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kassandra pythia cha / cha hyejin
september 21
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kassandra cha likes being described as mysterious, or at least give out that kind of vibe to others. unlike other people in her family, she's not always that joyful or considered that perfect. even though she works hard, she can daydream often, and that ruins the whole point of studying. therefore, kassandra gets distracted easily, but on the other hand, she can concentrate on a very specific detail if you ask her to. kassandra doesn't want other people to think that she believes she's superior to them, however, she can be really proud of her fortune telling skills. kassandra can be stubborn as well and doesn't really care about the rules. she may seem rude at first, but if you look closer, she's actually a very soft-hearted person.

kassandra can be jealous easily, but she manages to stop herself from glowing green with envy. although she loves her family a lot, she can get irritated with them often - and same goes with her other relatives. kassandra is pretty sensitive about her own stuff - so don't touch them or she'll kill you or at least glare at you from across the room, and you don't want to be the person stuck in that position. she doesn't get why her brother has to be so nice all the time to every single person in the universe - you have to get annoyed by it at some point, right? kassandra's also very determined - whatever she wants, she gets most of the time. although she does seem like that type of person that pushes away people, she wouldn't hesitate to protect the people she cares for. kassandra, in a nutshell, is a very confusing person who tends to surprise people a lot.


Kassandra Cha was a perfect little child, born to two perfect people in the most perfect place: Paris.

She was born to Walt Cha and Alice Cha. The two had moved to Paris from Korea together since Walt found a job there, and both of them were pretty fluent in French, so Paris was a perfect location.

Kassandra was a cute little girl, who always enjoyed her parents' attention and care. Until her brother came along and wrecked everything.

She was not expecting a brother. Even though they were only one year apart, and now they were on good terms, Kassandra wasn't happy with the arrival of her brother back then. Kassandra remembered all the tempers she used to have, but sometimes, she thought, it was nice to have a little brother come along with her to the playground or somewhere else. She started to learn how to appreciate her family and what they did for her.

Kassandra lived in a magic household, and she knew it. Her parents told her someday she would have her own magic moment, and Kassandra was super excited. However, her brother's came first. And Kassandra, who was six by the time, wasn't exactly happy. And guess what? She was so angry she made all of her stuffed toys fly (which scarred her brother) and yay! Around the same age, Kassandra started having weird visions - one with her father making a fool out of himself (which she was really worried and excited at the same time about), another with her brother making a cake explode, and much more. Kassandra told her parents, but her parents just waved her off, convinced it was just her imagination. But everything did come true afterwards.

Afterwards, she went to Beauxbatons.

During her time there, Kassandra made a prediction that concerned her brother - a super smart genius - would make a bad grade. "Pfffft," was her brother's response. "You ever see me bring back a bad grade?" But, unexpectedly, he did on the very next day. Her brother was surprised (and quite angry too), yet he never said a thing about her predictions ever again.

When she was in third grade there, she still had no idea how to control her visions. Until a student in the same year figured out she had the gift of Divination, because his entire family was a seer. He told Kassandra what she needed to know, and taught Kassandra everything. He even invited her to his house sometimes. And little by little, Kassandra was developing a crush.

And then they moved and then she had to attend Hogwarts that same year.

Seriously? Why did they have to move? Kassandra was grumpy all over again, until she realized her grandmother, who was in England, was diagnosed by some sort of serious illness, and she had nobody to take care of her, so Kassandra's mother had to do the job. And then Kassandra was fine. Because she had a prediction this would happen, and it was right. Although she wasn't really happy that her grandmother was ill. Nor with the fact she couldn't keep in touch with her friends (or her crush) anymore, so she often writes letters to them and sends them by owl.

Kassandra still has visions often, and she writes them down in this nice notebook her grandmother gave to her. Not a lot of them are good news, and she intends to tell the people in her predictions about them. They're inevitable, but at least they know what's coming.

She settled down quite nicely in Hogwarts with her brother and the letters from her friends in France. Even though she's only been here for a year, she knows a lot of stuff.

Although she misses her life in France and in Beauxbatons, she's hoping to have an even better one here at Hogwarts.


  • she is an honorary member of the a-holes lmaooo

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