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Basic Information
AGE 38
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
MODEL Gong Yoo

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The Kang Clan is a family of very wealthy South Koreans that acquired their money though questionable means. No one knows how they came to their wealth, but no one bothers to question the powerful tycoons. It's still a mystery, but most believe the family makes up its own mob. Being the youngest sibling of an older brother and sister, Taejong didn't have as many responsibilities as his older siblings yet he still had a level of expectations put onto him from his parents.

Taejong was softer and more laidback than his siblings, especially his oldest brother Min-Joon who was a perfect model of their father. He was raised to take over the family business and his older sister Ae-Cha was raised to be a model CEO and woman like their mother, while Taejong was mostly left to himself save for the usual parenting styles of his parents molding him to represent the family.

Taejong's first sign of magic was when he was at dinner with his family, and he didn't want to sit prim and proper while eating spaghetti, and he got so angry that the table split in two. Of course, his parents were glad he wasn't a squib, but he was reprimanded of course. His parents made sure to keep Taejong in line, but he was so obstinate that after awhile they mostly gave up when he went off to college.

During college he got the idea to use the money he would inherit and have access too to make clubs instead of using it for... Other methods like his family usually used it for, not wanting to be a total criminal but also wanting to have a little fun with his money so he took a different route with his money and set up a successful clubbing chain, Seesaw Clubs.

His family was a little upset with this since his father wanted Taejong to join their little... Gang, of sorts but Taejong refused but would help his family if they needed it. He learned to keep his family out of his dealings, and made sure not to let anyone know that the clubs sometimes were used for under-the-table dealings, but hey? A man had to get some money somehow.

It was at one of these clubs that he met Anastasia. She was not wealthy like his family, but her personality more than made up for it. The spunky girl from America stole his heart and soon became part of the Kang Clan herself. Taejong loved Anastasia and couldn't have been happier to marry her, and his family was pretty accepting of the American,

A few years down the road, Anastasia became pregnant with triplet boys. Wanting to commemorate all the cities where she and Taejong had their first milestones (first date, first kiss, and engagement), she named the three boys Daegu, Seoul, and Daejeon. After the triplets, she had a baby girl Heeyeon. Suddenly having fun wasn't as important as those four crazy kids, but Taejong loved them and each one filled his heart more with joy.

Taejong has taken a higher position in his family's business and flies to Korea when needed, usually being gone for months at a time to have to close business deals and deal with shady people and the like, but he's always happy to return home to Italy to his family.



Taejong is a spunky person who usually has a smile on his face and likes to have fun and be energetic. The only issue with this is it doesn't usually fit with the image he is supposed to portray, so he usually only acts like that at home where he knows that he can be himself. He's thankful for his family and while they might be one hell of a roller coaster, he knows that at the end of the day they all love each other (hopefully).

Because of his upbringing he can be harsh when he needs to be, and has been told that his personality can be like a switch and sometimes it's a little scary. He doesn't mean to be harsh or raise his voice when the situation doesn't call for it, but he can't help it when he needs to get a point across or needs to make sure he is being heard. Being the youngest in his family he's learned to stick up for himself, and because of his family environment it was eat or be eaten, and he learned quickly to be strong.

When he is with his family he tries to be a good father, but because of his unusually long business trips he does feel a little left out of the loop but tries to make up for it whenever he can. Despite his upbringing he isn't like his father and makes sure not to act like it, wanting to be an example to his children and not something for them to fear or deter from.

Despite his children being a little more difficult than others, he does put his foot down when needed and makes sure to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. He usually lets Anastasia do most of the discipline since she's really good at handling the kids, but he steps in when he needs to or when she needs him.

Taejong hopes that he can be a good father for his children, and despite some rough patches he hopes that his children know that he loves them. He wants to be the father to his children that his own father wasn't to him, and he tries to be there and show support even if he has to be harsh and put his foot down sometimes. Taejong loves his family and would die for them, and he hopes that they know that.

Being a father that works away from home, Taejong has tried to stay in contact long distance and check in but knows sometimes he doesn't always have that luxury. So he sends gifts and what he can to let them know he's thinking about them, but at the same time his family tries to take Taejong away from his own family and so it's hard to balance things, and he also tries to not let his family rub off on him when he's with them too long.nce she's really good at handling the kids, but he steps in when he needs to or when she needs him.


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FATHER Do Hyun Kang
MOTHER Ha Eun Kang
SIBLINGS Min-Joon Kang, Ae-Cha Kang,
RELATIVES Kang Daejeon, Kang Seoul, Kang Daegu
WAND Willow, Phoenix Talk Feather, 10"
BOGGART His Father
SCHOOL Mahoutokoro
BIRTHPLACE Seoul, South Korea
LOCATION Rome, Italy



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