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Kevin O'Shay
quidditch prodigy tired
4th December
Patrick O'Shay (father)
Shannon O'Shay (mother)
Daniel O'Shay (brother)
Blood Status
Human; Wizard; Animagus
this character is roleplayed by ellie.

Kevin O'Shay is a seventh year Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In Ireland, he is a minor celebrity in the Quidditch community.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Sasha Volosatov
Kevin is your typical decent-looking teenage white boy, which is probably why the magazines flocked to him during his rise to almost-fame. With cropped blonde hair, green eyes and a permanent furrow in his brows, his looks make up for his pathetic frame. Yeah, for an athlete, he's skinny as hell; he has muscles, promise, just not very prominent ones. Oh, and he's always wearing hoodies. Be it sun or sleet or rain, he's definitely wearing a hoodie. Don't ask why, he just is.

Rosses Point, Ireland
Native Language
Earliest Memory
Riding a broom whilst still not being able to walk
Type of Childhood

Quidditch is a tradition in the O'Shay family. It's a lineage, dating back the golden age with many family members playing for the best teams in Ireland, and it's more like the Mafia now where any O'Shay who has no interest in Quidditch instantly becomes the black sheep of the family. Luckily, that was not Patrick O'Shay. A passionate player, his name and natural skill helped him swiftly climb the ranks in the sport; he even reached the country team and helped them on their way to winning the Quidditch World Cup a few times.

Of course, that level of skill earns you equal levels of fame. Patrick was young and healthy and good-looking, so the magazines flocked to him and soon he was the face of Irish Quidditch; it was there he met his wife, Shannon - a journalist he made excuses to get interviews with. They married soon after and, after reaching his mid-thirties, Patrick retired and settled down with his wife in the countryside.

Kevin came along soon after, followed by little Daniel. Naturally, it was expected of both of them to not only enjoy Quidditch, but be good at it. They both were, with the famous natural hand-eye-coordination and effortless goalkeeping skills of the O'Shays, but there was just one problem. Kevin fucking hated it.

Now, any decent parent would understand if their kid came up to them and said they didn't want to follow the family traditions. Patrick, however, was a little drunk on fame and wanted to live vicariously through his healthy sons. So, he basically ignored Kevin's complaints, and forced him to continue with Quidditch despite his protests.

This lead to Kevin basically resenting his own father before he even reached ten years old. That obviously is not healthy for a child; but Daniel, as passionate as he was about Quidditch, was nowhere near as good as his older brother. Kevin was his father reborn, a true athlete in the making. He was fast and skilled and an absolute monster in goal. And with the chronic fear of disappointing his father embedded in since an early age, Kevin played his ass off throughout his teenage years and became somewhat of a minor celebrity in the Quidditch community of Ireland. The problem was, though, that he still hated it. Everything about it - the interviews, the photoshoots, the forced games. He hates hates hates Quidditch and you'll never convince him to like it, okay?

The family moved to England before Kevin's fifteenth birthday, and he was grateful to get away from it all and move to a school where he could finally start to learn Muggle Studies, the true thing he's always been interested in. But then he saw the size of the Quidditch pitch, and how wild everyone got over the sport and - well, shit. Looks like he's back in it again.

A lot happened in his fifth year; easily more than he ever saw coming. As well as making lots of friends, the true secret about his abuse came out to Mocha, then Tori, then Latte. As well as that, he started animagi training, and can now transform himself into a mourning dove which he uses for mostly protection.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Loyal, humourous, dedicated
Worst Qualities
Self-depricating, nervous, secretive
Most Influenced By
Patrick O'Shay, Latte Coffee
Right, well... how do we begin to describe Kevin O'Shay? I'd consult the magazines but he often tells interviewers to fuck off so maybe that's not the best idea. Then there was that time he told the entire Quidditch community that a rival team could quote eat my entire ass unquote. Everyone knows him as the typical athlete: a bit of a twat but good at his sport, and to be honest, he's happy with that idea, because it keeps people from approaching him for selfies.

The real Kevin, though, is - well, just as snarky. Kevin grew up with a very sarcastic, humourful family and it's certainly rubbed off on him. Joke telling is like a reflex - it helps cheer people up, and if that doesn't work it at least always cheers himself up, so win-win. Yes, smiling is a must for Kevin. As much as he hates Quidditch, he always smiles when he scores, and once he's gotten to know someone well enough his smile is practically impossible to turn off. It's a nice smile, too. Very bright and toothy.

