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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

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Kresselia Moon
Moon Kyoo-Ri (문규리)
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the second quadrant: negative positive
February 19, 2011
Rai (쌍둥이)
IKon (동생)
Name Pronunciation
krez-EL-ia seh-lie-VA-na moon
Blood Status
Cyborg Human; Witch
rped by the embodiment of the universe

Kresselia Celaevana Moon is a Ravenclaw alum and former Mahoutokoro student. Part time KPOP idol and part time bioengineering major, rhe's not the type to fµç╪ around. Rhe's a cyborg too, but whatever.
Eye Color
Dark brown, almost hazel
Hair Color
Black Blonde
Clothing Style
Whatever's not in the laundry basket.
"As pretty as the full moon, Dad always said. That was in the parent resume, no doubt."

Since being pretty isn't exactly a requirement for a gifted mechanic, Kress completely dismisses any comments (positive or negative) about rher appearance. Rhe's never found any logical reason to flaunt looks, and finds the simple idea of it absurd. For Merlin's sake, rhe has a prosthetic hand and foot. What is there to flaunt?

Rher garb tends to be on the improvised side. It won't matter to rher as long as it's not in the laundry basket. Rhe's not even that nitpicky with cleanliness, you'll find smudges of soot here and there and splotches of oil. Being a mechanic isn't a clean job, and rhe doesn't believe in dressing up for company. To see rher squeaky clean would be astonishing, and seeing rher in the appropriate attire would be mind-blowing.

A toolbelt clinches her jeans to rher waist a majority of the time, and rhe's rarely ever seen without it. Due to one last snippet of insecurity, rher prosthetic hand is bound to be cozy in a glove. You might be able to find rher walking around barefoot, but rhe does adore rher leather boots and is forever giving teachers a migraine because rhe refuses to conform to the standard school shoes.

When there is a memo and Kress does get it, it will most likely be used for sandpaper. Rhe will dress as rhe pleases, and it won't matter how many odd looks or sniggers rhe gets. Rhe doesn't carry around a wrench for nothing, you know. It makes for an excellent knock on a head. Don't even mention makeup. "It's for try-hards and I will ƒµç╪ing fight you on it."

Native Language
Korean, Japanese, English
A surprisingly pleasant blend of Korean and Japanese
Earliest Memory
Setting fire to rher dad's old newspapers
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
"너나 잘해." Fire

"Ew, do I really have to go through this? I don't see the point of going through my crappy past that nobody will give a crap about. Ugh, what? I have to? Well, ƒµç╪ you.

"January. My parents are a classic story. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they fall in love, girl dies, boy drops into depression, boy meets someone new who is head over heels for them, boy finally gets the ƒµç╪ over their deceased lover and marries the living one and has kids. Gosh, Dad, you had to be so ƒµç╪ing complicated, didn't you? Love's complete bull****. You should have learned that by now.

"February. Twins are born. Here's where me and Rai come in. I'm a quiet baby. Rai, not so much. I'm younger by a couple of minutes, and I cba to remember the exact number. Our parents adore us, or so that's what supposedly happens. Then the bills start coming in, and poverty hits. Sh!t goes down.

"March. We're barely a year old when they start fighting. I have a good memory, Rai says so. It's why I'm so good at math, but whatever. I've had it apparently since I was a baby, because I can still vividly make out their yelling. It's not nice, but probably how all those cuss words got installed into my brain. I'll have to thank my parents for that.

"April. Whoop-de-ƒµç╪ing-do, we're four years old. I like fire. I like seeing it consume the paper. Dad takes the lighter away from me, and I bawl my eyes out. How pathetically innocent I was back then. Parents argue. First time they pull me and Rai apart to sleep in different houses. I couldn't sleep and cried all night. Dad got sick of it and we went back to being in one house.

"June. They've calmed down a bit. Things have settled down. It's quiet. I steal the lighter and the matches all the time and I set the living room table on fire. Dad yells at me and locks me in the cupboard for the night. Rai gets me out. I set fire to the brooms.

"July. Dad disappears. Mom - gross, never let me repeat that again - tells us he'll come back. He doesn't. I nearly burn down the living room but Parent #2 doesn't say anything. I learn how to pick locks. I find a broken gramophone in the attic. I fix it. Rai is so happy.

