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Social Sample

seongsik has never been hugged by anyone but hantae before. not since he was a little kid. the feeling of having an adult's arms around him now made him sick, but he was too shell-shocked to tell the nice social worker lady to let go of him. so, he sat there, in her arms, silently shivering. it wasn't cold out, but it was the middle of the night, and seongsik had been drenching wet from being in his family's swimming pool just hours prior. there were tears welled up in his throat but he refused to cry. he knew he wouldn't be allowed the opportunity to while everyone was watching. tragedy or not, his family was still made of snakes, and seongsik's near-death wasn't enough to make anyone suddenly develop a familial relationship with each other. the most comfort he's received from any of his family, was in his younger brother, seonghan, offering him his favorite stuffed animal for comfort (seongsik couldn't believe seonghan still had a favorite stuffed animal, he was nine for merlin's sake). oddly enough, the beat up pink rabbit offered a strange sort of reassurance to it. he didn't realize he had been clutching it to his chest for so long that the water dripping off of him had seeped into the stuffed animal's fur.

despite the fact that most of seongsik's clothes were beginning to dry, his hair was still dripping water down the towel wrapped around his shoulders. hantae had made him grow out his hair over the course of the years that seongsik had known him. hantae had said that boys look the prettiest that way—with their hair down past their shoulders. seongsik, naively, believed him whole-heartedly and refused to let anyone cut his hair past a neat trim. over the course of three years, seongsik's hair had grown to reach the small of his back. it was a hassle to take care of, but hantae said it was worth it, and naively, seongsik believed him. seongsik cared to his hair religiously, scared that if he didn't, he would stop being "pretty" and loose hantae's approval. and seongsik was terrified to loose hantae's approval. after all, hantae was the only one who had ever shown him any sort of love or care. as terrified as he was to loose hantae's approval, he was even more scared to loose hantae himself.

seongsik wanted to cut it all off.

he wanted to summon a pair of scissors right then and there, like hantae had taught him, and cut every single lock of hair off. suddenly, he was infuriated. he didn't understand what he had done wrong. he had done everything that hantae had asked for. why was he suffering then? why would hantae do this to him? leave him like this? seongsik couldn't comprehend everything. down the line, it would take him years to realize everything he had suppressed about how hantae had treated him in efforts to cope with what his supposed caretaker had done to him. but at the moment, all he could figure out was that he was furious and wanted to smash something, but also vomit. he really wanted to vomit. it was strange, because he hadn't eaten at all that day. he had drunk a lot of liquids, however. mostly because hantae told him to. and then because seongsik wanted to impress hantae, he drunk even more. seongsik can't even remember why hantae had asked him to drink only liquids today.

"we're getting ahold of your parents, seongsik-ah," the nice social worker lady said, squeezing seongsik's shoulders. the thirteen-year-old boy didn't say anything in return, just shivered some more and curled his body inward. the nice social worker lady had attempted to make some conversation a few times before, but just like this time, seongsik hadn't really given her the time of day. it's not her fault, he was barely responding to anyone. not even the police officers that came to interrogate him about hantae. why were police officers asking him about hantae? why were there police officers in the first place? seongsik's head hurt a lot. he wondered if it would be rude to tell the nice social worker lady that he wanted to lie down. he decided not to risk it, even though he was already struggling to keep his eyelids lifted.

part of seongsik wanted to tell the nice social worker lady to not waste her time. seongsik's parents didn't care about him and never have. they've had nine, including hantae, different people raise him since childhood. hantae is the one who's stuck around the longest. the other eight averaged about nine to eighteen months before quitting due to how "frustrating" they claimed seongsik to be. hantae, on the other hand, never gave up on seongsik. he stuck with him for three whole years. of course, before he disappeared, and seongsik awoke to being hauled out of the main family estate pool. seongsik takes that back—they all leave in the end.

every. single. time.


