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Kress Gif 2

Rai Tab Gif

— Moon Seon-Taek, "Rai"
— Ssangdung-i hyeongje/twin brother (we look nothing alike, I swear)
— Taller than me by three inches ughhh why me
— Older by five minutes
— Right handed
Loves banana milk
— Coca bottles are the source of his sugar highs
— Likes annoying me with his hair (seriously, ugh.)
— Outgoing as hell and doesn't hate everyone I envy him
Would blow up a country for him even though I'll never admit it
— Betrothed to Quidditch since he first set eyes on a broom
— Only person who can keep me in line but don't tell him I said that
— Uh, yes, I do care
Only family member I like


— Seo Jin-ho, "Gino," Silver Iodine Nitrogen Oxygen Selenium Oxygen
— Annoying
— Korean like me
— Stole all my hiding spots and forced me to share
— Addicted to chemicals. The actual chemicals, not drugs.
— An idiot in daily affairs
— Addicted to strawberry milk
— Makes my ears bleed by continuously singing some periodic table song. How is he not losing his voice???
— Constantly makes me wonder why I keep him around
— Oh wait, I don't keep him around. He insists on staying even when I kicked him out.
— Conclusion: Barely tolerable

Jae Tab Gif

— Cba'd to get his name
— Hufflepuff (trim, again)
— Wanted to be "friends" (ha)
— Mother was a robotics professor
— Persistent as hell, got to give him that
— Apparently knows about portable generators
— Also apparently knows about cybernetic robotics
Oozes of friendliness and Hufflepuff-ness. Ick.
— Has a tattoo on his hand. Wonder how he got that past the professors.
— Conclusion: Somewhat tolerable

Oliver Tab Gif

— Never got the a**hole's name
— Real jerk for a Hufflepuff (saw the trim on his robes)
— Tried to use a cheering charm on me
— Almost got into a full out duel with me before a professor intervened
?— Tripped over me and thought sorry would cut it instead of helping me get my tools
— Called me a foul person (ha, who hasn't?)
— Hope those annoying girls did nag him to death

credit to red for page, rabbit for the backdrop template, and belle for character questions