Katsoura Kimura
passive aggressive king
October 23nd
Daiki Kimura (father)

Hiroshi Kimura (brother)

Mali Kimura (mother)
Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
Muggle Born
Human Wizard
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We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson. -Frank Ocean
Eye Color
Hair Color
Typical for a dude of his age
Clothing Style

Asian (Japanese)
Native Language
Earliest Memory
Killing and cutting open a salmon
Type of Childhood
Difficult but enlightening in retrospect
Childhood Fear
Drowning in the lake besides their gentle farm

Okay, well, he was born in a poor Muggle family, of which compressed of his older brother, his overbearing Tia mother, and his farmer/cook of a father. You see, this made things very stressful on both boys, and Katsurou even acted on it - via magically means actually. The boy literally slapped his father around with flying fucking fish for fuck's sakes, and magically threw a fit when his father tried making him kill a life prey in front of their customers, and did numerous things throughout his childhood that were indictive that he was indeed a Wizard. Not that his father noticed; he was off making his older brother 'a true man' or whatever. In due course, a letter came to him from the local Japanese Magical school - he still remembers it to this day, getting his murky hands on the golden letter. Before that, he was off helping his brother and father collect rice off of their rice paddies, which is admittedly hard work, besides for you gutting them, which he did ever so often. Hey, a guy had to have lunch, dinner and breakfast right? Well, that's usually what Katsurou's menu consisted of until the school saved him from such a horrific fate. At the school, they served more than just bloody fish and rice - although they were extremely popular dishes at the school, to be perfectly fair.

When he arrived at the school he worked super hard to get to where he was - blood, sweat and tears, all of that. He also failed hard in Karate during his first and second years. But alas, his schooling in Japan isn't a vital part of this story, let it be known, and it was very hard on him. As the Japanese view family as something fundamentally that they must impress and honour, Katsurou decided he'd rise above the rest of them, farmer boy or not, he was not something for those snobby older boys to stop all over, despite his numerous failings. He'd do it. Or at least try doing it - I guess that's an achievement, the act of trying at least. He perceived through school; learned English (still working on that though) and how to properly use a sword (Karate and that other shit was made for people whom fought with swords, but I might be wrong about this so don't hold my words as the utter truth of the matter), and other magical stuff. He was particularly adept at Défense Against the Dark Arts during his stay there, due to his strong Patronus and love of learning in general, he was able to best most of other students, and got the highest grade in that course.

Okay, so he asked to go to Hogwarts. Asked for the opportunity to make his family proud, and to explore the world - and since he had strong level E grades in DATDA and was a great student despite the overwhelming competition, he was allowed to go. He wonders how Hogwarts will be, since he's never been there, but he's heard great things about the English Magical School from all the things he's read about them on paper, at least. But paper is much different from real life, as It so happens, and whom knows how his experience in the high halls of Hogwarts shall go?

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Passionate, Iron Will, Loyal
Worst Qualities
Stubborn, Passive Aggressive, reserved somewhat
Most Influenced By
His father or by Mahoutokoro (either one, really)
To begin with, he's highly curious about the wizarding world and everything in it - and he can come across as rather childish really, but the some of the most curious people In the world are children - or so it's said. However, beneath that childish aurora, he's very confident about himself and never ever stutters or is lost for words. The dude is also made composed of cold, hard steel when it comes to things he believes in, and is confident enough to argue his beliefs whenever he needs too.

His beliefs? You ask? Well, that's very complicated. The youth believes heavily in morals - and believes in the art of making fair arguments. Actually, he's bluntly honest, and doesn't give two rat shits what anyone thinks about what he says. But the thing is, he's very polite and but due to being blunt, he somewhat comes across as a two-sided passive aggressive jackass - but actually making him angry is very bad idea because he'll beat the living shit out of someone and he'll likely succeed doing it too. The man is a black belt at Karate and drags around a handcrafted Japanese sword that can cut through butter - and he knows how to fucking use a sword too, even though the Headmaster took the sword away claiming it was dangerous (which let's face it, isn't exactly wrong) but regardless, the dude is a fucking beast when it comes to fighting and is not one to be fucked around with. As a friend, he's gonna be loyal to one to the very end. He takes friendships very seriously and is rather jolly with his friends - and if anyone bullies them, watch out, he'll get them too. He's actually a rather caring person, if one can ignore the passive aggression, that is.

The dude is unsurprisingly, an introvert at heart, and mostly keeps to himself most of the time (most of the time he spends reading anime and drinking tea or reading history books about Hogwarts away from public eye). It's probably why he doesn't make too many friends - or why he wouldn't, in general, he likes his peace away from others due to all the noise he thinks others make. He's not unwelcoming of people, but not exactly welcoming either - rather indifferent, actually, mostly to avoid being rude - and oh dear lord, does he hate being rude. He's super respectful to his teachers and higher ups, and calls them politely "Maester" and whatnot.

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Katsoura KimuraSixth Year Exchange Student

「 Age 」
16 y/o
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
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skills and magical abilities
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- Aspen, Dragonstring, fairly flexible 11".

- His bright yellow cloak from Mahoutokoro (wear it in irregular intervals though) - Wears his house crescent of a blue dragon everywhere though, as a sign of love for his past House.

- He sometimes (and hidden, mind you) wears a necklace that has his mother and father in it. Most of the time he keeps it in a box on the side of his bed though.


- He was never very popular at his old school to say the least.

- He really likes Quidditch and wants to be good at it, but was considered insufficient for the Quidditch Team at his old school (and so now he has a singular goal; to defeat all those pure bloods that didn't think he was good enough for it)

- Katsoura loves anime, lol, and reads the best unknown anime out there because he's a dweeb and is too shy to read the big name brands in public.

- He doesn't listen to K-Pop, but instead listens to heavy rock music because that way he can hear nobody when he's working or doing something.

- He loves the colour golden due to his old school and can be seen wearing the colour around, even when not in proper school uniform.

- His actor is Hideya Tawada

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, Heteromantic
Relationship Status
Humiliating his school in front of everyone
Aspen, Dragonstring
Favorite Drink
Soda pop
Favorite Sweet
Anything with sugar, to be sure
Amortentia Scents
Dusty Parachment
Favorite Song
West One Music - Illumination


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