Kasper Voll

Roleplayed By Vic


Full Name: Kasper Magnus Voll
Nicknames: Kas
Birthday: August 2nd
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Male
Nationality: Norwegian
Languages Spoken: Norwegian, English, Swedish, Finnish and Polish

Blood Status: Muggle Born
Species: Wizard
Wand Details: 11 Inch Black Walnut Wand with Horned Serpent Horn
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Lion
Boggart: Suffocating
Amortentia: Women's perfume

Schools: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Hufflepuff
Occupation: Student
Current Titles: Artist and Musician
Former Titles: Artist and Musician

Orientations: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Anniversary: N/A
Best Friends: None
Worst Enemies: None
Pets: A small sugar glider named C.J (Cactus Jack)
Family: Duke Voll (brother)

Model: Tim Borrmann
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 135lbs
Body Type: Fit
Other: N/A


Anja and Edvard Voll grew up in Stavanger, Norway before they chose to migrate to Bergen when pregnant with their first child, whom they named Duke after Anja's American father. Anja and Edvard were both non-magical but had met through the parents, who had been. They embraced the full muggle lifestyle and hoped that their children would as well. Duke was two when Anja got pregnant with her second child and was forced to quit her job as a accountant, leaving Edvard to be the breadwinner with his job as a cardiologist. Nine months later, Kasper was born and taken home to be raised in a very modest house in a nice neighborhood.

See, they hadn't predicted that their magical DNA would be passed down through them to both their sons and so they raised the two of them on a completely normal muggle life-style until Duke turned eight and proved them wrong. From then on out, both Anja and Edvard begun to reject and criticize their son for being able to perform magic. When Kasper did as well, the same thing happened and both his parents completely turned on him. Life went from normal and happy to worse over night. See, Anja and Edvard not only left wizarding society but had been banished from both their families for not being able to perform magic, leading to a hatred for magical beings.

So the sons were withdrawn from school and cut off from the outside world, unable to make any other friends and could only turn to one another. They developed a bond over the dark days when their parents would throw insults and dwindle their confidence away. But that all changed when Anja and Edvard got into the car accident and died, leaving the boys to their next of kin. The only other person alive to raise them was a blind uncle, Magnus, with whom they would have to help out in everyday life. So they moved to London and over time, life became normal and fine again. See, their uncle was a wizard and explained to the boys that it was okay to be wizards and that they would learn how to use their abilities when they attended Hogwarts. Duke was the first to go and two years later, Kasper joined him.

Ever since they were young, Kasper and Duke looked after their uncle and their uncle looked after them. He told them stories from a time far away and made them laugh whenever they were sad. Magnus loved the boys in a way that Anja and Edvard never could and life seemed whole again. Now, Duke is recently graduated and exploring life as an adult while Kasper is thick in his sixth year as a Gryffindor at Hogwarts.


Kasper Voll had always been an shy boy with an eye for art and music, starting his early days listening to the Beatles, Nirvana and other really amazing artists thanks to his father, Edvard's own obsession. Kasper is a strong willed, stoic young man with proper manners and morals. He was mostly raised right after he was eight years old, due to the change in parenting. His uncle Magus, with whom he was named after, raised him with old fashioned gentlemen standards and expects no less from him.

On the inside, he is secretly the biggest teddy bear and sometimes gets his heart hurt due to its size. Without being a complete soft-heart, he occasionally tries to be someone he is not and can be a jerk. As a way to defend himself from being hurt again, he puts up a defense and tries to push those who he loves away which usually makes things worse in the end.

Aside from being a model student and very intelligent, Kasper definitely needs to learn to be himself and that being rude and cocky isn't going to get him anywhere in life. Recently, he has taken up painting as a way to express his emotions and be creative. Once in a while, he will do a portrait of someone significant in his life.



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