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kian orion macmillan
fifth year, slytherin
chasing after our ends


Birthday April 23
Age 15
Pronunciation KEE-yun MAC-mihl-lun
Family Celaena & Treston (parents)
Aven & Demi (older sisters)
Mel (twin)
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him/His
Orientation Confused
Relationship Single
Nationality Greek
Languages English, Greek
Residence Slytherin Dormitories, Macmillan Household
Religion Protestant
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Grey (changes)
Hair Color Brown (changes)
Height 6'0" (changes)
Style Well-dressed but plain
Faceclaim Tanner Buchanan

Kian tends to blend into the background. He doesn't like dressing in loud colors and prefers plain clothes that don't make him stand out. Still, in an effort to maintain his family's image, he always looks well put together and he puts effort into making sure that he looks good. As a metamorphmagus, Kian can change his appearance. He doesn't use this talent to do anything outlandish, but the color of his eyes (and occasionally his hair) tend to change with his mood if he's not making a conscious effort to keep it under control.


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Lavrentios Sakellarios had it easy. Good marks on his career-deciding assessments, family wealth, popularity, charisma; there was nothing he wanted that he couldn’t have. Selene Vallou wasn’t as fortunate, and as expected, it created a lot of troubles for them when they were assigned to be partners following their graduation from Greece’s coveted auror training program. Lavrentios didn’t take the job as seriously as Selene did, vying more for the social reverence that came with pursuing such an honorable career than committing to the demanding responsibility to duty characteristic of every worthwhile auror in the Greek Field Office. They understandably didn’t get along very well, and considering the falling rate of crime nationwide in Greece, there was never a pressing need for them to get along on a fundamental level. The foundations for trust weren’t there. They bickered a lot, challenged each other to break protocol and put their own lives at risk — Selene was smart, but when Lavrentios was thrown into the mix, she’d fall from grace very quickly if it meant proving him wrong.

The first time they ran into real trouble was with the resurgence of an old settlement of nymphs that were frustrated with the constant problems of trespassing muggles and territorial struggles. Based in an unknown, unplottable portion of the Foloi Forest, they strived to inflict as much damage on the wizarding world as had been inflicted upon them, including but not being limited to raiding their civilizations, looting their homes, stealing their lands, and killing any wizard they came across. They were meant to be supported by a network of disenfranchised vampires, werewolves, faeries, and veela, but by far, they were the ones most committed to the downfall of Greek wizardkind. Unfortunately for them, none took into account the sympathizers who were somewhat skeptical of the plan and in disagreement with the course of action to take. One bad apple will rot the rest, you see, and before long, one of the offices scattered throughout the region of Ilia caught wind of the planned attacks. It was considered a grand-scale attack and, by consequence, every other field office in Greece was put on high alert; Selene and Lavrentios included.

Lavrentios had a God complex back then. He thought, with all his fame and wealth, he was untouchable, and goaded Selene into joining him in his endeavors to find this infamous whistleblower and try to find a portkey to the unplottable settlement. It was a bad idea and Selene knew it, but he was so adamant and infuriating that Selene reasoned — maybe he could use with being knocked down a peg or two. Was it a good idea? No, not at all! They didn’t have the proper training; they were just two rookies doing the best they could. They weren’t even decent negotiators, but they still went out to Foloi in hopes of finding the nymph they were very sure was being hunted down by every anarchist peculiar in Greece. It really isn’t that hard to find someone and trick them into giving you a portkey if you threaten to sell them out. Well, not that they helped the poor sod even after getting what they wanted. Lavrentios excused it by saying he didn’t want to risk charges of treason, even though his argument was illogical considering the other laws they were about to break. Either way, he just didn’t have a helping heart. (Yes, Selene’s opinion of him plummeted even further after that.)

Getting into the village was easy enough; nobody really cares about who you are when the air is buzzing with the promise of an imminent revolution. Selene and Lavrentios quickly became privy to many of the bigger plans and the disaster that awaited much of magical Greece if they didn’t move quickly. Realizing his family were primary targets was definitely a sobering moment for Laventios. Years of buying acres upon acres of land to build touristic resorts and profit off the loss of others had caught up to him and his family. He now had the opportunity to put an end to the attacks as he was armed with knowledge that the auror office hadn’t been able to get their hands on yet. They were short on time, though; the so-called Fight for Freedom was due to start that same night. If they’d gone in with a little more training, they probably would have made it in time, but no, they went and got themselves caught by a pair of faeries so low in the hierarchy that they could have gone missing and nobody would’ve noticed. Years later, Selene would maintain that it was karma on Lavrentios for being an insufferable cunt.

