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kseniya kirova
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Kseniya Timofeyevna Kirova
full name
Ksyusha, Ksyunya
relationship status
Witch, ½ Death Nymph
blood status
blood type


Moscow, Russia
Cornelia Avenue, Lincliff City
current residence
English, Russian, Spanish
languages spoken
Ghost Hunter
30 September 2018




trigger warning for suicide
  • born in moscow, russia on 30 september 2018 to ulyana, a death nymph, and timofey kirov, a neurohealer
    • ulyana was exiled from the nymph sanctuary for crimes she refuses to speak of
      • kseniya believes she killed someone, which isn't entirely accurate but she may as well have
    • ulyana isn't the biggest fan of humans. to her, they're boring, they're weak, they're stupid
      • pot calling the kettle black, really
    • ulyana was attacked by several vicious redcaps and badly injured, only barely making it to the hospital on her own. she met timofey in the hospital after she was patched up. they found eachother equally aggravating but also attractive
      • no one who knew them understood their relationship, least of all timofey's daughter, lyudmila
        • lyudmila was four when her father started dating ulyana. to be fair, she didn't understand much at that age, but she was still able to tell ulyana didn't like her
        • there wasn't much base for ulyana's dislike - lyudmila was a sweetheart, though shy, and didn't hold any hard feelings toward ulyana. she'd never known her mother and she liked the idea of having someone other than just her dad around.
        • ulyana didn't like lyudmila for two reasons: one, she was human, and two, she was someone else's child
    • timofey and ulyana married after only a few months of dating, and a few months later, kseniya was born
      • timofey isn't all that happy about another child, and nor is ulyana, really, but at least this one is hers
      • lyudmila, on the other hand, is thrilled about having a sibling
  • they were a normal enough family for the next three years. ulyana all but ignored the kids, but timofey, busy as he was, made an effort to pay them some attention. lyudmila watched out for kseniya, who was a very active baby and was hardly ever still unless she was sleeping
    • when she first learned to walk, she almost walked right off the kitchen table - and would have, if lyudmila hadn't been there to grab her first
  • timofey got a position at a teaching hospital in the US - atlanta, georgia - and moved his wife and kids out there with him
    • his parents didn't want him to take the job. though busy with their own careers, they liked their grandchildren and didn't see them often enough as is
    • he agreed, under threats from his mother, to send the kids to koldovstoretz so they could spend holidays with their grandparents
  • lyudmila went off to koldovstoretz a few years later, just as planned
    • kseniya, six at the time, had grown used to missing her sister while they were both at primary school, but she was inconsolable for days when her father told her lyudmila wouldn't be back home again until summer
    • kseniya was no artist - still isn't - but she liked to send her sister drawings to accompany her letters
      • she thought she was sending them, anyway. ulyana never mailed any of them - couldn't be bothered to go to the effort for lyudmila.
      • meanwhile lyudmila grew to feel alone and cut off during the months on months she spent away at school. she thought, after her first few letters got no response, that they were getting lost in the post somehow, but after months of nothing, she decided they simply couldn't all be getting lost for that long. anytime she asked her parents about it, they'd say the return letters must be getting lost or taken by another student. ulyana, of course, knew this was a lie, but timofey assumed it was poor luck, and didn't think anything of it.
  • kseniya's witch magic presented when she was eight - she tried to stop her sister leaving for koldovstoretz by sticking her shoes to the floor
    • poor lyudmila fell over and broke her nose on the doorknob
    • their father made quick work of sticking her shoes and fixing her face, and they were all quickly back to business as usual.
  • kseniya had a few friends from primary school who lived in her neighborhood - they weren't too close, but they got on okay and they'd play together after school sometimes. she spent much her time at home, not alone, exactly - though she would have been better off that way. ulyana didn't pay her much attention, and when she did, it was usually to tell her to go away - clean her room, do her homework, play wizard's chess alone
  • meanwhile lyudmila is again at school, and again wondering why her sister isn't returning any of her letters. kseniya had sworn before she left that she would respond to them - she'd send duplicates, just in case the first one got lost. and for what it's worth, kseniya absolutely did try to send them, but again, ulyana never mailed them.
