Kono Lewis
(Character roleplayed by Sugar)
The future is uncertain but the end is always near.”

– Jim Morrison

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Kono Vincent Lewis
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January 28th, 2026
United States of America

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Family members

  • Honon Lewis (father)
  • Cherelle Vincent † (mother)
  • Leyti Lewis (sister)

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Losing someone else


Mahogany, Wampus cat hair


Art Restorer & Forger


Flat 3B
(Park Square, Diagon Alley)


  • Lewis family
  • Vincent family
  • Blignaut family
  • Henry family
  • Draper family
  • Ilvermorny
    • Wampus

Kono Vincent Lewis is a half-blood (part-nymph) wizard, the son of Cherelle Vincent and Honon Lewis. His godmother is Litonya Lewis, his aunt. Kono has one younger sibling, a sister; Leyti Enola.

He was named after his paternal grandfather Kono Lewis. He began attending Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2037, and was Sorted into Wampus house.

Wampus Crest


Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.

– Kurt Vonnegut

Early childhood

Kono Lewis was born in 2026 to Cherelle Vincent and Honon Lewis. As the eldest child he is two years older than his younger sister Leyti. Honon and Cherelle wanted freedom and safety, and so they lived in complete secrecy. Prior to the new and more idyllic life he became accustomed to Honon wasn't quite fit for society, Azkaban nearly destroyed him. Protected from external threats by every spell, potion, and creature known of in their combined knowledge. Relocating to a different country was not enough to provide the sense of peace. Cherelle would always feel that their happy family moments together were fleeting and danger was looming over them. She feared more for Honon and the children than for herself, an obsession that would contribute to her death.

In 2037 during a praticularly well executed halloween extravaganza Kono had his first sign of magic. Since they kept their social circle tight and exclusive they celebrated holidays elaborately. Kono and Leyti were treated to a haunted house in their own home. It was spectacular and better than any trick or treat they could've asked for. Leyti was absolutely terrified and loving it, until the end. Kono silenced and knocked back an anthropomorphic werewolf into a fixed position. After it snarled and lunged at him and his sister he was scared and angry enough to react magically. Leyti had been gripping her brother's arm tight, and he had his fair share of jump scares make him flinch that night.

His letter from Ilvermorny was found laying just outside the property line. He could see it and he swore it was close enough or him to reach. The protective wards and enchantments his parents set up prevented him from grabbing the letter himself. While he continued to try Leyti ran to tell their father the news. Informed of everything they had already known, it was made apparent to Honon that Kono had inherited a gift from his Half-Breed mother. His father learned why his son always seemed to be such an observant and hasty child. Shortly before the boy was eleven he proved his parents the ability to see flashes of the future he'd secretly struggled with for a years. Honon was surprised to learn his son was part-Nymph, he was concerned about how he'd keep it well hidden.

Ilvermorny Years (2037-2044)

Kono Lewis began his magical education at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2037, and he was Sorted into Wampus.

First year

In 2037 Kono attended magical school for the first time. Headed for Ilvermorny he was joined by: Harlow Rothley, Jarret Thurston, Maudie Baumann, Aries Purcell and Calliope Richards.

Second year

In 2038 he tried out for his house quidditch team and played as Chaser. He started tapping into some minor nymph abilities by accident, he was forced to get help learning to control his powers.

Third year

In 2039 his favorite classes were Charms, Transfiguration and Herbology. The school counsellor encouraged him to practice art, he ended up with an interest in Potions. He'd even learned to brew magical paints and ink.

Fourth year

In 2040 he began learning how to play as Seeker for his house quidditch team. It was a unanimous team decision because of his erratic style of flight and insane mid-air antics.

Fifth year

In 2041 his mother died from a stray shotgun bullet, she was out for the night with Honon at a No-Maj restaurant. Her death was ruled an accident but Kono will always feel more could've been done.

Sixth year

In 2042 he tried out for quidditch captain and shared the honor with Maudie Baumann. He always insists he was chosen out of pity for his recent induction into the Dead Moms Club.

Seventh year

In 2043 he started making money as a 'Scratcher', giving tattoos that were more permanent than they were supposed to be for people his age. He received zero complaints. However, he was ultimately stripped of his quidditch captaincy and banned from play by his the Head of Wampus and nearly expelled by the Ilvermorny Headmaster.

Adult Life

After Ilvermorny Kono began working as an apprentice at a small tattoo shop in the magical quarter of New Orleans for almost two years. While he was steadily finding his own footing and learning on the fly in an inspiring envieonment he became a rapidly successful Art Restorer. Not without help from his old school counsellor.

Back at home in California things unfortunately fell apart. His father admitted he couldn't keep things up anymore, he waited until Leyti finished up at Ilvermorny to tell them. He needed help and he wanted to be committed because he didn't think he could do it alone. Kono invited his sister Leyti to move to the UK with him for a fresh start.

Physical description

Kono looks a lot like his dad, even his shaggy hair is from his father's influence. He's got his mother's features too, the fairer skin and eye shape come from Cherelle. He thinks he's a good looking guy and that its a hard feature to hide. He's absolutely beautiful yet still masculine and handsome. He’s got black hair and blue eyes, sort of common physically. Except that he's 6 feet tall, that kind of helps him stand out. That and he’s covered in tattoos, he's determined to make sure there is ink on the majority of his body.

He's gotten his arms fully tattooed, his neck, chest and stomach are covered with ink as well. He's got ink on his head, over the ear and don't forget his hands and fingers.
He's got a handful of piercings including but not limited to; anti-eyebrow, both nostrils, septum, double helix (upper ear cartilage), standard + upper lobe, and gauges.

Personality and traits

Kono is a good dude although he looks like a bit like a 'hot felon' fresh out of a holding cell. He likes to mislead simple minds like that. He's all about trampling over preconceived notions and expectations. He's very protective of women, the way he treats his little sister is proof. He doesn't try to be overwhelming about it. He respects every woman and her equal rights and he knows the more he tries to intervene it only creates problems he's looking to avoid. He's sick and tired of feeling like he's trying to be king of the castle in place of his dad. He tries to be more of a guiding voice instead of a stricter-than-strict brodad. He's goofy, he has a childlike sensibility and he's got a love for slapstick comedy. In some ways he's never really grown up. He still likes everything he liked when he was a little boy. He's not playing on jungle gyms, although he still enjoys a good game of tag. He has the enthusiasm favorite cartoons and sugary cereals from the past even though he doesn't eat it anymore.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Art {Restoration & Forgery}


  • Wand: Kono's wand is made from Mahogany, much is known of this wand wood, as it is most seldom used. His wand's core is made from Wampus cat hair, it has an intimidating reputation which may make many witches and wizards wary of both possible ownership of said wands.
  • Owl: Marilyn Monroe Barn Owl
  • Messenger bag



Lewis Family

Kono has always been closer to his father than his mother, but his closest relative by far is his little sister. He absolutely treasures his mother more in death than he ever did in life. It causes a bit of grief for him sometimes. Kono and Leyti lost their mother while they were in their teens. They still had their father, but for Kono it was a powerful blow that he felt robbed him of both parents. His father lost his way. Honon kept going in his everyday routine for a couple of years before he couldn't carry on anymore.

His mother Cherelle passed in 2041. His father was institutionalized in 2045.


  • Kono: Miwok name meaning a tree squirrel biting through the middle of a pine nut.
  • Vincent: Derived from the Roman name Vincentius, which is derived from the Latin word vincere (to conquer).
  • Lewis: From the post-Classical Latin name Ludovicus meaning victorious in athletic games (ludus, game; vicus, var. of victor, winner).
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