Physical torture? Sure, they can handle it. Emotional torture? A little bit on the iffy side, but Selene was an orphan and Lavrentios had been a bully his whole life; they didn’t stand to lose much on that front, either. But using their own magic against them? Weaponizing the Imperius Curse through their half-breeds and forcing them to submit to their wishes? That — well, that didn’t go over very well with them, the Sakellarios family, or the aurors. To make a long story short, both of them were very lucky to make it out alive. Psychologically damaged, but they were rescued and hailed as heroes for the efforts to stop what would’ve been the worst disaster to strike Greece in centuries. If any good came of it though, it’s that talks to return all stolen land quickly began and Lavrentios’ family was facing plenty of charges for all their crimes. Lavrentios didn’t face any repercussions specifically, though both he and Selene were severely reprimanded for the stunt they pulled. No disciplinary action came, though, and in part, he’d reason eventually that it could be accredited to the way he’d matured almost overnight, facing realization after realization regarding the seriousness of his career and the danger he was putting everyone in.

There was a moment where he debated quitting. Why not do something else, like maybe become a curse-breaker? Or even some kind of diplomat? He didn’t have any training — not conventionally, at least — but he felt his experience could now be better used elsewhere. He was so set on it that the only person that snapped him out of his downward spiral was Selene itself; an act born of empathy that would, in due time, lead to a relationship between them. It wouldn’t be for another few years, though. They had their own issues to work through, clearly, and even more after the mess that was the whole situation with the nymphs. But being confined to desk duty after their medical leave was hell, and they helped each other through it in ways that helped them bond quite a bit.

Years later, Selene and Lavrentios started their life together. Their plans were to have a small family and be able to grow in their respective careers. Selene dreamt of becoming the Head of Law Enforcement, but Lavrentios’s ambitions were geared towards leading the Hit Wizard Division of the Athens office. They eventually reached their respective goals, but not without their fair share of struggles. It wasn’t really any big problems that had them stalling their careers, but as it turns out, they were both very fertile people, and no matter the age, no implant, anti-contraceptive, or even pulling out helped. Plan B? Yeah, no. They tried. 17 kids in and sure, they had the help of an army of nannies and their older children to help with the youngest, but it was still hard for them to balance their work and home lives. They were too stubborn to let go of either one. The only solution seemed to be abstinence, and for a couple like them, that was almost impossible. So yeah — big family. They tried their best to pay attention to all their children and distribute responsibilities equally, and for the most part, everything was just fine.

Things changed in 2024. What was supposed to be a fun family vacation turned tragic when the plane they were on crashed. Though the why remained a mystery for years, it was eventually concluded that one of the passengers’ magic had acted up, causing the plane to malfunction and crash over the bermuda triangle. For years, it was believed only two passengers were rescued: Malia Sakellarios and her then girlfriend, Valentina Willow. They were moved back to Scotland in due time, and the rest of the passengers were declared dead even though no bodies were ever recovered. From there on, the Sakellarios were divided into three: Celaena, who was never told there were any survivors, Malia, who didn’t have the courage to face her sister because of her cushing survivor’s guilt, and the handful of children that narrowly survived the crash; that is, Natessa, Perseus, Atalanta, Leda, and Apollonas Sakellarios. All led vastly different lives there on out.

When Celaena Sakellarios met Trenton Macmillan, she was in a good place. She had secured a position as assistant professor at the Greek Academy for Advanced Witchcraft, enabling her as she endeavored to pursue a career in education. Trenton was interning at the British Embassy based out of Athens at the time, and the pair met by chance at an England v. Greece quidditch game Cel had been taking her younger sister Malia to. They hit it off and the night withered away as they spent most of the match engaging in light banter over which of the playing teams was better. The final push was delivered by Malia, though, while Cel was in the bathroom. She likes playing hard to get, she’d said, So you’re gonna have to put in all the hard work. When Cel found out a few months later, all she had to say was that Malia was lucky he pulled through, because otherwise, she might’ve found herself suddenly started in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. They became official three months later.

