Katarina Roseya Gilcrease
Questions Everything
June 22nd 2018
Calen Gilcrease, Rose Gilcrease, Blaise Gilcrease
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Kata Gilcrease is a Ravenclaw Alumni, too curious for her own good. She has a knack for making people question things. She currently works as a Journalist for the Minerva Publishing House

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Sophie Nelisse

London, England
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Moving to Muggle London
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Katarina Roseya Gilcrease is the second-born of Calen Gilcrease and Rose Gilcrease. The two of them met at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and followed in life was their marriage and the birth of their first child, Blaise Gilcrease. Katarina was not far after him. Blaise had shown from a yong age a rebellious and dark nature, and this is a far stretch from what Katarina is like. She takes much after her mother, the founder of the Orphanage in Hogsmeade that's helped many children.

Kata's relationship with her brother, Blaise is strained at best. Blaise never treated her very well, but Kata still loves him. She sees the good in him, a trait she had received from her mother is to always look for the best in people, no matter the circumstance. But, even then, her relationship with her mother was a bit strained. Rose was always working. She never really had time for either Blaise or Kata - And soon, this became a point that she needed to focus on. Rose soon left her job, occasionally checking in to see how things are going.

Rose and Calen moved their family to a Muggle neighborhood in London. Their father continues to work in a Wzarding shop, Quality Quidditch Supplies, while their mother now has a Muggle job in an office. Because of this, the siblings grew up in a Muggle environment. While they knew OF magic, they've never experienced it and have rarely seen it. So, when Blaise had shown his first signs of Magic, Kata was entranced. From that moment forward, she had attempted to recreate the sparks she saw fly from Blaise's hands that day. She, unfortunately, hadn't had any luck. Not until she turned eight years old, and not exactly with sparks. Rather, she made it snow inside, because she wanted it to be winter. She was always a very stubborn child.

Blaise had gotten his letter and arrived to Hogwarts two years before Kata did. He was sorted into Slytherin. When kata followed him, her goal was to figure out Magic. This exciting, new, thing. She wanted to learn how it worked, and everything about it.

Throughout her years at Hogwarts, Kata learned that she has a knack for investigative reporting. So when she graduated, she followed that knack.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kind, Smart, Curious
Worst Qualities
Rebellious, Tactless, Sometimes too curious
Most Influenced By
Kata is defined by her love of questioning things. Whether it's a teacher, an authority figure, or a textbook. She questions everyone and anything. She does have a stopping point, though, because she hates annoying people. She's a very likeable person, and she would like to keep it that way. Kata's curiosity has it's ups and downs, but she's always happy to just make people think, no matter if she gets an answer to her question or not; Making people think is her goal.

Of course, she has a bit of rebellion in her. Kata's curiosity can get her in trouble quite a bit, so she has to have some sort of mechanism for defense, and it's this; She doesn't take any crap. From anybody. Kata has a dark sense of self-worth about her that means she is not to be messed with. She's smart, and she's volatile in the best way possible. Her terms are simple, though; Be nice to her and she'll be nice to you. This does not count towards when she is first attempting to make friends, though. She's nice to them no matter what, to a fault. She's not a pushover, nor is she a doormat. Kata wants people to know she is there.

The loyalty about her is less astounding than others in the affect that she prefers magical beings to witches and wizards. She loves vampires, werewolves, veela, et-cetera. She loves magical people, too. Very much. Some would say more than her own family, but Kata is all in all a daddy's girl. She loves her father, and would do anything to make him proud - Including Quidditch. Kata is a very talented flyer. Some would say much like a bird, and she sure acts as free as one

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Katarina Gilcrease

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She grins.

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Too young to know
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peregrine Falcon
Favorite Drink
Orange juice
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Candy Apple
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Mist, Sandalwood, Flowers
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