    • the third year of no response really started to get to her, and that coupled with being the least favorite child at home took its toll. she became very depressed and her school performance, usually commendable, took a dive.
    • her parents made her come home for the holidays so they could make sure she was studying since they didn't trust the grandparents to do it - and rightfully so; they had the tendency to spoil their grandkids
    • over the holidays, ulyana decided to keep lyudmila and kseniya apart so lyudmila could study without kseniya distracting her. after being separated for months and now being home and still separated, lyudmila didn't find ulyana's efforts at all helpful.
  • kseniya, nine at the time, started to get a feeling around her sister - a death sort of feeling. she didn't know exactly what words to put to it, and this was the first time her nymph powers had ever done anything noticeable, so naturally she went to the only resource on them that she had - her mom.
    • ulyana tells her, quite plainly, that the feeling means her sister is going to die soon, and that she should just go back to finishing her schoolwork - like this is a mundane question, and the answer is of no consequence.
    • kseniya would usually go right to her sister after such a conversation, but ulyana forbade her from doing so - what was she to do?
      • how do you live with the knowledge that your favorite person is going to die soon, especially when you don't know when or how and you can't even tell them?
        • kseniya still hasn't figured those out. back then, she went through the house, doing her best to baby-proof it, doing everything she could to make it as safe as possible. she stuck padding to sharp corners, hid the cutlery, and put caution signs by the stairs to remind lyudmila to use the handrail. several years later when her grandfather died over the holidays, she just locked herself in room and cried until it happened.
    • kseniya hadn't thought about their father's shaving kit - it hadn't even crossed her mind until she found it next to her sister's body in their parents bathroom.
      • it was new year's eve, 2027. kseniya was looking for lyudmila to drag her away from her studies so they could watch the fireworks together like they used to - they hadn't been able to for the past few years since Lyudmila had spent the holidays with their grandparents in Russia.
  • lyudmila was a responsible older sister - after years of all but raising her sister, she couldn't help it - and she understood they both felt alone while she was at school, even if she didn't acknowledge it until later.
    • she wanted to be there for her sister, and for her sister to be there for her - that's what kept her tethered as ghost
    • she didn't show herself around the house for a few days - ulyana could sense her presence, but kseniya's powers weren't yet developed enough for that. during those few days, lyudmila discovered ulyana had been keeping all kseniya's letters to her - she had a tote full of them in her closet.
    • when kseniya came home from the funeral, she found the ghost of her sister waiting in her room. she's surprised initially, then overjoyed - she would rather have her sister as a ghost than not at all
    • ulyana finds lyudmila's ghostly presence incredibly annoying, but useful later on, once she starts properly trying to train kseniya with her nymph powers
    • timofey, despite being quite busy and generally not an affectionate person, did care for his oldest, and he's disturbed by her ghost at first, though he does eventually get used to her.
      • but he's conflicted, because if she's still around as a ghost, that means she isn't at peace, and on top of that she's a constant reminder of his own guilt. he wonders quite frequently if things would have been different if he'd cared for her like he should have, if he'd paid more attention to her and how she was feeling.
        • years later, they do open up to eachother and work through it.
  • kseniya loves hugs, loves holding hands, loves casual little touches - but her parents not so much. she's used to reaching for her sister and feeling something solid, a habit that never really goes away for her. it's difficult for both of them, but they do adapt. lyudmila isn't solid, but the feeling of passing through her form is distinct enough for both of them that it does become comforting.
  • kseniya throws a fit when it comes time for her to go to koldovstoretz a few years later. she has nothing against school, or against her grandparents, but she doesn't want to spend so much time away from her sister.
    • lyudmila tells her father what ulyana had been doing with kseniya's letters and dictates letters to him, which he then personally sends to kseniya. kseniya receives them all and replies to every single one
      • timofey and ulyana have a falling out over the letters. she'd lied to him and his daughters for years about sending the letters. it's almost enough for them to divorce, but without ulyana, kseniya wouldn't have anyone to teach her how to use her nymph powers, so they remain together