[tw: emotional and sexual abuse/grooming]

kayn’s lineage comprises two powerful lineages: the woo conglomerate, and the ishikawa clan. his birth came as a result of a of these two “superpowers” making a deal. kayn’s father, woo seongri, wanted a child with potential to dominate not just the muggle sphere of the woo empire, but be one of the most powerful magical individuals known to wizarding-kind. the ishikawa clan, a storied ancient clan of japanese wizards, fulfilled that desire, by “donating” a young woman high in the ranks of their secret order. with her high mastery of magic, it would ensure that the child created by these two would be destined for world-changing things.

the ishikawa clan is a secret to the greater public. the few who are aware of their existence and by extension, their capabilities, include only the magical governments of the world, and the rich and powerful. most people will go about their lives never even hearing their name. however, these wizards are not to be trifled with. formed in the sixteenth century, the ishikawa clan is an order of japanese wizards who created and mastered a sort of magic that bent darkness to their will. aptly titled “shadow walking”, these wizards are capable of going where no one can, moving quicker than one can comprehend, and bending the very reality of people without their realizations. likewise, because such magic requires such steep mastery, it is clear why woo seongri would have interest in having one of his children be a part of this storied line of wizards.

woo seongsik, or hayate ishikawa, was born on the twelfth of july. the young woman who gave birth to him departed from his life as soon as humanly possible, so seongsik did not have the chance to grow up with her. instead, he was destined to learn the secrets of the ishikawa clan through tutors, sworn to secrecy by the clan, sent by the clan. woo seongri did not participate in his life much either. the first time seongsik was to ever witness his father was at eighteen months, and the man scoffed at the child in disgust.

“he looks awfully wiry for a child,” seongri had commented, upon visiting the near-toddler giggling within his cradle. as if the eighteen-month--old had understood his father’s words, the infant quieted instantly, looking almost solemn. perhaps that is the first time seongsik understood that his father had no interest in caring for him. he was an asset, nothing less, nothing more. and he would never be more than that. at least, not to him.

seongsik grew up with various tutors and nannies, as all his siblings before him had. seongsik was unfortunate enough to have six other siblings, born before him, and one younger sibling. all in all, it totaled eight children. seongsik, however, was the only child to not be born to the same kind of mother as the rest. this was something he was, naturally, taunted for by his other siblings. in fact, they had even developed a cruel nickname for him, “hayan”. although it meant simply “white” in korean, it closely resembled the first two syllables of his japanese name, hayate. the “joke” was that his name was half-korean, half-japanese, just as he was half-korean, half-japanese.

i know. hilarious.

naturally, seongsik was quite an emotional child. from the lack of parental love, to the unrelenting bullying of his older siblings, he found himself often alone and at the expense of the world. this made him prone to quite a few outbursts and “power” tantrums. of course, being born of high magical capability, made him more explosive than most, and that’s exactly how his magical sign arrived. explosive. at the mere age of four, seongsik had managed to shatter every window in his family’s main estate upon hearing the news that there would be no celebration of his birthday that year. seongsik still did not get his desired celebration, but his father was pleased, oddly pleased, at such a tremendous display of power at such a young age. when he turned five, instead of getting a birthday cake and presents from his family, he received tutors, sent by the ishikawa clan, to begin teaching him their ancient magic.

due to seongsik’s highly emotional nature as a child, he went through quite a few nannies. more than any of his siblings had, even his younger one, seonghan. few would stay for longer than a year and a half, and many left before that. the shortest amount of time he’s had a nanny would be for a mere two weeks. seongsik was frustrating to raise, frustrating to teach, and frustrating to cater to in general. at the age of six, he refused to attend daily lessons in an attempt to get his father to spend time with him. he was not successful. at age seven, he, somehow, convinced all the housekeepers to quit, in demand that he have contact with his mother. and again, there was no success. his father merely ignored him, and when his nannies and tutors and personal servants quit, they were replaced, almost instantly. it was clear that seongsik’s father had no interest in being involved in his life.

