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Krysalis Euclide
The Once Head of the Department of Magical Education
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Krysalis Euclide née Floridia is a pure blooded witch who believes in success in young witches and wizards education.

Krysalis Euclide née Floridia
Gender Female
Birthday May 13
Age 39
Family Michael Floridia (Father)
Margaret Floridia née Brown (Mother)
Alexander Floridia (Brother)
Rosie Floridia (Sister)
Lyrica Stone (Niece)
Rosalea Fern (Niece)
Joseph Euclide (Husband)
Hometown South Hampstead, London
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blonde
Skin Colour Light
Affiliation the Euclide Family, the Floridia Family
Blood Status Pure-blood
House Ravenclaw
Wand-Arm Right
Boggart Losing Joseph
Patronus Leopard
Job Department of Magical Education Head


Krysalis was born in South Hampstead in London in 13 May 1975. Her parents were Michael Floridia and Margaret Floridia (née Brown). She has two siblings, Alexander and Rosie Floridia. Krysalis went to Hogwarts and was a Ravenclaw.

As an adult, she was the head of the Department of Morale and Information and married Joseph Euclide. Due to her mental state after killing James Euclide, Joseph's brother, Krysalis attempted suicide a few times to the point where she was taken to St. Mungo's and that was when she promptly removed her memory to avoid anymore ocurrences. However, after this, Krysalis seemed empty, without a personality or even a soul. Because of this, Joseph separated from her and has been avoiding her since.



Krysalis has blonde hair with greenish eyes.


Name Relation Feelings
Lyrica Stone Niece Lyrica Stone is one of her two nieces whom she loves dearly.
Rosalea Fern Niece Rosalea Fern is the sister of Lyrica Stone and is one of Krysalis' two nieces whom she loves dearly.
Joseph Euclide Husband Joseph Euclide is her husband who she loves a lot. Joseph works as a professor at Hogwarts teaching DAtDA.
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