  • at school, kseniya was fairly average. she had a good working knowledge of the basic and utility-type spells and potions, and of history and magical creatures, but she didn't particularly excel anywhere.
    • her best friends were primarily the school's ghosts. they even tried to help her learn how to interact with ghosts physically, but...she wasn't able to make much progress with them. she was still grateful for the help, though.
    • she had some living friends too, mostly other kids who enjoyed the ghosts' company. her exception was leontiy romanov, who she helped get over his fear of ghosts
      • they got off to a rocky start - she'd heard complaints from the ghosts that he went to great lengths to avoid them, and thinking he was just rude, she came on a little aggressively, but once they'd both calmed down, they were fast friends.
    • she had feelings about the tree quidditch - growing up the us, she didn't see the point of using trees over brooms, but she let leontiy teach her how to play anyway and she did enjoy it, even though she'd definitely not be winning any awards for her flying.
  • after her first year of school, the first thing she did when she got home was try to hug her sister - and she succeeded! her work with the ghosts at school had paid off to an extent, even if her success was still spotty at times, and she only ever got it to work with lyudmila.
    • ulyana saw their hug and decided it was time to start training kseniya - or trying to, at least.
      • as the resident ghost of the house, lyudmila became the test subject.
        • ulyana liked to give demonstrations to "try to help"
        • kseniya didn't enjoy the lessons, and she didn't have much success with them either. ulyana wouldn't let her out of them though, and she was too scared of her mother to just refuse.
        • later, ulyana also started trying to get her to practice her powers on her father, and would often use kseniya as the test subject so she would understand what exactly ulyana wanted her to do
        • kseniya was even worse with a living subject than a ghostly one, despite the many tactics ulyana used to try to get her to learn - shockingly she never tried positive reinforcement, though that likely wouldn't have helped either.
  • once she was old enough, kseniya started picking up summer jobs around the neighborhood and saving her money where she could. she knew early on she wanted out of her mother's house as soon as was reasonable, and by the time she graduated, she had enough saved to move and an apartment picked out already - plus, the complex was rumored to be haunted.
    • lyudmila couldn't come with her though, which they both knew. that was almost enough to get kseniya to stay with her parents, but she couldn't stick around and suffer through watching her mother influence her father and sister anymore.
    • she also didn't want lyudmila to be there on her own, but by the time she graduated, she knew she was the reason her sister's ghost was still around.
    • she thought, genuinely, about asking her sister to stay - begging her to. she'd lost lyudmila once, could she really go through that again?
      • but even as she thought it, she was thanking her sister for sticking around and telling her she didn't need to stay anymore.
        • the words were out before she could stop them, but she didn't try to take them back. hard as it was, as selfish as she wanted to be, she meant them. it wouldn't be right to ask her to stay again after what lyudmila had already been through. they'd had an extra ten years - more than they should have, more than anyone else got.
    • kseniya and lyudmila watched the fireworks together one last time before their final goodbye in the early hours of 5 july 2036. later that morning, kseniya left home, and she hasn't been back since. when she sees her parents, they meet elsewhere, and she stays in a hotel.
      • she will not set foot in the house anymore. now that lyudmila is gone, it feels like something is missing, and she can't stand it.
  • the apartment kseniya moved into was absolutely haunted, but the ghost kind of scared and didn't show herself for quite a while.
    • kseniya knew there was a ghost, though - but if they wanted to be shy, that was fine. kseniya, however...not so shy.
    • the ghost didn't talk to her for almost a year and a half, but the entire time, kseniya would have small, mostly one-sided conversations with her.
    • she started keeping candles around and lit when she was at home and would watch the flames to see if they turned blue, indicating the ghost was close.
      • she eventually had the idea to litter her floor with lit tea candles, pour a glass of wine for herself and one for the ghost to drift through if she desired, and then turn her music all the way up and just dance around
        • she'd watch the candles for blue flames, and would take that as a sign the ghost was dancing with her
