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is a longue bar located at the North Side Diagon Alley. Behind the bar is an exquisite upscale French restaurant where the bar is expanded from, serving dishes of delicate French cuisine. Operating from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., you could enter it from either the bar or its main original entrance on the Shaftesbury Avenue. If you don't mind dining with Muggles, La Lune Bleue is undoubtedly one of the best choices for a refreshing brunch, a relaxing tea or a romantic dinner with your date. The buisness is owned by the Prince family.



Owner: Raymond Chivalier
Chef: Brody Buranek
Waitress: Dana Ukhtomskaia
Waitress: Holly Skuja

We're still hiring cooks and waiters/waitresses.
If you need a job, please don't hestitate and contact me.



Kye and Alejandro[]

New Kye WB 2

Kye PaeaRavenclaw Alumni • Owner of The Pink Chain

「 Age 」
19 y/o
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Kye honestly found it amusing that after so long of talking to one another, sleeping with one another and then acting as if nothing serious was going to develop between them, that he and Alejandro were having dinner together. It'd been the idea of the older man but Kye - a little too eagerly in his own opinion - had jumped to it and accepted wholeheartedly. La Lune Bleue was one of the fancier places Kye had been taken on dates; usually the men that seemed to be attracted to him were either scums from any of his clubs that he allowed to take him on dates as a source of amusement or fitness bros who wouldn't know decent etiquette if it hit them in the face. Kye, whilst definitely lacking some refinement, liked to consider himself just right to fit in to the fancier places. Taking a sip of some Banshee made wine, Kye flashed Alejandro a smile. "I feel like I'm in some sort of muggle spy movie," He said with a laugh, "Like at any moment you'll take a sip of your drink and then arrest someone."

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