so, desperate for love and acceptance, seongsik turned to someone who would serve the job his father had failed to do.

lee hantae was a peculiar applicant for the nanny job. he was young, younger than one would expect to be in this field, sitting at the peculiar age of twenty-three. he was also, notably, male. seongsik had had male nannies before, but never this young. many of them were typically in their late thirties or early forties. however, at the time of his application, seongsik had gone through five nannies in a row, in the span of three months. seongri, at this point, would take just about anyone to keep this demanding brat of a child occupied. hantae did, however, have a history of success from his resume, and his background checks provided nothing suspicious, so hantae received the job.

the effect hantae had on seongsik was practically instant. in a mere month, he had managed to straighten the eleven-year-old out, creating a far less tiring version of seongsik to deal with. the boy had become quiet, submissive, and more importantly, obedient. no one knew what hantae had done, but tutors and personal servants alike praised him for his ability to work what had been perceived as the impossible. for the longest time, seongsik had been the trouble child, but trouble child no more, thanks to hantae’s mysterious work. seongsik’s father was delighted with the news, knowing this would allow for more time for seongsik’s studies, and more time for him to become one of the most powerful wizards known to wizardkind. it was clear hantae’s employment was beneficial to all parties.

except one.

at first, seongsik resisted hantae, just as he did to all his prior nannies. he pulled all the tricks he’d do to drive his caretakers mad. mock them, ridicule them, cuss them out even. he’d insult their livelihoods, start rumors, sometimes even sabotage them in front of evaluators. however, no matter how hard seongsik tried, hantae was unmoving. the twenty-three year old was peculiar. he didn’t react the same way all seongsik’s previous nannies had. he never yelled, never seemed to get mad, and no matter what, always used the softest, most non-threatening voice on seongsik, that he had ever heard. seongsik didn’t understand.

over time, the eleven-year-old developed guilt over trying so hard to get hantae fired, feeling as if hantae was truly trying his best to get to know him. at first, seongsik opened up slowly. he wouldn’t push back when hantae attempted to ask him about his interests or show him things. soon, he began giving genuine answers, developing an excitement for the things hantae would show him. he had never received this much attention or care in his life, and once having been starved of it, he was desperate for more. seongsik figured the only way to get more was to be as good as possible for hantae. after this “revelation”, so to speak, the changes appeared rapidly. seongsik’s infamous outbursts seemingly disappeared overnight. he became quite quiet (perhaps even concerningly so), and would politely concede to any request asked of him.

when these actions earned seongsik hantae’s praise as reward, he committed further to them, wanting only to be perfect in the eyes of hantae. he helped the house servants and did assignments before his tutors even had a chance to assign them. he even stopped requesting to see his mother, a desire of his since he was a mere five-year-old. whatever hantae’s plan had been, it had worked, and seongsik had become entirely different as a result of it. naturally, seongri extended hantae’s contract for another year the moment it even came up in contention. not having to hear of seongsik’s foolishness even once, was enough to convince him.

for seongsik, unfortunately, it very quickly went downhill.

[tw: this is the grooming section, if this triggers you, i advise skipping this part]

after a few months of having hantae around, seongsik had become incredibly submissive, the complete opposite of himself just a couple months ago. afraid to lose hantae’s approval, seongsik strayed from doing anything that would even remotely upset his caretaker. likewise, he happily lapped up hantae’s affection like a dog, the older quickly becoming his entire world. an unhealthy dependency on hantae was beginning to form, and the older, quite aware of the situation, began making more sinister moves.

seongsik had known hantae for a little over nine months when hantae first began to ask some more questionable things of him. at first, it started out with a harmless suggestion, though phrased more like a command, for seongsik to grow his hair out. he had been told that boys look the “prettiest that way”.