        • of course, being drunk and dancing on a floor littered with candles led to some accidents, and kseniya has multiple small burn scars from these little accidents
  • she was fascinated by muggles' obsession with the paranormal, so after getting her building inspector's certificate, she decided to be a ghost hunter for hire.
    • a lot of her calls were mundane things like rats, houses settling, bad pipes, trees, etc - which her building inspector's certificate came in handy for
    • but sometimes he would actually find a ghost! or sometimes a ghoul, and the odd poltergeist, though those were few and far between
    • this wasn't the most lucrative career, so she worked at mcdonald's too for a while, until she was fired for refusing to come in when they were understaffed. she didn't mind - she hated that job anyway, and moved on to being a professional building inspector, which was more interesting and paid better, too.
  • back to the ghost in kseniya's apartment:
    • kseniya considered the ghost a friend long before the ghost ever showed herself, and had no trouble talking to her usually, but when she finally revealed herself and said hi, kseniya...forgot how to speak for a bit.
      • she's a gay disaster
    • once kseniya had recovered, they were able to have a proper conversation.
    • the ghost's name was naomi, she'd died aged 20 a few years prior when she slipped in the shower. she'd attended ilvermorny, and like kseniya, she'd never been in love - and her greatest fear was that she'd die before she had the chance to fall in love, and that's how she ended up stuck. she haunted her old apartment because that's where she'd imagined making a home with someone, but she didn't ever get the chance to.
    • now, how does one date a ghost? here's a guide by kseniya kirova, aged 21:
      • step one: dance drunk in your underwear multiple times when you know the ghost is watching
      • step two: engage the ghost in conversation even if they don't respond
      • step three: repeat until they show themselves and you scream and drop your wine everywhere because you'd given up and also she's super pretty and you're really gay
      • step four: ??? wing it
    • kseniya was used to living with a ghost, but she didn't have much experience living with one who wasn't her sister, and she had zero experience living with a romantic partner - which they became, very quickly.
      • they talked for hours every day at the start
      • kseniya would order takeout, let it spoil and rot, then order from the same place later so they could have date night - spoiled food for naomi, so she could kind of taste it, and regular food from the same place for kseniya.
      • they danced together too, with less candles now they didn't need them
      • naomi also tried to teach kseniya advanced arithmancy, but without much success. kseniya enjoyed listening to naomi talk about what she enjoyed anyway
      • as close as they were, kseniya never could figure out how to interact physically with naomi's ghost. she had a theory that she was able to with her sister because they were close emotionally, but she wasn't sure that was true anymore.
      • but...they made it work. they couldn't hold hands, but they could have their hands occupy the same space. they couldn't hug eachother, but they could hold their arms just barely around eachother. they couldn't fall asleep in eachother's arms, but Naomi could hover close to kseniya's side while she slept, and that was enough
    • kseniya was smitten. and yeah, maybe it wasn't easy, having to come up with excuses for her muggle friends as to why she couldn't bring her girlfriend with her anywhere, and having to listen to her magical friends give her shit for dating a ghost of all things, but Naomi mattered more than all of that. she mattered more than anything. kseniya wasn't swayed in the least bit by the fact she'd grow old while Naomi stayed the same - she joked that Naomi would have to take care of her in her old age
      • she was a little bit serious about that bit
      • back then, she fully expected to be living in that apartment, their hands occupying the same space on the table every morning while she drank her coffee, until she died herself
  • she and Naomi talked about everything together, good and bad. they had arguments sometimes too, over what food to get for date night, over what movie to watch, over how many glasses of wine was too many, because while Naomi was dead, she didn't want kseniya to be the same
    • kseniya, aged 24, almost had a panic attack when they tried to talk about what might happen if something happened to the building. what if it just burned down, or there was an earthquake, or it was bought out, or sold, or turned into a commercial space instead - so many what ifs, but they all ended the same. what if you can't stay?
      • kseniya thought about their future a lot, but she'd never considered that. what would happen if she couldn't stay? what - what would happen? what would she do? how could they -
