Birthday February 28th
Age 19
Status Alive
Pronunciation keh‧l lahr‧sehn
Family Magnus Larsen, Astrid Larsen
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation Homosexual, Homoromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality British, Norwegian
Speaks English, Norwegian
Species Human, Wizard
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 5'9"
Model Lucky Blue Smith

Kell doesn't really put much thought into his appearance, but he looks like he does. He has light blonde hair and blue eyes, and his process for choosing an outfit consists of taking whatever's at the top of his drawer, making sure it's not dirty, and wearing it. Miraculously he hasn't made any big fashion faux pas yet, but there's still time!! He's quite thin and definitely doesn't look like the star beater he was for five years of his school career, but his general acceptance of his appearance means he doesn't particularly care.
The Larsen family were a long line of Norwegian pure-bloods, one of the typical anti-muggle pro-purity lines who looked down on those lacking in magic. They had a son, Kristoffer, who happened to be a squib. So, at the age of ten, when they'd lost all hope of him showing magical ability, they sent him off to an orphanage and told everyone outside the family he'd caught dragon pox and perished.

In reality, the boy thrived, adopted by a well-to-do couple in England at age twelve - one of whom was a squib herself - and receiving high-calibre education in Eton and Oxford. Eventually he met the very pretty, very magically adept Viola Macmillan, a recent Hufflepuff alumna. 

They married the next year, a few months before Viola inherited ownership of her parents' popular sweetshop, and eventually went on to have three children. The eldest, Kellan Vidar Larsen, or Kell for short, was his mother's son from the start. Like his mother, he was a sweet child, able to endear himself even to the most wary of adults.

His first show of magic, however, came at the age of six, when he shattered a jar containing barley sugar because he'd been told his teeth would rot if he had any more sweets.

Kell's parents are slightly obsessed with him and his siblings living healthily, so while they're allowed as many sweets as they want, they have to make sure they do enough exercise that it doesn't affect them "negatively". Because of this stance of his parents', Kell grew up playing Quidditch, taking part in athletics competitions and swimming clubs.

At first, Kell attended Durmstrang, as his father wanted him to "get in touch with his heritage" and have more of an opportunity to practise his Norwegian, which was limited. #Bilingualproblems, right? All was great there, and his Norwegian did in fact improve.

He started his fifth year at Hogwarts without incident, and throughout his time there made a decent number of friends, though he's not sure if they were more there for the Kell or for the unlimited supply of sweets he always carried with him. Regardless, Hogwarts has been just as fun as Durmstrang ever was, minus his kinda mean cousin. So it's been great.
The first thing most people notice about Kell is that he has a seemingly never-ending supply of energy. Whether this is sugar-induced or natural? That's another matter. Unfortunately, this causes him to be easily distracted and extremely talkative - not exactly what a teacher wants in a class.

A people person at heart, the one thing Kell hates the most would have to be conflict. Because of this he's become a master mediator, always willing to compromise as long as everyone remains happy. However, he also loves gossip and drama in general, though not due to any malice. It just makes his otherwise boring world a little more interesting.

Kell's main weakness is how gullible he is - he's a hopeless romantic at heart, and hates to think the worst of anyone. He knows that he shouldn't take people at their word, but he's just too trusting not to. His trusting nature has given him pretty thin skin, too. One unkind word, even said in jest, and he'll probably be repeating it in his head for months. Hell, someone once said his hair stuck up too much and it still haunts him to this day.

Although usually the happiest he can be, giving out sweets to little kids and acting as though he's walking on rainbows, sometimes Kell crashes. Sometimes he'll sleep for two days, sometimes he'll get crippling migraines, but usually he just seems a little more irritable than usual.
Wand: always every witch or wizard's most treasured possession. His is made of rowan with a unicorn hair core and is 9 1/2" long.
Picture of himself and Astrid: Astrid is his favourite person in the whole world, even though she's a bit difficult for him to understand sometimes. But it's okay because they're twins and twins are meant to be there for one another.
Maroon scarf: His dad gave him this scarf before he went to Durmstrang and he's literally worn it every winter since.
Migraine medication: he gets really bad migraines so he needs it
Tattered copy of I'll Give You The Sun: he really loves this book ok

Boggart Put-your-hand-in-the-box challenges
Amortentia Freshly cut grass, chocolate, broomstick polish
Patronus Chipmunk
Wand Rowan, Unicorn Hair, 9 1/2"
Interests Quidditch, Herbology
Pet Peeve Literally nothing
Habits Offering people sweets
Star Sign Pisces
Dreams/Goals Open his own sweetshop, find love <3, adopt a kid
Color Blue
Song Take Me To Church
Show Skam
Movie Les Miserables
Book I'll Give You The Sun
Food Chocolate
Drink Lemonade

he's terrified of spiders but one time he did one of those put-your-hand-in-the-box challenges and had nightmares for months
he talks to plants because he heard it helps them grow
he loVES les mis.
he always wears odd socks
he wholeheartedly believes in the illuminati
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