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This Character Has Moved on Behind the Veil

This character is dead. They either died in battle or on a quest, but they have moved on to an after life beyond the veil.

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Kyle Shin

Full Name Kyle Shin
Basic Info
Birthday 3/14
Nationality French but of korean and american decent
Home London, England
Relationship Info
Status single
Sexuality bisexual
Best Friend Kian Shin
Family On The Wiki Levi Kwang

School/Career Info
House Durmstrang
Year/Occupation Homeless
Titles Brother killer (kin killer)
Optional Classes Taken
Magical Info
Species Wizard
Blood Status half-blood
Wand Core WIP
Wand Wood WIP
Wand Arm WIP
Boggart his brother's real ghost asking him why he hadn't died instead
Patronus WIP

Model Kim Jonghyun from SHINee
Gender Male
Hair Colour White rn
Hair Length/Style short?
Eye Colour brown
Skin Colour pale
Clothing Style ???
Other Info About Looks

Colour white
Music Classical, surprisingly
Food ratatouille
Sweets wip
Animal he hates animals
Season/Weather Spring
Dream Job ...necromancer?
Happiest When...



Kyle isn’t particularly friendly, but he isn’t cold hearted either. He is absorbed in his self pity, knowing his mother will never love him again, knowing he could never forgive himself. He strives to be how he thinks his brother Kian would have been, modeling himself in his image. He has a habit of talking to Kian’s ghost (or so he thinks it is his ghost,) signaling he is slightly unwell.

Kian, before dying, had been commanding, demanding, and cocky. Kyle thus tries his best to be this. The one thing that Kyle has that he keeps different from Kian is his fear of animals. Kian used to collect lizards, bugs, cats, dogs, and was a huge caretaker to these street creatures. Kyle feels these animals have a vendetta against him because of what happened to Kian, although illogical.



While Kyle started school at Durmstrang, his mother did the burial preparations for Kian. Minjun, who blamed magic, fought much with Katerina until he permanently left the house and family. Katerina spent most of her days crying, or staring at walls in silence. For Kyle, it was worse. He had nightmares about the event, and every time he looked in the mirror, he saw his brother staring back at him. It had been his fault. This about when his fear of animals developed, as there was a bird who constantly pooped on him, who he felt was aggrieved by what he had done. His grades, while had the chance of being exemplary, were quite terrible, and barely passing.

When the school term ended, he was greeted at home by his mother and her blame. They rarely spoke, and she never mentioned what happened to his father. Kyle tried to win her favor, by acting more like Kian would. At the same time, he realized this could be his way to pay his dues; have Kian live on through him. With this goal in mind, he forced himself to become what he thought would be his brother. This only made his mother detest him more. Shortly, he started “seeing” the ghost of his brother, who helped him dictate what to do everyday, and how to properly act like the embodiment of who Kian once was.

The following years, Kyle continued on this downward spiral, barely making the grades to stay at Durmstrang. If it hadn’t been for his affinity in Defense Against the Dark Arts, his teachers would have assumed him a lost cause. He made the wrong kind of friends in school, the kind that caused serious trouble. While this gave him a reputation for being bad, it also gained him lots of respect and fear. Outside of school, he hung with the muggle neighborhood boys, who weren’t much better. He was always trying to get away from the house, creating the fairy tale in his head that his mother still loved him.

One day, he was relaxing at home when his mother walked in with a boy. He didn’t understand why she would bring this kid into there house. Then he heard her introduce him to the boy, claiming that Kyle would help him with the bags and unpacking. That’s when he figured she was trying to replace Kian. This inevitably set Kyle up to absolutely hate the boy, named Levi. That night he talked to her, criticizing her for trying to replace Kian, saying Kian could never be replaced. That’s when she said the words that would forever haunt him.

“I’ve already gotten over Kian’s death. It’s seeing you alive, everyday, that I can’t bear.”

She hadn’t been trying to replace Kian; she’d been trying to replace him. He wasn’t her son, but her son’s killer. A failed experiment afterall.

