckless in the intent of getting attention. When he comes to being noticed, he doesn't tend to think everything through. Speaking of thinking everything through, as a trend in his family, he's very intelligent. Not quite as intelligent as his younger brother, but smart enough to get past his classes effortlessly. The difference is he's picky about his learning.

Siwoo doesn't like learning just anything. Although he absorbs relatively any information like a sponge, he prefers to delve more into things that interest him. And not a lot of things interest him. He often finds himself bored, another cause of recklessness. If there's nothing to do, why not do something fun? His attention span isn't very big and once he looses interest in something, he rarely ever pays attention to it ever again. It's why he can't read a book more than once or repeatedly go through music or movies. He's also very selective about his tastes in general. He's been a picky eater since birth and often prefers to cook his own meals so he doesn't burden his family with his requests of specific Italian pastas or cakes layered with Cookie Dough, Mango Ice Cream, brownie crumbs, in that order.

Despite his general awkwardness, Siwoo is actually quite sweet and thoughtful. Although he's not very quiet, he's very observant and has the ability to mentally multi-task. Which makes him great for distractions and things of the sort. He's also a tactical genius. Never play chess with this kid because he will figure out a way to beat you a thousands times and then some. He doesn't repeat exact strategies which makes him unpredictable. That also makes strategical-fighting games like League of Legends (you know I had to do it to them) very entertaining for him. Alongside his incredibly tactical ability, he's good at pleasing people. He seems to know, maybe out of coincidence, exactly what's needed. He gets a weird sort of high from praise (which comes from his need for attention) and it makes him slightly addicted to giving people presents and treating them, even if he's broke or doesn't have time.

Even though he's incredibly awkward, Siwoo is a giant flirt. Whenever he finds someone attractive, he can't help but poke at them once or twice. It's almost like a natural instinct. Though he's incredibly flirtatious, it doesn't mean he won't treat you right. Perhaps it comes from being slightly clingy, but he'll do relatively anything you need him to. When he wants to, he can be very selfless and would rather sacrifice his own happiness for someone elses.

Park Jiseok was the oldest of his three siblings which meant there was much more pressure on him to marry and marry well. His parents had a marriage set up with the daughter of an immensely wealthy family; however, Jiseok's heart belonged to someone else. That someone else being a dancer named Gu Hayoon. Because her career hadn't taken off yet, Jiseok's parents didn't approve of her. A poor dancer with no future versus a bright young girl from a rich family - the choice was clear. Jiseok went for his love Hayoon.

After they married, Hayoon's profession as a dancer shot off and she began being nationally recognized for her talent. She performed in showcases all around South Korea, Jiseok following her every second of the way. It was in the middle of one of her tours that Hayoon fell mid-performance and ruined her ankle. She was rushed to the hospital where she was told she could never dance in that capacity again. After only a mere two years, Hayoon's short-lived career was over. But that was okay. Because at that very same hospital, Hayoon was informed that she was pregnant with her first child.

She and Jiseok settled down in Jeju, where they planned to raise their family. First came the twins, Jeonghun and Chaehun. After they came along, the Parks were gifted with another set of twins, Siwoo and Siyeol. The two got a break from twins when little Jaeyeol was born (his brothers like to tell him he ate his twin in the womb). And then came the baby, Hana. Though dancing made Hayoon happy, it never brought the same joy that being a mother did.

As a child, Siwoo was somewhat overdramatic. Incapable of shutting up and sitting down, he was constantly getting into shenanigans. It seemed like he was constantly filled with energy and with nothing to channel it into, he was bouncing off the walls 24/7. He was also a smart alec as a kid, making remarks whenever he was told to go to sleep or calm down. Despite it, he was still pretty obedient—especially when he was rewarded for it. The moment he was able to walk, his parents encouraged him to try channeling his endless energy into sports. It worked well enough, with sports like soccer, track, and Taekwondo keeping him busy and cultivating his young mind.

His first magical experience happened in Taekwondo at the age of 9. He was practicing his high kicks, and like magic (literally), the stick dummy he was using came to life and started sparring with him. He hadn't realized what was happening until he damaged the dummy with a bit too hard of a kick. Others around him had stopped to watch him, and the heads of the Taekwondo establishment suggested to his parents that maybe he should go up a belt. Likewise, the pattern of him learning a bit too quickly for his mates to catch up continued throughout his life, even as he went to Hogwarts.

basic info:
Full Name
Park Siwoo
October 31st
Jeju, South Korea
Dating; Alive
schooling info:
Seventh Year
magic info:
Family Blood
Wand Core
Phoenix Feather
Wand Wood
Wand Arm
Being completely alone
physical info:
Choi Hansol
Eye Color
Hair Color
Distinguishing Marks
A scar on his back
Dissociative Amnesia
Mental State
Adults are kids with money.
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