      • she was spiraling. she had to end the thought before she fell too much further into the what-ifs.
    • kseniya refused to think about it any more. she wouldn't talk about it. she couldn't, actually, not in any coherent way, at least.
  • she bought a little engagement ring - modest, just a gold band with several small diamonds embedded in it all the way around
    • it was cheap, but she knew naomi would like it, even if she couldn't actually wear it
    • she proposed, with the ring as a symbol - the legality of it wasn't something she'd considered, but she could look into that later
    • she wanted - no. she needed Naomi to know she was serious. she was in this for the long run. she was ready to fully commit to forever, like they'd talked about. they'd lived together for almost six years, and they'd been dating for almost four of those. kseniya was confident. she knew what she wanted.
    • naomi, though...was having second thoughts.
      • but not because she didn't love kseniya. she did. she had, since maybe even before she'd shown herself for the first time, but...it just wasn't everything she'd imagined it would be
        • naomi knew kseniya did her best, and her best was a damn good job, but she also knew their relationship wasn't really good for either of them.
        • ultimately, she got what she wanted. she'd finally gotten to fall in love with someone, have that deep romantic connection with someone who loved her back, but she couldn't justify staying any longer
        • she didn't want to watch kseniya grow old and eventually die, or watch them be forced apart by forces outside their control
  • kseniya knew what was coming when she left for work the next morning, the engagement ring safely on a chain around her neck for safekeeping. she kissed naomi's cheek as best she could - letting her lips occupy the same space as naomi's cheek for just a second - told her she loved her, and left just like it was any other day, but she knew it wasn't
    • and naomi hadn't said anything about her plan, not directly. she and kseniya both knew if they talked about it, kseniya would beg her to stay, and naomi would. they were weak for eachother like that.
      • maybe it was the way naomi lingered close for longer when kseniya had awoken that morning. ***maybe it was the way she didn't rattle off the day's arithmetic reading and what cereal would be best for it.
      • maybe it was the way naomi let her hand rest in kseniya's heart until the woman shivered.
    • kseniya worked late that day. she never worked late, not at her day job, but that day she did. she didn't want to go home, but she couldn't avoid it forever.
    • her apartment was warm when she opened the door. it didn't have the characteristic ghostly chill in the air that had comforted her for years now.
      • she wondered if naomi would have left a note, if she'd had a way to
    • she packed up everything that night, using several undetectable extension charms on her suitcases so she could fit everything into her car, and she drove. she just started driving and she didn't stop for anything other than gas until she got to the ocean
      • she got lost several times - a combination of being so numb she hardly registered she was driving at all and lack of sleep, so it took her a few days and a lot of red bull
      • when she arrived, she watched the waves, cried, and passed out for most of the day
  • and then she moved on. she called her old boss and quit, mailed her old landlord the last month's rent, and started ghost hunting full time. she started a flootube channel, which is now modestly popular, and traveled all over to meet her customers, living out of her van for the most part.
    • she didn't meet as many ghosts as she'd like, but it was amusing anyway
      • she loves showing muggles they've got rats
  • she landed a few guest appearances on muggle paranormal productions, and picked up winemaking - from tomatoes, which as far as the authorities are concerned she doesn't sell
    • (she does sell it, she does ship internationally, but she's got limited stock so grab it before it's gone)
  • overall, she's content now. there's things she simply doesn't think about, but who doesn't have those?
  • now, why has she moved to the UK?
    • she met a ghost of an older lady who died shortly after she had a falling out with her son
      • they said some really terrible things to eachother and the ghost just can't move on until she makes it right
    • the ghost says the last she knew, her son was still living in the UK, so kseniya is going to track him down and drag his ass back to talk to his mother
      • kseniya promised to find him and bring him back, but now that she's in the uk, she isn't sure she'll be able to find him. her research skills are geared toward the dead, not the living, and it's already taken her over a year just to try to get started!
        • if she never finds him...well, she just won't ever go back to face the ghost.