Levi, being a wizard, started going to the same school as Kyle. In Durmstrang, Kyle set out to make Levi’s life a living hell. He used his various friends and tried to monopolize the school into hating the boy. While his endeavours were a success, he became less human for it.

Eventually, Levi ratted out Kyle to Katerina, and so he was sent to live with Minjun in South Korea for the summer before his last year at Durmstrang. While there, he fought often with his dad, the feelings from Kian’s death resurfacing. At one point, Minjun couldn’t handle seeing Kian’s face everyday with the guilt, so he told Kyle to go live with his grandmother. There, Kyle barely did anything except chores and talk to “Kian”. He wanted to go back to Durmstrang, but he didn’t want to go back to his mother and that stupid kid Levi. He knew if he were to go back to Durmstrang, he would have to face the kid he loathed so much again. When time came to go back to school, he called up one of his muggle friends and asked for a job. His friend offered him a house in England with his brother Charlie, where he could work as a bouncer. It was not fulfilling work, nor was it what Kian would have done, but it was better than seeing Levi. He started drinking a lot, and partying a lot, a new way he developed for coping. Kyle became too much of a drunk for the Charlie, and they got in a huge argument over it. Finally, he got kicked out of the house, and lost his job.

Kyle now lives as an 18 year old homeless wizard in the streets of london, wallowing in self pity.

Katerina Howard had been living in France long when she met Shin Minjun. He’d been a frequent customer at the restaurant she worked part time at. It had been the summer before her 6th year. They had a one time fling, but it resulted in Katerina becoming pregnant. Afraid of what society and her parents (who had payed well for Katerina to go to Beauxbaton rather than Hogwarts for her last three years) would think, she got married to the muggle man, bringing him into the wizarding world. Rather than going to school, she took the year off to have the babies. She ended up with identical twins, Kian and Kyle. While Minjun worked and cared for the kids, Katerina returned for her seventh year in Beauxbaton, despite being the center of rumors. From there, she got a good paying job.

The first occurrence of magic had been simple enough- when the boys were five, Kian’s ice cream melted. When he cried, it righted itself back onto a cone. When Kyle’s ice cream began to melt soon after, he cried and the same thing happened. While Katerina celebrated this, it also marked the moments in which Kian began to be the twin in charge, and Kyle his admiration filled follower.

Katerina mainly taught them about the wizarding world, as this was the world the boys were to be a part of. Minjun sometimes tried to teach them about muggles, but the boys (or at least, Kian with Kyle’s support) preferred learning about magic. They were more quidditch aficionados than futbol aficionados as well.

When they turned eleven, the boys received a letter inviting them to Beauxbaton. Due to Katerina’s bad experience with the school, she instead had them choose to either go to Hogwarts or Durmstrang. While Kyle quite liked the idea of going to Hogwarts, Kian very much wished to learn lots of Defence against the Dark Arts, and so ended up agreeing with Kian to go to Durmstrang. Everything was fine and dandy, until when two days before they were to leave, tragedy struck.

Kyle and Kian had been packing their things when they noticed a box of their dad’s stuff. Kian, who had light fingers, managed to pick the lock. They searched it and found a gun. It’s not that the boys didn’t know what a gun was; they just figured that as magicians, they had some sort of immortality. Kyle was jokingly pointing it Kian, who was playing along, when the weapon went off. At such close range, Kian didn’t stand a chance. This would forever change Kyle.


Katerina Howard: He loves her, even if he knows she will never love him again.

Shin Minjun: He misses him, but he also never wants to see him again. Part of him blames him for Kian's death, even though the truth is, it's all Kyle's fault.

Levi Kwang:He absolutely abhors Levi, for what he represents. He also hates him for being a snitch.

Kian Shin: He feels guilt towards him, and wishes everday they could trade places. He often apologizes to Kian when talking with his "ghost". He loves his brother too much. When Kian died, Kyle lost his other half.


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