“with their hair past their shoulders,” hantae had said kindly, in that soft, caring tone he always used with seongsik. seongsik had stared up at him in awe.

from that day onward, seongsik refused to have his hair cut more than a trim. if being the “prettiest” would keep him in hantae’s favor, seongsik would do anything. his hair became a prized possession, a symbol of his worth. he looked after it religiously, hours spent merely combing out tangles and brushing through the locks. he even learned how to braid it, and not just into a simple braid, but many varying styles.

“i’m pretty, right?” he had asked hantae one morning. the other didn’t respond for a few seconds, looking almost thoughtful. little did seongsik know, hantae had been studying him at that moment.

“the prettiest.”

hantae had bought a camera and started up a habit of photographing seongsik, often in the strangest moments. seongsik, naturally, grew used to it, eating up hantae’s excuse of his new “hobby” and that he needed a “muse” for his pictures. seongsik would practically let him photograph him anywhere, doing practically anything. it was disturbing, the things hantae would take pictures of, but seongsik knew no better and refused to believe his caretaker would ever have any ill will towards him. so naively, he went right along with whatever asked of him.

then one day, seongsik was asked to put on an outfit for a photoshoot. hantae showed him pictures of models and famous photoshoots and told him that hantae could take pictures of him like that too. allured, seongsik happily changed into the outfit he was given for a “photoshoot”. of course, the young boy would have no foresight to know what hantae would do with these pictures. at first, the photoshoots and outfits were fairly innocent in nature, and seongsik even enjoyed them at first, finding modeling a sort of outlet for him that he’s never really had before. it was also his doorway into fashion and made him care more about his appearance beyond just his hair. he’d collect fashion magazines and try to copy the looks in them the best he could, assessing and obsessing over himself in the mirror whenever he had the downtime. this new, wonderful thing that hantae had introduced to him was only another reason, in the young boy’s opinion, for him to go along with whatever hantae wanted.

but soon enough, albeit slowly, the photoshoots started getting more sinister in nature. hantae had him wearing strange clothing and sitting in strange poses, but seongsik didn’t have the knowledge to know what was strange about them. it was merely a feeling, and compared to hantae, who he deeply trusted, and arguably depended on, he wouldn’t dare question a thing. however, seongsik did start to feel a bit anxious when hantae stopped showing him the photos he took of seongsik. he was worried that hantae didn’t think the photos were good enough, or seongsik wasn’t a good model, or that he wasn’t pretty enough to be hantae’s model. he was scared to not only lose hantae’s favor but also lose the new thing that he loved.

it was in that moment of vulnerability, that hantae found the long awaited opening to fulfill his true motive.

seongsik’s relationship with hantae would never be the same from that day onward. unfortunately, for the poor boy, he wasn’t one bit aware of it, and hantae’s obscene manipulation continued. no one around seongsik had any idea of what was happening either. his tutors took no interest in affairs outside his schoolwork, and he had been accomplishing that with no problems and excellent marks. his personal servants were merely there to clean up after him, and when hantae was careful to remove all the evidence, the servants would have nothing to suspect. seongsik’s siblings clearly held no sort of concern for him. in fact, since hantae’s arrival, their bullying has worsened. seongsik, however, obsessed with remaining in hantae’s good graces, barely retaliated. his innocence was lost barely before his twelfth birthday, but he was none the wiser. this was merely his reality now.

this went on for nearly another two years, with not a single suspicion headed their way. by this time, seongsik was a shadow of his former self. it seemed the now-teenager had become noticeably depressed. he was pale, a result of rarely going outside unless it was for lessons. his face was a bit gaunt, and even the manor’s chefs could tell you seongsik often sent his plate back to the kitchen half-empty. some suspected an eating disorder, but none were brave enough to inquire. seongsik was quieter than he had ever been, keeping his head low and his arms close to his sides, as if he were trying to hide. he developed a strange habit of wearing long-sleeved shirts and sweaters inside, that were almost twice his size—as if he was trying to hide something. the only thing that seemed to remain well kept about him was his hair, and it seemed to be the only thing in general that he cared about.