[ Interview ]
  • What was your first incident of magic and how old were you?

"We're lucky I've only had one glass. I can barely remember this on a good day, much less a drunk day. Let's see...I was eight. Was I eight? Yes. So I was eight, my sister was just about to leave for school but I didn't want her to, so I stuck her shoes to the floor. She actually fell over and broke her nose on the doorknob; it really wasn't pretty."

  • Do you believe in love at first sight? and Have you ever been in love? If so, with who? If not, do you want to be in love?

She lets out an extended hmm. "I'll answer this one with the next, I think. The answer is yes. Once. My first apartment after I graduated - and this is all in the video about it but I'm repeating myself because I can - it was haunted, and I fell in love with the ghost before she ever showed herself. So, based on that, probably not. Love at first sight I mean. I don't need to see. I do. I do need to see, but not for love."

  • How quick do you make decisions?

"When I have a decision, I make it. Like right now. I'm going to have more wine. And look - " She makes a show of picking up the bottle and pouring herself another glass. "I'm doing it."

  • What is your guilty pleasure? Do you try to fight it?

She lets out an amused snort and toasts the camera before taking a long drink of her wine.

  • What do you think it means to be human?

"Can I answer this if I'm not completely human?" She asks, squinting. "Right, I'm alone. Well, speaking as a partial human, everybody sucks at least a little bit, so. Let's move on."

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years?

"I quite like what I do right now, so I can see myself doing the same thing in ten years. Don't fix what's not broke."

  • Would you rather have endless money or endless amounts of love? why?

"Mm, money I think. It'd probably go to my head, but I'd love to be able to buy a solid gold toilet just to say I did it. I don't think having endless love would be fair, really. Make me work for it." She pauses, then wags her finger at the camera viewfinder. "That's going to come back to bite me in the ass."

  • If you ever went to Hogwarts, what house do you think you're most suited for? Why? Is there any house you don't want to be in? (Please note: if you wish to be given a specific house, this is your chance to argue why.)

"Ahah - well, I didn't go to Hogwarts, so I'm not that familiar with the houses, but I know for a fact I would never go anywhere near Gryffindor, and that's that. One of my classmates transferred in and they were a Hufflepuff, so I'd choose that based solely on the common room's apparent proximity to the kitchen. I am quite partial to my midnight snacks, after all."

  • What are your political views?

"If you're not in it for your consti- consti- sheesh. Consti-tu-ents, then you shouldn't be in it at all." She slams her hand down for emphasis - but she uses the wrong hand and her wine glass shatters. "Oh, damn. It was time for a refill anyway. Where's my wand?"

  • Are you happy with the path that you've found yourself on? How would you change it if you could?

"Can you define path and also happy, please?" She pauses, waiting for a response before rolling her eyes at herself - no one is actually asking her anything right now. "There are things I would change, but not about the path ahead of me." She uses one hand to put sarcastic air quotes around path.

  • What are people’s usual first impressions of you? Are they correct?

"Oof. Well." She grimaces. "I usually interact with muggles now, and they like to think I'm cooky. Not that they're wrong, really, but they can't talk. At least when I say there's a ghost, I know I'm right. They pop off about ghosts the moment the furnace starts squeaking at night."

  • How do you perceive strangers?

"I try to perceive as little as possible. If you aren't dead, I see nothing. I hear nothing. Get back to me in the afterlife."

  • How do you react to criticism?

"Now that depends completely on who's dishing it. Mom, if you're watching - " She has to stop and laugh. "I'm kidding, she would never. She criticizes what I do without actually engaging with it in any way, so I try to just ignore her. But it also depends on the type of criticism. I'm open if you know what's up and you're trying to help, but otherwise, kindly mind your own tits, thanks."