"August. School is hell. I scream at the kids to leave me alone. I burn off some kid's pigtails. Guidance counselor. Parent #2 takes me to a therapist. I don't cooperate. I kick and scream and yell for Dad. Rai is in the other room, screaming for me. We go home, and Parent #2 is silent the entire way home. It hurts. I burn down the whole house. I'm barely alive. I'm on flames and I'm terrified. I wake up and I don't have a foot and a hand. Parent #2 is crying.

"September. Rai and I are magic. I finally know why I can burn things without matches. We get shipped off to magic school. I hate it. I hate homework. I hate people. I borrow (I was feeling nice enough to not steal) books from a Muggle library. I like them. I like engineering. I like fixing things.

"November. Two years of magic school. I still don't like it. I build myself my own foot and hand so I don't limp around like a handicap anymore. I don't want their pity. I don't want their sympathy. Feelings, yuck. I steal the materials. Parent #2 finds out and gets mad at me then cries. She goes and pays for the things.

"December. Something went wrong. Really wrong. Dad's been found dead. Parent #2 wakes us in the middle of the night and says we're moving to Britain. We're transferring schools. I don't really care. It can't be any worse than here in Korea. Can it? I don't know. We pack up, we take everything we can, and leave. For good, probably. What happened to Dad? Parent #2 doesn't want to say. They don't want to talk about it."

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Sagacious, intrepid, diligent, and resilient.
Worst Qualities
Pugnacious, cynical, insolent, and brazen.
Most Influenced By
Rai, Gino


59% Irritable/Insomniac/Intrepid Introvert
22% Saucy/Sarcastic/Sassy Sensing
50% Trenchant/Truculent/Talented Thinking
16% Pretty/Pugnacious/Paranoid Perceiving

"Sugarcoating is a complete waste of time and I don't see why the ƒµç╪ people bother with it.

"I don't like people. I don't understand organic life forms. That's literally all you need to know about me. Oh, and stay the hell out of my way."

"Not good with organic life forms." If you wanted to dumb down Kress' personality into one sentence, that would fit rher perfectly. It doesn't matter how well rhe understands quantum mechanics. Rhe simply can't comprehend what makes humans tick and teeter about like the dunderheads rhe feels they are. Don't get rher started on how annoying "feelings" are. That's just asking for trouble.

People's general existence makes rher want to hurl. Rhe hates how some of their movements are so horribly rusty and badly wants to grab an oil can and fix their joints if rhe could. The need for physical proximity also makes rher head spin. What's with people wanting to be right in your face when talking? That makes zero sense to rher. Rhe believes communication is the same whether or not you're five hundred feet away. Ugh, humans, always making things so damn complicated.

Then there's the whole thing about "niceness" and sugarcoating. Those topics make Kress feel like rher brain short-circuited. Why do you have to be nice to someone you don't like? Why do you have to lie to people? Why do they take it so personally when you're being honest? General courtesy? What? No thanks. Kress would rather be stuck with a broken record for company. At least that rhe can fix.

Honesty, or to be more specific, brutal honesty is Kress' everyday policy. "WHAT THE HELL IS HER PROBLEM?" If you've ever heard that rhetorical question, you'll know who the person's been talking to. Asking Kress for rher opinion is asking rher to unpin a grenade. Rhe won't let any details go free. Rher criticism is really constructive, but rhe doesn't get why people seem so offended after rhe nitpicks through the mess that is their problem. Maybe it's the bluntness of rher approach, but who really cares? People started to leave rher alone ever since rhe made sure that no one could go within five feet of rher.

Homework? HA. Kress couldn't care less about homework. Rhe swears it's all some big conspiracy to make them think military schools are worse. Rher academic skills lay forsaken and accumulate dust as rhe lacks a ƒµç╪ to give. Rai is the only reason rhe's managed to scrape passing grades and advance to the next year level. Rhe has a really soft spot for rher ssangdung-i hyeongje, and he's one of the few weak spots in rher armor of maraging steel. That isn't to say it's all his effort, of course. Kress is no slouch, and in reality, rhe's frankly good as long as rhe bothers to try.