What she didn’t expect — or any of her immediate family — was to get pregnant so soon. She was on the pill and he’d worn a condom, so what happened? On one hand, Celaena didn’t feel ready at all. This would infringe on her ambitions and put a halt to her plans for her career. Trenton was just as nervous, if not more. They were barely making any money, and they’d just gotten together. Cel was still living with her parents, for Christ’s sake. They didn’t have their lives together at all, and they both knew they couldn’t provide for that child. Terminating the pregnancy was out of the question for Cel, because even though she believes in the right to choose, it wasn’t something she wanted to put her body through. So they ended up deciding on adoption. In early 2023, Phoebe Cassiopeia Primrose Sakellarios Macmillan was born. Or at least that’s who she would’ve been, but some things weren’t meant to be. She was handed off to a nice, barren dhampir couple who desperately wanted children, never to be heard of again — kidding. Give it a few years, and Cassie would wind up returning to their lives in the way they expected least.

Nonetheless, even though Celaena and Trenton were understandably upset about losing the baby they’d learned to love over nine months, the decision they took proved to be the best one, because a few months later, tragedy struck the Sakellarios family. What was supposed to be a fun family vacation turned tragic when the plane they were on crashed. Though the why remained a mystery for years, it was eventually concluded that one of the passengers’ magic had acted up, causing the plane to malfunction and crash over the bermuda triangle. For years, it was believed only two passengers were rescued: Malia and her then girlfriend, Valentina Willow. They were moved back to Scotland in due time, and the rest of the passengers were declared dead even though no bodies were ever recovered. From there on, the Sakellarios were divided into three: Celaena, who was never told there were any survivors, Malia, who didn’t have the courage to face her sister because of her cushing survivor’s guilt, and the handful of children that narrowly survived the crash; that is, Natessa, Perseus, Atalanta, Leda, and Apollonas Sakellarios. All led vastly different lives there on out.

For her part, Celaena was never given any reason to believe any of her siblings had survived, and for some time, it ruined her. Between that and her firstborn’s adoption, she was a wreck mentally and emotionally. Her job became her lifeline, and she poured every bit of her into her work. Very little time did she devote to her personal relationship with Trenton, and while it definitely took its toll on their relationship, he was nothing if not patient. He’d endured similar losses, having been orphaned and sent to live with his uncle at a young age, so he at least could provide the support he once received himself. Still, though, Celaena became emotionally unavailable, and it took nearly two years of therapy for her to accept that her family had died. Survivor’s guilt can be a horrible thing. Thankfully, with her then-boyfriend’s unwavering support, she got better over time. And as she improved, she continued to go up the hierarchy at the Academy, becoming History of Magic Professor and eventually becoming Chair of the History Department at the Academy and Deputy Headmistress.

The decade that followed did bring a lot of change to Trenton and Celaena’s lives. In 2026, she was offered a promotion to Headmistress of the Academy following the retirement of her would-be predecessor, and for the 14 years that followed, she was an exemplary Headmistress. She brought change to the Academy. For his part, Trenton wound up in charge of the Embassy. While it wasn’t as “good” of a job as Cel’s, it did allow him a better schedule for when they started having kids in 2030, less than a year after getting married. First came twin girls Aven and Demetra, followed under a year later by twins Kian and Delphine-Mellis. Yes, multiples have been in every Sakellarios generation for centuries — it’s basically in their genes. They didn’t mean to have a big family. The second pregnancy was an accident, and the first time they didn’t even account for twins. But there they were, a family of six. Both parents had a big presence in their children’s lives growing up.

Cel’s job was very demanding as Headmistress, and it didn’t get any better in 2040, when she left her post to become Minister of Education in the government. It certainly didn’t get better in 2042, when she spearheaded a progressive movement that let her run and eventually be chosen as Prime Minister. This did take a toll on her marriage, and this time, there was no saving it. She made time for the kids, but she’d be lying if she said she was really as “into” her marriage anymore. More often than not, she avoided her husband. Their relationship deteriorated pretty quickly after she joined the government, you see; it had always been Trenton’s “area”, and her joining made him feel emasculated to a certain extent. Like she’d gotten into his territory and managed to progress faster than he had. Their compatibility fell apart, and by 2043, they were getting divorced. He returned to his home country of England, but still kept as close of a relationship with his kids as he could. In 2046, Celaena abruptly announced her retirement and intent to move. Although officially, she cited her want for her kids to be closer to their father, rumor has it there’s more to the woman than was meeting the eye.

Kian Orion's metamorphmagus abilities took a bit longer to manifest than his sisters – something that caused him a lot of grief when he was younger. The idea that he was the boring, inferior twin had implanted itself in his mind as early as then, though he doesn't hold it against his sister at all. In fact, he loves her very much and is his closest friend. He was seven the first time he got so sad that his skin took on a sickly pale color and his usual blond hair turned pitch black – it may just be because Kian has always had such a strong grip on his emotions and is used to keeping them contained. It's because of this his first magical incident came a bit late as well; at ten, Kian didn't have the energy to do his chores and his room began to simply just fix itself and put everything back into place.

