Kyler Fields
Slytherin Seventh Year
Age 17
Birthday May 23rd
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Accent American (PNW Variant)
Blood Status Muggle-Born
Sexuality Asexual, Aromantic
Roleplayer Kayle

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Kyler Fields
Slytherin Seventh Year
Species Human
Gender Agender
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Model Nicola Peltz
Height 5'9"
Weight 95 lbs

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Kyler Fields
Slytherin Seventh Year
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Seventh
Wand -
Wand Arm Right
Patronus -
Boggart -
Affiliation Hogwarts, Slytherin

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Kyler Cinnabon Fields is a Slytherin Seventh Year attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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Kyler Cinnabon Fields, after the fast food location that sold overly sugarcoated (much unlike Kyler herself) cinnamon rolls (once again, much unlike Kyler herself), in which both Shawn and Imogen met when they were both hired there as teenagers, in the depths of the mall that the young agender child would be raised in, had quite the life set up for her. Soon, as the couple reached the age of eighteen, graduating high school a few months later, and immediately marrying, something they must have regretted later on in their lives.

On May 23rd, being the second child, if it hadn't been for the miscarriage her parents had gone through nearly two years before her birth, but instead being only the first, Kyler had been born in South Sound, Washington. Although her birth took place in the nice parts of the region, if there even was any of it that could be considered such, her home became the ghettos the moment she left the hospital. Obviously, the house was hell, and her and her family didn't even live in the main part of it, instead living in the basement that was only accessible through the backyard, only one small room, leaving the young infant to sleep on the couch, stained with pizza and donut frosting, with boards of cardboard taped to it to form a crib for her. She often woke to the sound of sirens outside, going through the neighborhood as usual, one crime being committed or another, to be ignored, for it was so often it occurred that it didn't seem to affect them anymore.

Kyler's younger brother Michael had been born a little over two years after her, convincing the family to move into an apartment of their own. Soon, the family of four was packed into a two room apartment, in the sh*tty areas of Seattle, the paint peeling off the walls and the windows letting a good portion of rain in. Somehow, it managed to seem like an upgrade, although the noise of the gay bars next door and stumbling drunks hollering from every place in the city, or so it seemed, normally kept everybody up, sleep being impossible. Perhaps, this is what led to the insomnia of the young child when she reached her later years in life.

Kyler and Michael were close, closer than most siblings, although they fought just as much as any others would, although things fell apart more so than usual once, pulling them even closer afterwards. When she was five years old, Shawn and Imogen got a divorce, years of fighting finally overcoming the former married couple, her father getting custody and moving them back to South Sound, to yet again live in a basement, while her mother went to live with her family in Alabama, never really truly keeping in contact with her children, not like Kyler had ever truly minded. Soon, everything went on its' way again, the life of being poor and unhealthy continuing on its cycle, although neither child really seemed to notice or care about the differences, for they didn't see anything. Nobody around was anything but such.

Of course, the money situation with the family didn't help when the deafness that struck strictly the males of her family approached Kyler herself, when she was just seven years old. Still, she is yet to lose all of it, but her hearing is a constant struggle to her, with not being able to hear people from even a few feet without them talking loudly, even then will he hear a few of the words incorrectly. Then, the young blonde could barely afford hearing aids like her relatives had, her father refusing to get another job to get the money saved up, leaving her hearing to just slowly suffer without help. If anything, it made the young child furious with her father, finding him more annoying and sh*tty than before.

On Kyler's eighth birthday, two things that would change her life occurred: Danielle Mayhew (along with her obnoxiously bubbly daughter Nicole) entered her family's life and she had her first sign of magic. Now, Tacoma's ghettos weren't pretty, or were to some extent, but some of the parks and zoos were gorgeous, so that's where the two siblings normally spent their birthdays, celebrating it in between the two at the same time around July. Once, as they were bringing the cake up to Kyler and Michael, the little friends the two had surrounding them, an obvious absence from their family, not like either really minded back then or even now, and the Birthday Song was being sung, a young woman rushed up to Shawn, distracting him with conversation. Apparently, he found that more important than singing his kids happy birthday, angering the two, especially the older one, especially when they found out he ended up going on dates with the woman, eventually even moving her into their house.

While not being fond of sugar, as she never had the chance to eat it and liked keeping it that way, Kyler left immediately after the candles were out, knowing she wouldn't disappoint anybody by doing so, hiking up the stairs on the mountain, before plopping herself down on the cliff, among the trees. She always found it more peaceful here than anything else she'd ever seen. Then, did she feel her phone (which was nothing more than a flip phone that didn't even work) start to spark slightly in her pocket, before she took it out and it hovered briefly in her hand, although it quickly dropped as her hand withdrew away from it, right down the cliff.

When Kyler was nine, only a year later, Danielle and Shawn were married, colliding the families of three and two to make one big one of five, as the Mayhew-Fields household, although that made the basement in which they all lived seem too crowded, with the three children sleeping on mats in the living and dining rooms by now. With her stepmother's family in England, they had started to save up enough money in the last couple years together to move back to London, which they eventually did, living in the crappy areas of East End. With Kyler's signs of magic continuing to appear, scaring herself more than anybody else, causing her to back away from the world, she received her letter to Hogwarts on her eleventh birthday, scaring her half to death, before rushing into the streets of Diagon Alley with excitement.