Get technical, and you might just catch rher interest. If there's anything rhe relates to, it's machinery. From broken cuckoo clocks to overheated carburetors, there is no kink rhe can't work out. Humans being the exception, of course. Rhe might be as abrasive as rher namesake (aka the moon), but you'd be surprised on what that tough exterior contains.

talk bubble
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Kresselia Moon - ravenclaw alum φ igneous lunar
Message Me - 10:34, October 21, 2015 (UTC)
Kress looked up from some disassembled contraption with a scowl. "꺼저!" Rhe snapped fractiously.

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skills and magical abilities

Mechanical Engineering

Kress can input star charts, order you a smoothie, and rewire the mainframe of Hogwarts if it had one all at the same time if rhe wanted to. Be glad magic schools don't have speakers to be tinkered with. Rhe particularly enjoyed humiliating her old Muggle headmaster by manipulating the sounds system to emit phrases like "The squirrel is going to eat you" and "Homework is a denizen of Hell" in a Darth Vader voice.

Chemical Engineering

One thing to say: Potions classes are going to be one hell of a ruckus.

Magical Theory

Theories hold so much fascination for Kress that it's not even funny. It's one of the only classes rhe secretly cares about. If her nose isn't buried in the organs of some machine, rhe's likely to be absorbing pages of both mathematical and magical theories. If it's a theory, rhe'll love it. It doesn't matter what kind.

History of Magic

Her secret pleasure. While rhe still shows no favoritism to the professor, Kress' excellent memory allows her to memorize the most infinitesimal of details and sift through them to her heart's content. Rhe could probably recite every event from the 90s to present chronologically if rhe wanted to, but everybody is too worn out from her unwarranted diatribes to listen.


This needs no further explanation.

Sarcasm & Sassiness

Oh, yes, these are definitely skills in Kress' case.




*Rhe loves ''samgyeopsal''.
*Rhe goes by robot pronouns (rhe, rher, rhem, and rhey) and ''hates'' being called "Miss."
*Rhe's a ridiculously good singer and sings when rhe's working on some new project.
*Rhe has dance moves you've never seen and will simply wipe your words out clean. Rhe's extremely touchy about it and if people catch rher, rhe hides rher embarrassment via crossing the fine line between sarcasm and outright hostility and ascertains that the person will be so degraded that they'll never speak of the incident again.
*Rhe's an insomniac and ADHD, but rhe'd never tell you nor would you ever guess.
*While rher brother is openly enthused by Quidditch, rhe badmouths it to everyone who dares to talk to rher because "there are more interesting things to talk about, you f***ing halfwit" but secretly likes it.
*Rhe has almost zero talent but lots of skill in Potions. It's one of the few subjects rhe ''tries'', and did more than try.
*Rher life goal is to cure lycanthropy.<br>*"If it hasn't sunken in that moronic mind of yours yet, I'm a pyromaniac."
*Animals don't get along with rher simply because rhe refuses to try to get along with them.
*"Squirrels are the spawn of Hel and don't even argue."
*Magical Theory and History of Magic tie for rher favorite class. rhe would never admit it.
*Since rhe was five, rhe's had a weird obsession with time. Rhe's programmed rher prosthetic hand to receive a signal from the National Institute of Standards and Technology Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado so it acts as a watch too. It's accurate to within ten billionths of a second. (0.000000001)
*Rhe calls prefects "cherries" or "cherry tarts" or "cherry pop tarts." Back in Mahoutokoro, students with cherry wands were subjected to extreme favoritism from the teachers, which Kress found outrageous. Rhe stole a few cherry wands and hid them around the school a few times to spite students who were too big for their own britches.
*Kress would rather die than admit rhe's okay with 1D's music.
*Both rher prosthetic hand and foot are detachable so rhe's fully capable of bitch-slapping people from across the room.

Ambidextrous, predominantly left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Asexual and demiromantic
Relationship Status
Rher and Rai burning to death
Red oak handle, ebony body, dragon heartstring core, 13 inches, and rigid.
Hooded crow
Favorite Drink
Chilsung Cider, sujeonggwa, oksusucha
Favorite Sweet
Yaksik, tteok, and honestly, rhe can't choose.
Amortentia Scents
Cigarette ashes, heated metal, and burning chemicals
Favorite Song
Try by Colbie Caillat
Overdose by EXO
Ssenunni by Jessi
My Number by Cheetah
MOMMAE by Jay Park

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