that, and hantae.

a month before seongsik’s fourteenth birthday, his world was shaken to its core. instead of awaking in his room on the third floor of the woo manor, he found himself in his family’s olympic-sized swimming pool, arms flailing and legs kicking before he even realized where he was and what he was to do with himself. his long black hair clouded his vision and made it harder to obtain some bearing, and as he was in the deep side of the pool, he was quickly sinking. seongsik had never learned how to swim. hantae never let him, and now, he was paying the price for it. if it wasn’t for a nearby groundskeeper, seongsik likely would’ve died that night, but luckily, the groundskeeper had heard the splash of seongsik’s unconscious body being dropped in the water, and had headed over to investigate.

medical services were called and arrived at the manor within half an hour. seongsik was still coughing up water. a social security woman showed up not much later, as well as the police. and during all this time, seongsik could only think about hantae. his nanny of three years had disappeared, and even when the manor was evacuated, there were no signs of him. when the police questioned him, seongsik gave them his name, but news came in three days later that the only “lee hantae”s in the system were nowhere within the age range described by the servants and staff of the manor. seongsik was traumatized, both by his near-death experience and his nanny’s abandonment. he had done everything hantae wanted. everything. even the things that hurt. had it not been enough for him? had seongsik not been enough for him? why would he abandon him like that? why would he leave without a single word?

seongsik was sent to therapy not long after the entire incident and diagnosed with a plethora of disorders. anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder, was the first and easiest to verify, as there were many different accounts of symptoms of the disorder in seongsik. down the road, he was also diagnosed with clinical depression, ptsd, and general anxiety disorder. he was put on medication for most of them and forced to attend therapy sessions twice a week. his father wanted him to be “cured” as soon as possible, for this was “no way to effectively study”. he was also placed in mahoutokoro, his therapist figuring it’d do him some good to be in more environments in which he can socialize and make friends. seongsik was about as much of a recluse at mahoutokoro as he had been his whole life, but he also grew into himself quite a lot, and his attractive appearance and mysterious aura, to his disdain, snagged him quite a lot of attention.

seongsik had his hair cut a month after the incident. then he threw away all his fashion magazines and cleared out his closet. he wanted nothing around him that reminded him of hantae. his demand became so extreme, that he had his servants clean his room about a dozen times, the floors, walls, and furniture all scrubbed as much as possible. a month after being put on medication, he began to take an interest in video games, and slowly devoted all his time to it. he prefered mostly muggle games, finding wizarding games uninteresting and severely behind the quality of muggles. he became quite skilled at strategy games and tactical shooters. he became obsessed with the ranking in these games, generally averaging about a month to two-month climb before he’d hit the top of the leaderboard.

these games became his only escape from his trauma, anxiety, and depression, and therefore fed into a destructive cycle that kept seongsik from recovering. only when it began to affect his performance in school and his personal tutoring did his father take action. seongsik, threatened with something unknown to anyone else, became a sudden social butterfly of sorts. he shot up to the top of the class, beating his other classmates by a wide margin, with what looked like relative ease. he embraced his popularity, uncharacteristic for someone who hated the attention, and used it like a wall. the most anyone knew about him were rumors, and seongsik was not close to anyone.

it was around the time of his graduation at mahoutokoro, that seongsik discovered arcane conquest, a multiplayer-online-battle-arena. although similar to the multiplayer pvp games he frequented when he was in his younger teens, arcane conquest had a higher element of strategy to it that appealed heavily to him, and he became quite interested in the game. likewise, he shot up the ranked ladder for this game almost instantaneously, reaching deity (the one percent of the one percent best in the region) in only a month and a half. his quick climb acquired a curious audience, as there were few players who had ever climbed the ladder that quickly. not long after graduating mahoutokoro, seongsik was approached by a muggle e-sports organization, interested in acquiring seongsik as one of their subs for the coming season.

