Kim Jun-heo
Gryffindor Alumni • The Mudblood Model
Owned by: Soc

Full Name: Kim Jun-heo
Born: May 13
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Junnie
Species: Wizard
Nationality: Korean
Ethnicity: Korean

Sexuality: Undecided
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Korean
Birthplace: Suncheon, South Korea
Native Language: Korean
Languages Spoken: English, Korean
Current Location: Hogwarts
Affiliation(s): Gryffindor, Kim family, Park Family

Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Wood: Redwood
Wand Core: Orange Fwooper Feather
Wand Length: 12 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Snow Leopard
Boggart: Dragons
Exotic?: No

Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Year: Alumni
Year Joined: First

Jun-heo is a kind-hearted kid, despite the wreck of a home he comes from. He likes to see the good in people - in fact, he likes to see the good in everything. That's why he loves photography. It makes the most mundane things breathtaking. He likes being able to do that for people. Make them feel like more than they think they are. He's also skilled in front of the camera too. He can convey such emotion that many can't. Jun just has natural talent when it comes to any form of photography.

While he is greatly skilled and kind, he is not the biggest talker. He's quite shy despite his love for the camera. It's not uncommon that the only thing you get from him in class is a shy smile and big puppy dog eyes. Don't be mistaken though - he is by no means scared. He has the courage of a lion. Jun never denies who he is and he stands up for the people that cannot stand up for themselves. He likes to support the little guy because he knows how it feels to be helpless.

Though he can be a bit introverted, Jun is one of the most hilarious people on the planet. His secret sense of humor is something to be cherished. Only his friends and family know how funny he is, and they're lucky enough to experience the cutest laugh in the world. Jun-heo's also extremely passionate. He puts his heart into everything he does. Life, to him, is not worth living if there's no passion behind it.

While Jun is very talented, he is absolutely terrible at quidditch. That doesn't stop him from watching though! He loves the sport and is quite the collector of quidditch cards. He never misses a game. Once he even had the flu and still showed up to see Hufflepuff slaughter Ravenclaw. He enjoys school games just the same as professional. He's a total dork when it comes to quidditch. It's also one of his favorite things to photograph.

Park Yeon-hee and Kim Nam-jin were childhood loves - it was almost as if their fate was predestined. As children they flirted, as teens they dated, as young adults they wed. They had a precious baby boy named Jun-heo who was their pride and joy. They were happy for a while. Until Nam-jin lost his job. Money became an issue and the once merry couple was now experiencing much more tension than they'd like. It started with a few arguments and went downhill from there. Yeon-hee and Nam-jin still loved their son, but they no longer loved each other. Not the way they should.

Yeon-hee developed a drinking problem. Alcohol blocked out the pain. Nam-jin tried to get her to stop, not only for his sake, but for Jun's as well. She couldn't. Feeling neglected an frustrated, Nam-jin turned to other sources to get the attention and care he required. He began cheating on Yeon-hee, seeing Jun's pre-school teacher on the side. Jun had no idea. He was too young. And if Yeon-hee did, she never let on because she was too drunk. When Jun-heo was eight, his mom got drunk again. Too drunk. She began wrecking the whole house, leaving a tornado in her wake. It only took one broken vase, one cut on Jun's cheek, one livid Nam-jin to change everything as the Kims knew it.

Jun was at his aunt and uncle's place when he was told the news: his parents were getting a divorce. It was then, that all the lights in the house blew, leaving them in complete darkness. Which was exactly what Jun felt. That was his first sign of magic. His aunt, uncle, and their children were all wizards. They understood Jun-heo when no one else did. The Parks introduced him to magic and began raising him in the art. They took care of him while his parents sorted out the nasty dispute.

To take Jun's mind of his family issues, his Uncle introduced him to the world of photography. Little did his uncle know, the camera he gave him was the key to hope. Looking through a lens, Jun saw the world as beautiful again. Imperfect, broken, hurt - but beatiful. He got really into photography and even landed a gig here or there to earn some extra cash taking pictures. It was his safe haven.

In the end of a messy divorce, his father won sole custody with his mother having visiting rights. Despite that, he spent the summers with his cousins the Parks. He'd much rather be with them than in a broken home. When Jun turned eleven, he recieved his letter to Hogwarts and he couldn't be more excited. He wouldn't have to stay with his dad or mom - he could just be free. A year later, his cousin JJ joined him at school, and he had to admit that it was nice to have some family around. Family that didn't argue, drink, or cheat - that is.

When he was fourteen, he was picked up by a modeling agency. It was a freak occurance. Pure luck that he happened to be in the right place at the right time. Either way, it gave him the chance to earn some money for himself. Something he most certainly wouldn't turn down. Now, he's entering his sixth year and is modeling every chance he gets. Turns out he's just as good in front of the camera as he is behind it.

Model: Jeon Jungkook
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Varies, but usually brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 154 lbs
Voice Type: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks: None

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Father: Kim Nam-jin
Mother: Park Yeon-hee
Long Lost Twin: Aslan Beaulieu
Sisters: None
Guardian(s): Father
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: Park Family

Kim Nam-jin Father "TBD"
Park Yeon-hee Mother "TBD"
Park Jan-Ji Cousin "TBD"
TBD Best Friend "TBD"

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