The fact he smiles during Quidditch is amazing, to be honest, because he fucking hates Quidditch. Seriously. Forcing a kid to take it up will do that to them.

(He hates it, but try and score a goal against him and he'll kill you. Just saying.)

Because of his upbringing, Kevin doesn't take well to being forced into things. He doesn't like manipulative people or closed spaces, and freaks out when he's being yelled at because deep down, he's just a kid who was forced to grow up too quickly. He's not arrogant really, like most expect him to be, nor is he unaware of his privilege (his family is rolling in it) but he's not the nicest person in the world, either. He's very secretive at first - there are things about his past he doesn't like to talk about, and it'd take a very close friend to unlock his Tragic Backstory™. One will come along, though, I'm sure.

If Quidditch has given him anything, it's the ability to be a team player. Kevin is fiercely loyal to people, to an absurd degree at times, and can be quite easily manipulated if he trusts you enough. He works well with other people but there's that trust barrier up, placed by the years of his father denying his wishes and using him for fame. Break through that and he'll go to the corners of the world for you, promise.

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities
Quidditch: Shhhh. He hates that he's good at it. He's so good at it, though.

Charms: A useless skill, really. At least it gets him straight Os.


Dexter Burke
Kevin's best friend is the world's most cockiest, annoying yet somehow horribly endearing fuckboy in Hogwarts. They shouldn't get along at all but they do, and Kevin has no idea how he feels about Dex, apart from the fact that he'd probably go to all ends of the earth from him.

Tay Coffee
So, it turns out there are Quidditch fans at Hogwarts. Tay is one, apparently - she recognised Kevin on the pitch, and proceeded to call him overrated whilst also being the nicest person Kevin's ever met. He likes how down-to-earth she is, and mate, it's nice to find someone else who doesn't like the Irish team.

Mocha Coffee
Mocha became Kevin's friend incredibly suddenly - in fact, Kev's not even sure he'd class him as a friend, more someone than Kev knows he can confide in - which is mad, because's never had someone like that before. Mo was the first person who properly found out about Kevin's abuse, and reacted in such a protective manner it completely threw Kevin aside. Even though they'd probably never refer to each other as bezzies, it's entirely what they are.

Victoria Torres
Vic was the very first person Kevin met at Hogwarts, and they remained casual friends for a while, but it's only recently that their friendship has blossomed into true closeness. They have so much in common, and Tori is one the few people Kevin truly trusts in this world. He'd happily take a bullet or two for her.

Serpentine Bishop
Serpentine is a recent acquaintance of Kevin's, but he already sees her as one of the coolest people ever, with her cool-ass name and her cool-ass hair and her cool-ass philosophy. They spend most of their time bantering about her hippie tendencies and his awful social skills and the fact that they're both huge dorks with stupidly odd quirks. Maybe that's why they get along so well.

Dido Marie
So, Kevin never thought he'd meet an actual Seer, so imagine his excitement when he met Dido. Luckily she's also the most chill person he's ever met, and incredibly funny; even though they don't see each other too much, he values the small moments they do spend together.

Yakaterina Kat Kazakova
Kat's weird, man. In a cool way. She's almost robotic in the way she casually speaks twelve languages, and her dad owns that dark magic shop she offered to show him around. As strange and fleeting as their encounter was, he does think she's an intriguing little thing.

Dexter Burke
Dexter was Kevin's first proper crush, so imagine his surprise when the boy who acted so straight is was almost painful kissed him one day. They're blossoming at the moment, their relationship going slowly because of certain other factors (see below), and Kevin has no idwa where they're going or what to do, but he does know that Dex is one of the most important things in his life right now.

Mocha Coffee
His thing with Mo was never really a thing, to be honest. They shared a kiss, but after a long time of avoiding each other and being awkward, Kevin eventually decided that maybe it was time to move on. He wasted enough time pining over somebody who didn't care that much.



*Muggle studies is his true passion, but there's no way in hell his dad would let him pursue that.
*Kevin doesn't like being touched for - reasons.
*He's surprisingly good at giving advice, because he's apathetic and can completely detach himself from a situation.
*Sugary drinks are his weakness.
*He's that weirdo who jogs at four in the morning.
*He dances with his headphones in when he's alone. Shh. Don't tell anyone.
*He really wants to time travel.
*He hates having his photo taken. Blame the media.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, biromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English, Gaelic
His father's reaction to an injury
Favorite Drink
Cherry cola
Favorite Sweet
Chocolate wands
Amortentia Scents
Grass, wood varnish, rope
Favorite Color


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