seongsik, however, showed little interest, denying the offer outright with the declaration that he would not settle for the backseat. during the game’s offseason, he was bombarded with a plethora of offers from different organizations, some even outside of the region of south korea. when the dust settled, it was discovered that seongsik had been signed to kwangya esports as their starting mage carry. and his gamertag (his competitive name, essentially) referenced little about his identity as a person, as many others had. instead, he had opted for a short, simple, yet iconic name, easy to remember, but impossible to forget once you had faced him. kwangya esports’ kayn had come to terrorize arcane conquest, and no one was safe.

seongsik spent his first season as an esports player with startling success to the alarm of his competition. spring split, he had single handedly turned his team from a middle-of-the-pack team, to a top three team that dominated nearly every match. he then carried his team through the south korean championships and won them the champion title for their region. summer split saw the same results, with an even more dominant showing. it was of no surprise to the new fans of both kayn and kwangya esports, that kwangya esports won the world championship that year. and the year after that. and, the year after that. their reign was suffocatingly dominant for the entire time that kayn remained a part of their organization. they saw six regional championship titles, and three world championship titles during this time. for a rookie, kayn was sure showing up like no other,

after three years, kayn left kwangya esports, in favor of a new, start-up organization in western europe, based mainly in the united kingdom. the move was surprising, as no-one expected kayn to not only move half-way across the world, but to a barely existing organization. little did anyone know, kayn was in fact, the secret owner of this organization, with a puppet ceo. he, however, was the one truly pulling the strings behind the scenes. another new thing to be seen, was instead of playing a mage carry, kayn had swapped to a different role, and surprised the entire west european region, by looking just as dominant on it as he had as a mage carry. playing sharpshooters was quite different from mage carries, but kayn made it work nonetheless.

somehow, kayn had managed to take his newly formed team to the world championships. the scoreline wasn’t quite as dominant as before, as his teammates almost barely matched his skill level, but he managed to snag them both the spring split and summer split regional championship title regardless. it seemed there was nothing kayn couldn’t do. within the business side of things, kayn had acquired two more companies at the mere age of twenty, and running both quite smoothly. it was impressive to say the least, the complete one-eighty kayn’s life had taken since that near-death incident. kayn nearly a decade ago, and kayn now resembled nothing of each other.

and kayn was intent on keeping it that way.

full name

woo seongsik (korean name)
ishikawa hayate (japanese name)


kayn, hayan


july 12th, 2000





gender identity



professional arcane conquests player
runs some companies for his father


wizard; shadow walker



face claim

son dongju (xion of oneus)

hair color


eye color



5'8"/178 cm (fc's height)
5'11"/180 cm (canon height)


post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


woo seongri (father)
woo seonghan (brother)

signifcant other(s)




other significant relationships


- his favorite colors are pale yellow, periwinkle, vanilla, and white
- his favorite genre of music is r&b
- his favorite foods are yaki udon and japchae
- his favorite animals are pumas and black panthers
- he attended mahoutokoro years five through seven, but was homeschooleded beforehand
- kayn actually attempted to consistently go to the gym, but gave up after a month due to lack of motivation

- he's considering trying it out again

- kayn has two tattoos, both on his arms

- one of them, on the inside of his left arm, is a rose insignia
- the other, on the outside of his right arm, is detailed calligraphy of his tag name "kayn" in a style that imitates a scrapbook font
- there's a meaning behind both, but he rarely divulges the story behind it
- he got both when he turned 17

- kayn used to be allergic to dogs
- kayn speaks and understands korean, japanese, and english
- the nickname 'kayn' that he goes by, is derived from one of kayn's favorite superheros in his childhood, he adopted the nickname as both his professional e-sports tag-name and a general nickname that he uses day to day
- the nickname 'hayan' comes from the beginning of his japanese name (hayate), which sounds similar to hayan (white in korean), so his older siblings would often use the nickname to taunt him for being half-japanese

Kayn Woo-Ishikawa