Kyler won't speak to you about what happened between then and now, because it's too painful. Her habits for smoking and drinking started, although she has tried to stop it. It was her way of dealing with her hearing finally vanishing, which made her almost perfectly disabled during her time at wizarding school. When she switched to being taught in a small collection of about twelve students in the basement of an abandoned Muggle building, she was capable of taking her third and fourth years together to further advance her education, but would take her fifth and sixth years on their own. It had been her secret plan with her teacher, so that Kyler could possibly get out of her household sooner rather than later. After the terrible physical and mental abuse her father and stepmother subjected her to, she finally snapped.

On her sixteenth birthday, as her parents ripped apart and smashed her hearing aids and locked her in a pantry, she would plot her departure from the household. A few days later, she was telling them she was leaving, but was too frightened to call the authorities on them. Before she could leave with her possessions, she was thrown out of the house in a ratted up shirt and shorts in the freezing rains of spring. Kyler remained homeless, drifting through the streets of East End for at least a month, before she found comfort in the only possible place she could.

Later, when she had found herself capable of transferring back to Hogwarts, she found that she was not qualified to skip a year. Where she had done her schooling did not line up with the curriculum that Hogwarts required a student to learn, so she was reverted back to being a sixth year (and then a seventh year, instead of graduating that year).


Kyler's signs of magic, making her different among a city of tough, knuckle-clenched bullies, which obviously wasn't a good thing, made her withdraw more so than she had in all of her years of being shy and lazy with the idea of having an actual social life (one she still doesn't have). Now, even if she is now going to be with people who had the same things occur as she did, she remains hidden and reserved, never letting somebody get to know the real her, because after all, she doesn't want anybody to, and with all that ambition, it's hard for her to not get something she wants. In fact, despite her levels of success, in any subject really, she never truly feels like she's good enough, and instead sees it as she can do better always, even if she's done what she needs to do fully and to some extent flawlessly. Obviously, she isn't a bundle of neutral faces and weird fidgeting, especially as she signed away while she speaks, there's a part of her who loves complimenting and helping others, although with the attitude and normally sarcastic tone, it never comes across the right away anymore, not like she ever dares to clarify the confusion.

Kyler's only wishes would to not have to be judged, being all too sensitive to every comment directed towards her, flinching and wincing at even the smallest of jokes and furrowing her eyebrows to keep back the tears from an insult. She's never been good with emotions, bottling them up and never releasing them, no matter how unhealthy it is. She's impossible to crack, never breaking down in front of anyone, always going off to a place that wouldn't have anybody around, even then she wouldn't be able to get herself to fully let go. As to be expected, every lovely and sweet thing someone says goes straight to her heart, even if she shrugs it off and rolls her eyes, she's smiling somewhere in her mind. Maybe, with time, Kyler will become the old kid she used to be, but for now, she's anything but that shy yet ever so cheerful and bubbly self of hers.


Ethan Crowther
Kyler thinks Ethan is interesting and definitely worth xer time. Although he seems overwhelming on occasion, xe has chosen to not think about the fact that xe can't understand nor hear him most of the time because he's cool enough. After bonding over their hatred for others, xe's hoping xe can run into him again some other time.

Eilis O'Reilly
Kyler likes Eilis, enjoying her company, even though their opinions on religion seem to be total opposites (xe's already freaking out at telling the girl xe's not binary, let alone not cisgender), and really likes her. Secretly, xe hopes to be good friends with her some time, but xe's not sure if it'll work or not.

Rain Sassari
Kyler enjoys Rain so far. Firstly, she's totally funny in her own special way and xe appreciates it quite a bit (especially since xer own humor lacks to the point xe really gets it). Secondly, she's really aesthetically pleasing and cute, so it would be great to get to see that face again.

Victoria Torres
Kyler doesn't know Victoria's name either, but again xe's completely okay with it. However, this time, xe has no wishes of talking to the girl, not really liking nor hating her. Although, they've come to be in the same vicinity a few times, there doesn't seem to be that much of a connection between the two.

Brianna Montgomery
Kyler didn't talk to Brianna much, for xe just helped her grab something off the shelves and that was that, but xe did find the girl a bit cute, just an observation.

Mason Brown
Kyler and Mason didn't talk much, but xe found xerself wanting to talk to him, which was weird, although xe isn't quite sure about that now. In fact, xe barely really cares about it that much.


Model: Elle Fanning


Shawn Mayhew-Fields (Father)
Imogen White (Mother)
Michael Fields (Brother, 14 Years)
Danielle Mayhew-Fields (Step-Mother)
Nicole Mayhew (Step-Sister, 15 Years)

  • She's always signing (formerly in ASL, but now BSL), even though she can talk perfectly fine and has quite the sweet voice actually. It's just that she can't hear herself speak anymore.
  • She's considered completely deaf, as of age fifteen.
  • She enjoys counting drunk people as well as people of authority, as it always goes up into high numbers, or it used to when she lived in the United States at least.
  • She recently bought a form of hearing aids (which were issued in 2019, so just about fifteen years ago), but can't wear them to Hogwarts in fear they might malfunction due to issues with tecnology.

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