Kian was a very well behaved child and never saw the need to act out or do anything else rebellious. He was also the child who took the most interest in his mother's work and at a young age, already understood the gravity of her position and her job. Because of this, he was determined to refrain from being difficult and giving his family more problems than what was already on his parents' plates. He attended the Greek institute for advanced witchcraft along with the rest of his siblings, and one could often find him reasoning with many teachers that no, Mel didn't mean what she said, or bargaining with the principal to give his sister a lighter sentence for her detention. He was a bit of a teacher's pet, the type of student who'd religiously go over the course syllabus and study in advance and would do all the extra credit assignments.

He was a bit unpopular as a result just because people tended to refrain from being around him, what with everyone knowing who his mother was. This still bugs him until now, and the feeling of being excluded was never one that sat well with Kian so he would often use his abilities to go to parties and disguise himself. It was a bit depressing knowing that he'd never get along with these people as himself, but Kian has already resigned himself to the idea that he's too plain to ever be properly noticed so this was the only way. Kian also abhorred the idea of ever using his family's social influence to get other people in trouble, which made him an easy target for his yearmates since they knew he would never tell anyone. That's fine – Kian always got his revenge, albeit with a different face.

He had seen the divorce of his parents coming from a mile away, which further reinforced his desire to be accommodating and not at all difficult since his parents clearly had other problems to deal with. He wasn't too keen on the idea of following their father to the UK but at least it gave him a fresh start. Truth be told, he's very indifferent about the whole move but feels bad that it's uprooting his siblings from lives that they enjoyed – he always puts his family in front of his own feelings like that – but he's sure that given how capable they are of acclimating to whatever environment they're in, they'll all be fine.


(+): levelheaded, dutiful, trustworthy
(-): deceitful, cunning, manipulative

Kian is very used to being the "unproblematic" child. Not that his siblings are problematic at all – in fact, he thinks they're all rather behaved, but he's taken being unproblematic to the extreme and has faded into the background like the ultimate wallflower. It's better to just be quiet and not cause any trouble, he thinks, than to be a burden on his family when they all have far more important, interesting things going on. He has this idea that he exists to serve as a supporting character in the lives of those around them. Basically, the opposite of main character syndrome – he think she's destined for a painfully average and mundane life where he doesn't really ever figure out what he wants.

Kian always finds himself in positions of responsibility despite having no real desire to be there. Or so he thinks. Truth be told, he enjoys positions of leadership and likes being the one who knows everything that's going on and deciding how things play out – but pretends that he's accepting these roles out of obligation rather than genuine desire as he fears the latter would imply that he thinks he's more important than he actually is.

He has no idea what he wants to do with his life and that scares him a bit, so he's mindgaming himself into thinking that he wants to go into education or politics simply so that he has an answer for when people ask him.

Kian is not the type to fight back, especially considering at his old school he was bullied a lot, but he does hold grudges and is quite vindictive, choosing to strike back after a considerable amount of time and often with a different face. He always seriously thinks out his revenge because he doesn't want to be implicated.

He has an intense desire to be liked by others and his personality is malleable (hell, even his appearance is malleable) to fit whatever form he thinks people will take well to the most. He does not mind changing himself to impress others – he is not very fond of his true self either, so he gets it. Kian often relies on authority figures for validation, which is why he's so hellbent on making sure he does not give his parents problems and why he was a bit of a teacher's pet at his last school.


Interests Logic problems, reading, Mathematics, word games, Quidditch, cats
Habits Eyes changing color
Pet Peeves Melodrama
Goals Do good by his family
Enneagram 4w3
Star Sign Taurus
Alignment Neutral Evil
Love Language Words of Affirmation

Magical Characteristics

Wand Poplar, Dragon heartstring, 10 inches
Amortentia Coffee
Patronus Turtle
Patronus Memory Sneaking home a cat with Mel
Boggart Losing Mel
Blood Status Pure-blood
Peculiar Metamorphmagus


Song Same Drugs - Chance the Rapper
TV Show Breaking Bad
Book Flowers for Algernon
Movie The Truman Show
Color Dark Violet

*Kian is actually only 5'11", but uses his metamorphmagus abilities to round up.
*He can play the guitar, but rarely plays for anyone.
*He is particularly skilled at hexes and jinxes, though he finds that to be a bit embarrassing.
*He is unsure of what he wants to do with his life, and might resign himself to a life in politics.

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kian orion macmillan
fifth year, slytherin
chasing after our ends