  • How do you treat the people around you?

"I'm not about to put myself in danger for anyone, let me say that up front. And if you're annoying, I'm not going to say anything to your face, but I will mumble about it. Okay so that depends on how many drinks I've had, but usually I avoid confrontation. We can all mind our own respective tits or lack thereof and then it's good. We're good."

  • Do you believe people can be given a second chance?

"Technically people can give themselves a second chance, it's just not a very good one. Stick around as a ghost, see if you can fix your own shit, maybe." Then she adds, in a whisper, "You won't fix anything; the average ghost just gets stuck in misery."

  • What act have you made that you most regret?

This question makes her sigh. "Where to start? I know - let's not. Move on." Several regrets come to mind, but the top of the list goes to her mother's training methods. Kseniya wasn't able to do much herself, but she saw how her mother hurt her sister's ghost and her father, and she didn't do anything to stop it. And that's really how it goes - Kseniya isn't into confrontation. She doesn't want to fight for anything other than her own survival and she's not really inclined to do anything else - but she does regret her inaction sometimes.

  • How do you behave in a romantic relationship? If you’ve never been in one before, how do you think you’d behave?

"You know, I - " She purses her lips. "Yeah, I've been in one, and I go all in. I put everything I had into that relationship, and if I ever feel that way about anyone else, I'll do the same. But I also let her go, and I didn't do anything about it, so maybe I won't do that part the same."

  • What do you think the worst action against a person can be?

"I don't think there's just one. I don't think." She stops and looks off into space to come up with an example. "I think taking away a person's choice is pretty shit, actually. Or, like, hating your children is pretty bad too."

  • Were you close with your family growing up? If not-why?

"Yeah! My sister! Lyusya, if only you could see me now, drunk and spilling my secrets to a camera. Let's toast my sister, we'll make it a drinking game. A one shot drinking game." She pauses, rethinking the idea of a drinking game. "No, we'll just call it a toast. To Lyudmila Kirova, the best sister - and I don't care how many of you have sisters, she's the best, that's final." She takes a big drink from her glass to finish her toast, then muffles a burp. "Not so good on the way up, I'll say that. As for my parents...dad's fine, mom knows how I feel about her, let's move on."

  • What were you like growing up?

"When? You gotta tell me when. I was a weird little kid but it only got weirder when I started having ghosts to hang out with. Oh, ghosts are such bad company, they're always hung up on something, well so are the rest of us. At least a ghost can tell me the answers to the test without anyone else knowing. Can your living friends do that? I don't care."

  • When were you last crushed with disappointment?

"Crushed? When was I crushed with disappointment? I mean, I proposed to my girlfriend of almost four years, and she said no, and then left me forever, does that count?"

  • Were you nurtured or neglected? What is your stance on the nature vs nurture argument based on your own experience?

"Was I nurtured," she mocks. "No. My dad was super busy all the time, and my mom was not the motherly type. That said, she liked to torture people, essentially, and I don't, so. Whatever that is, it's not inherited." She narrows her eyes at the paper. "Did I answer it?"

  • What was your socioeconomic status growing up?

"My dad was a healer. He moved to the US because they were going to pay him buckets, and they did. Money was the least of my concerns growing up."

  • When were you the happiest? When were you the saddest?

"Finding ghosts in the wild always makes me happy." She waves her hand around, trying to recall the most recent one. "Like Darren. Damien? No, I think it was Darren. He's a poet, a great poet, but he never published. He's been hanging out in this old barn for like sixty years. I got him hooked up with someone who can write down his stuff and send it off to print, he was over the moon. The money's going to his grandson, who I tracked down, if I do say so myself, so buy it when it comes out." She sets her glass down on the table and gets up to stretch. "How much left?" she mumbles, picking up the wine bottle. It's empty. Her automatic question reader helpfully tells her how many questions are left on the list. "To the kitchen then." She goes off to her kitchen, out of frame, but still talking. "I had to lose my sister twice, do I really need to choose which one made me feel worse?"

  • Were you aware of your nymph heritage? If not, how did you find out?

"Oh, I - I was aware." Aware of her heritage, yes, but not aware she should have switched to water instead of another bottle of wine. "My mom got herself exiled, probably for killing someone but she wouldn't ever tell me, so whatever, and then she married my dad. And I still can't figure out why!" She gestures broadly with the hand holding her wine glass, and it spills over onto her armchair. "Ah. F-ck."

  • Are you content with the power branch that you have? If not, which would you rather change too? Why?

"I might not be the best part-death-nymph out there, but you couldn't pay me to give it up. I would rather die than have any other branch. I wouldn't give up ghosts for anything."

  • Do you feel your nymph ancestors were right in withdrawing from the world?

"My - bro I do not give a f-ck. The thought I would ever have to interact with any of my mom's family makes me wanna vom." She covers her mouth as she burps, then frowns. "I might actually."

  • How did you manage to gain some control over your powers? Do you feel comfortable using them?

She'd set the questions to read themselves off to her ages ago, back when she was still sober, but this question repeats itself several times before she answers it. "My mom made me use my sister for practice after she died," she mumbles, staring into her glass. "She used my father too, but I couldn't ever get much hold with the living. My mom - she's good. She knows how to use her powers. She liked giving me demonstrations." She shakes her head, trying to keep herself from remembering any of that too vividly. She's ashamed of the way she let her mother push her around - but what could she have done? "I'm comfortable using what I can, but I'm not very good at it. And - and I'm glad for that, I think. I don't want to be able to do everything she can."


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Paget Brewster
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Several small burn scars
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Shoulder-length, sometimes with bangs
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Birch, Dragon Heartstring, 8in, rigid
  • Death nymphs are able to have physical contact with the ghosts around them and know when they are close. They have what feels like a gut feeling that tells them a ghost is near. If they come into contact with the ghost, then the death nymph automatically is given information on the ghost (such as who they are, how they died and why they stayed in this world). It has been known that well practised death nymphs can make a ghost do their bidding.
  • Death nymphs can influence emotions to a small degree. The more they use this ability, the more exhausted they are. They must also be in some contact with the person, whether it be through touch or are connected by the same shadow. The victim can push back against this manipulation, though–it depends on how much control they have over their own emotions.
  • Death nymphs can tell if somebody is nearing the day of their death. However, they are unable to tell them the exact date of the death or how they would die.
  • Death nymphs can tell if somebody has had any type of experience with death (whether it be near death experiences or someone dying) and how recently this experience was.
  • Death nymphs can see Thestrals without needing to see death itself. Thestrals also warm quicker to death nymphs and often want to become their friends.
  • Death Nymphs can often lull somebody to sleep, if only for a limited amount of time. The success depends on the target’s willpower. This can be used to lull someone into a deeper sleep as well.
  • If powerful enough, a death nymph can bring someone back from the brink of death. However, this drains considerable energy out of the death nymph and it has been known that, whilst saving the person, risks killing the death nymph.
  • Death nymphs can make someone feel as if they are on the brink of death. Although it is not a physical affliction, a Death Nymph can emotionally and mentally manipulate a target to believe they are dying.
  • Death nymphs often have a nihilistic attitude to life
  • Death nymphs can often try to be as provocative and rebellious as they can to the society that they live in. However, within reason. This does not mean they would go against their own core values.
  • Death nymphs are often morbid and often contemplate typically unpleasant subjects, regardless of how other people might feel.
  • Death nymphs are often fascinated with the question of what happens after death
  • Death nymphs often fashions themselves out as outcasts of society.
  • Death nymphs tend to not shy away from pain and suffering.
  • Death nymphs can often get under someone's skin with incredible ease
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Ulyana & Timofey Kirov
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